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FBI releases surveillance tapes of sexy Russian spy Chapman

14:55 01/11/2011
MOSCOW, November 1 (RIA Novosti, Tsvetelina Miteva)
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The FBI on Monday released a trove of declassified documents, videos and pictures featuring Russia’s undercover femme fatale Anna Chapman and other members of a Russian spy ring busted last year.

The FBI said it had collected the materials during its decade-long Ghost Stories investigation into the activities of 10 Russian spooks who were arrested in June 2010 and within a month deported home in what became the biggest Russian-U.S. spy swap deal since the end of the Cold War.

In one video, a modestly dressed Chapman, now a TV host, a senior member of the ruling United Russia party, and sometimes a lingerie model in Russia, meets up with an undercover FBI agent posing as a government official in a New York coffee shop.

Another video shows Chapman browsing around a department store while a Russian government official is filmed waiting for her on the street outside. By eavesdropping, the FBI showed that there was a kind of electronic communication between them.

The agency said it released the materials in response to a Freedom of Information request filed by the Associated Press. “The arrests of 10 Russian spies last year provided a chilling reminder that espionage on U.S. soil did not disappear when the Cold War ended,” the FBI said in an accompanying statement.

“Although the SVR ‘illegals,’ as they were called, never got their hands on any classified documents, their intent from the start was serious, well-funded… and far-ranging," the FBI said, referring to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

The deputy head of the Russian State Duma’s Security Committee and a former KGB official, Gennady Gudkov, downplayed the importance of the release, saying the surveillance videos released by the FBI and the reported activities of the Russian ring of sleeper agents resemble “drills” rather than anything else.

“There is nothing new or important in these pictures, videos or documents,” Gudkov went on. “The FBI is now just showing the old story in pictures, this lies within the American national culture.”

The FBI’s comment seems to support this argument: “The highly publicized case also offered a rare glimpse into the sensitive world of counterintelligence and the FBI’s efforts to safeguard the nation from those who would steal our vital secrets.”

Such releases of previously classified information by intelligence services are quite rare, former agents say, adding that there is a tacit code of face-saving between them. However, such informational salvos are made sometimes as parts of broader political rivalries between the countries. Amid the diplomatic flare-up between Russia and Great Britain following the deadly poisoning of a former Russian intelligence officer Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2005, the Russian Federal Security Service released a video suggesting that British officials, said to be spying in Russia, used a fake rock to hide spy gear in Moscow.

Gudkov largely dismissed political motivations behind the release of Chapman’s videos by the FBI.

“Perhaps, this material was released randomly, with no special reasons behind the move, such things also happen,” Gudkov continued, suggesting though that the publication may also have been a part of the U.S. covert political struggle ahead of the 2012 presidential elections. “Anyway, I believe the release is unlikely to substantially affect Russia-U.S. ties,” he concluded.

His position was echoed by Nikolai Kovalyov, chair of the State Duma Veterans Committee and former head of the Federal Security Service: “The U.S. intelligence services are just demonstrating their ‘active’ work ahead of the presidential elections.”

“The release of documents is more about PR than anything else,” security services analyst Andrei Soldatov added.

On their arrival back home, all ten agents were awarded with the country’s highest honor by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Vicky Pelaez, a Peruvian-born journalist married to a Russian national, and is now a contributor for RIA Novosti’s Spanish site and the Moscow News in English.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence operatives worked mainly in pairs, often marrying each other to strengthen their cover, and lived regular lives in Boston, New Jersey and New York. Chapman, now 29, worked as an estate agent in Manhattan.

She grabbed most of the media spotlight in the scandal, which only got heated after her nude photos and racy details of her previous marriage were released by her British ex-husband to international tabloids.

Chapman has at one moment captured so much media attention that American TV host Jay Leno, interviewing Vice President Joe Biden, asked: "Do we have any spies that hot?"

Biden replied: "It was not my idea to send her back."

A new scandal involving Chapman unfolded in Russia on Monday. Bloggers discovered that an article about Russian romantic-era poet Alexander Pushkin that the ex-spy contributed to the Komsomolskaya Pravda tabloid is almost a copy-paste piece from scandalous Russian spin doctor Oleg Matveichev’s book Sovereignty of Spirit (not officially translated into English).

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RIA NovostiAnna ChapmanFBI releases surveillance tapes of sexy Russian spy Chapman

14:55 01/11/2011 The FBI on Monday released a trove of declassified documents, videos and pictures featuring Russia’s undercover femme fatale Anna Chapman and other members of a Russian spy ring busted last year.>>

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  • jg(no title)
    23:46, 01/11/2011
    Maybe the FBI 2012 budget allocations are about to be decided and some departments are worried about cuts...
  • arsanlupinSpies? What spies?
    21:55, 02/11/2011
    Perhaps the FBI was hoping to sell the videos to a film production company to make a comedy spoof spy movie.

    The FBI was watching them almost from the beginning. As much as they tried, not one of the ten were capable of performing a single act of espionage. They were arrested only when Anna tried to leave the country. Why? Her handler told her to deliver a counterfeit passport to another agent, she called her ex-KGB father for advice, and on his advice she tried to run. She never made it to the airport.

    The charges: "Conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the U.S. Attorney General." In other words, if they had sent a note to the A.G. telling him they worked for the Russian government, the FBI couldn't have touched them.

    When Obama and Medvedev met soon after, Obama is rumored to have joked: "Is THAT the best you have to send aginast us?"

    Based on the incompetence of those ten, I would think it's the SVR who should worry about budget cuts.
  • AiassaAnna Chapman, She was set up by the FBI.
    22:46, 02/11/2011

    Just like 1.2 Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed against the District of Kootenai County. CDA, Idaho, asked to go in as an operative, to inform on the movement called Aryan Nations; JDL, I was being approached by SGT. Montgomery, of The Department Of Internal Affairs, Spokane Washington. Then 03/06/2000 00-038116, Tempe, AZ ; Janet Reno; ordered several government killings, and including, same thing to Randy Weaver, Ruby Ridge, furthermore, FBI tried cover up; again, a citation; issued in april 1999, they couldn't get their facts straight!! THE VERY FACT I wasn't in or even around, Idaho, when alleged to be ciated driving what vehilce, i didn't have one to begin with!! I was actually living in Springfield, Oregon., (LANE COUNTY) shortly, after moved to Arizona, where i was then working at Mobil Gas Station, and convience store!!

    Public News:

    The FBI .... came to her and asked her!!

    They asked her ; Anna, to work for them... She refused, to turn over evidence against the Russian Embassy. . . so , they deported he under the Orders of Barack Obama and attorney general, under the direction of Henery Reid!!

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa 11/02/2011
    • AiassaTHE FBI has been exposed Several Times - for Lying - Eric Holder - Fast N Furious.
      22:56, 02/11/2011
      WIKI LEAKS- they, you only know the truth!!

      My case Robert Lane Aiassa, and civil right were restored after proven innocent- again, again, and again. DC-94-11029, Montana., after being extorted and reputably defamed more than once, for soemthing that never occured.

      It was an operative.

      The judge agreed with 'ALL" evidence it was wrongfuland false warranted; and i was being framed.

      Here is more facts:

      The complaint was issued by Ciation.. April 1999 - I didn't even own a vehicle, had a bicycle, by the way and living several hundred miles away fromwhat you've accused me... Mr David Klein., you FBI (Fricking Bunch of Idiots) these guys really are a bunch of idiots!!Hey maybe anna could write a comedy; or short movies ?? LOL.

      Good Luck,

      Very Truly, Robert Lane Aiassa 11/02/2011
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