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Georgia ‘a lot closer’ to NATO - Rasmussen

20:30 09/11/2011
TBILISI, November 9 (RIA Novosti)
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NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Wednesday noted Georgia’s progress toward integration with the alliance and called for a continuation of reforms.

“Since our Bucharest summit, Georgia has come a lot closer to NATO,” Rasmussen said at a meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission, adding that there is still “work to be done in a number of areas.”




















NATO’s Bucharest summit in 2008 opened the door to eventual Georgian membership in the alliance, and Rasmussen reaffirmed that decision.

Rasmussen and a NATO delegation he leads arrived in the capital Tbilisi on Wednesday for a two-day visit.

Further reforms will be “Georgia’s ticket to membership in NATO,” the secretary general said.


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RIA NovostiGeorgia ‘a lot closer’ to NATO - Rasmussen

20:30 09/11/2011 NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Wednesday noted Georgia’s progress toward integration with the alliance and called for a continuation of reforms.т>>

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  • sagbotgamotCongratulation Georgia!
    21:44, 09/11/2011
    it means Saaskavili will once again try to retake Abkhasia and south ossetia and provoke Russia with another war.
  • living069one step closer to controlling the world
    03:36, 10/11/2011
    allowing georgia into NATO means if georgia attacks again and russia attacks gerogia then NATO will attack Russia, don't enter the WTO russia, they want to rape you of all your wealth.
  • lmChange your Forein policy be more assertive
    08:23, 10/11/2011
    The deal provides in particular for the deployment of international observers to monitor the movement of goods across sections of the orgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
    As stated above and now NATO statement here. Georgia ‘a lot closer’ to NATO - Rasmussen said.
    It simply means that one day Russia can find itself facing NATO solders posing as observers monitoring movement of food across the borders. As I said Russia always play tough guy but always back down later same will be with the missile defense with the West.
    When, when will Russia change it foreign policy to reflex a more robust policy when?
    This is just another ploy by the West again double crossing Russia.
  • mrgenieStay out!
    09:23, 10/11/2011
    We, NATO citizens, don't want any more warmongering fools in our alliance. The USA, biggest murderer on the planet at this moment, already kills enough woman and children.
    • milant!
      13:57, 10/11/2011
      They wont to cut in half Earth population
    • jg(no title)
      22:32, 10/11/2011
      Like any public sector organisation, NATO attempts to grow to increase it's importance and budget. Given Georgia's recent military escapades, it seems unlikely that a majority of existing NATO member states would want Georgia as a member. Who wants to be dragged into a war with Russia, just to satisfy the ethnic cleansing ambitions of some lunatic Georgian?

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