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Russia to move missiles to EU borders if U.S. shield talks fail - Medvedev

Topic: U.S. missile shield in Europe

President Dmitry Medvedev
19:52 23/11/2011
GORKI (Moscow Region), November 23 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia may deploy "advanced offensive weapon systems" on its borders with Europe in response to a planned U.S.-backed European missile shield, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.

Medvedev's comment came as he outlined a series of possible “appropriate measures” if missile defense talks between Moscow and Washington result in failure. Moscow is seeking written, legal guarantees that the shield will not be directed against it, but Washington has refused to put its verbal assurances in writing.

In a live broadcast on national television, Medvedev said the U.S. and NATO had failed to "take our concerns about the European missile defense into account."

If there was no progress on the issue, he went on, Russia would “deploy in the west and the south of the country advanced offensive weapon systems which will target the European component of the missile defense network.”

Medvedev was speaking ahead of a NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels on December 7-8.

Other military measures outlined by Medvedev included the placement of an early-warning radar in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad and the increased protection of nuclear deterrent assets around the country.

The U.S and NATO plan to place elements of the European missile shield in Poland and Romania. The Alliance has dismissed Russia’s concerns over the shield, saying it needs it to deal with “rogue states” such as Iran.

Russia and NATO tentatively agreed to cooperate on the European missile defense network at the Lisbon Summit in November 2010, but differences in approaches toward the project led to a deadlock in negotiations.

Medvedev reiterated on Wednesday Russia’s proposal to create a joint missile defense system. He also said, however, that Russia would not participate in a project that went against its interests.

"We will not agree to take part in a project that may weaken our deterrent potential in a relatively short time - five or six or eight years. And the European missile defense is exactly this kind of project," said Medvedev, who steps down next spring to allow his mentor Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to return to the Kremlin.

Russia made similar threats when the George Bush-era missile shield was announced and there was immediate speculation in at home and abroad that Medvedev's tough statements were made to satisfy rising nationalist sentiments ahead of the December 4 parliamentary polls.


Medvedev also said that if talks on the European missile shield develop in a manner unfavorable to Russia, Moscow may halt its disarmament and arms control efforts, including participation in the new strategic arms reduction treaty with the United States.

“Given the direct link between strategic offensive and defensive weapons, reasons could emerge for Russia's withdrawal from the START treaty. This is stipulated by the treaty itself,” he said.

The missile shield dispute between Russia and the United States has undermined efforts to build on improvements in relations between the former Cold War foes and is intensified by Russia's uncertainty over U.S. policy after the November 2012 presidential elections.

At the same time, Medvedev expressed hope that there was still a chance of reaching an agreement with the United States and NATO on missile defense.

“If our partners approach the task of heeding our legitimate security interests in an honest and responsible way, I am sure we will manage to come to terms,” the president said.

He added, though, that Russia would closely monitor the situation and react accordingly to each new phase in the implementation of the European missile shield project.


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RIA NovostiPresident Dmitry MedvedevRussia to move missiles to EU borders if U.S. shield talks fail - Medvedev

19:52 23/11/2011 Russia may deploy "advanced offensive weapon systems" on its borders with Europe in response to a planned U.S.-backed European missile shield, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.>>

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  • flyer19999European missile shield
    23:10, 23/11/2011
    What is the threat for a missile shield? The only countries with WMD's are the U.S. and Russia.
  • Aiassa02President Medvedev Is A Very Capable Person... In Handling These Affairs.
    13:33, 25/11/2011
    How one might ask? It's very simple. A country like America, it doe's not have power or ability to finance any war, it chooses, if you were to control it's very economic base., of capital. Meaning, limitation of power by the new ordiance of the Geneva Conventions; setting forth necessary provisions on marketing strategy, and advertisment; to the infrastrure of the Wall Street markets. Any serious violation's they would then committ would be a result of their own ignorance; and a "product ban," or tarrif put in place refusing by an immediate boycott of all American products sold outside the united states; and the UK. The refusal of currency, We need to enforce such measures by an anti-war and can be accomplished by colition of allies would simply refuse it's world currency ; and that provides to eliminate their finacial spending ability!! They cannot start another war against the middle east; or Eastern European allies, such as Germany; working closley with Angela Merik, the Prime Minister ; and require that NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) or Bilderberg Groups, limitation of Corporations, by lifting all the current trade sanctions by against our allies like Germany, they've felt, ever since the end of world war two, also felt by Russia, giving the release on free trade; and opening policy to expand the New Stock Market. It creates jobs, and an economic structure, as a barining chip, working with Hu Jinato , anc china, it would require an agreement by a constitution; under the same doctrine for all allies ( all languages) to set the tone ; and for all recreation WTO, and NATO Provisons. For these reason, Medvedev, is the most capable to help accomplish the goals for the Peoples Republic.

    Very Truly, Yours, Robert Lane Aiassa 11/21/2011

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