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U.S. to Help Kosovo Join EU, NATO – Clinton

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Hillary Clinton
06:16 05/04/2012
WASHINGTON, April 5 (RIA Novosti)
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The United States will help Kosovo join the European Union and NATO, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said following talks with Kosovan Prime Minister Hashim Thaci in Washington.

“I believe strongly in Kosovo’s independence and territorial integrity and in its aspiration to become a full partner in the international community and a member of the European Union, and eventually, NATO,” Clinton said.

“The United States will continue to support Kosovo and work with the European Union to resolve the outstanding issues that exist between Kosovo and Serbia,” she added.

Thaci’s visit to the United States comes amid increased tensions between Pristina and Belagrade over Serbia’s intention to hold municipal elections in the breakaway region on May 6.

Clinton said she was “encouraged” with Kosovo’s progress in European integration and economic development.

“The prime minister told me Kosovo has grown five percent this year. That’s a very strong signal of the kind of progress that Kosovo is making, and we want to help fully integrate, particularly the young people of Kosovo, into Europe and the international community,” she said.

About 90 states, including the United States and most of the EU countries, have recognized Kosovo since it declared its independence from Serbia in 2008. Belgrade and Moscow have refused to recognize Kosovo's sovereignty.


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RIA NovostiHillary ClintonU.S. to Help Kosovo Join EU, NATO – Clinton

06:16 05/04/2012 The United States will help Kosovo join the European Union and NATO, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said following talks with Kosovan Prime Minister Hashim Thaci in Washington.>>

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  • SirkoWife of the Ozark Caligula...
    06:34, 05/04/2012
    What else is new with the U.S. racketeers. Clinton the Ozark Caligula cut out the heart of Serbia, turned it into a Muslim gangster state run by drug lords and human organ traffickers..then embrace it into the fascist fold...
  • moistNot in your misreably lifetime
    12:52, 05/04/2012
    Even with it´s hapless quisling regime and "opposition" firmly entrenched in Belgrade and 1.800(!) Am.congress funded NGO´s securing it stays that way no matter what, Kosovo serbs are steadfast and defiant.
    German booths marching on the ground again shooting Serbs with live bullets, these people obey noone but every serb, even the still "schock & awed"-ones in Serbia proper, trust in god and their right to their occupied land. Nobody, not the Turks, Hapsburgs, the fascists and anglo-american-zionist empire can change that.
    • SirkoPost Not Clear...
      19:51, 05/04/2012
      Nothing miserable about my life. I come from an heroic culture. Where our horses hooves trod nothing ever grows again. We've crushed them all over and over again. Papal Teutonic Polish Rats, Ottoman, Swede, French, Anglos, Fascists, etc. We stand in the Right Hand of the Grand Geometrician of the universe. Winning is in our blood. .. Your English is not clear. Are you a Serb or a wannabe Muslim Albanian..??
      Nevertheless, if it was not for my people the Ottomans, Hapsburgs, Fascists and American Zionists crap heads would have eaten you long ago..

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