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EU Council 'regrets' Moscow's gay parade clashes

Topic: Gay Propaganda Ban in Russia

EU Council 'regrets' Moscow's gay parade clashes
21:12 30/05/2011

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland expressed regret on Monday over the crackdown on gay activists during an unsanctioned parade in Moscow at the weekend.

"I regret the clashes that occurred between gay activists and nationalist extremists in Moscow yesterday... The right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, as enshrined in Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, belongs to all people without any discrimination," Jagland said, adding that the police had a duty to protect peaceful demonstrators.

Over 30 people were arrested on Saturday as gay activists and their opponents clashed. City authorities had earlier rejected an application for a gay parade in the center of Moscow, citing complaints from religious groups, ultra-nationalists and the Moscow City Parent Committee.

Earlier on Monday, the French Foreign Ministry called on Russia to respect the right to freedom of expression and assembly.

MOSCOW, May 30 (RIA Novosti)

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RIA NovostiEU Council 'regrets' Moscow's gay parade clashesEU Council 'regrets' Moscow's gay parade clashes

21:12 30/05/2011 The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland expressed regret on Monday over the crackdown on gay activists during an unsanctioned parade in Moscow at the weekend.>>

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  • bielecTell the European Council...
    22:08, 30/05/2011
    ... to mind their own business. Tell them that, unlike in Europe, in Russia people care about morality in public places.

    There is no reason why either the "straight" or the "gay" people should go in public and advertise their sexual orientation and their sexual activities. This is something to be exposed in private. Russia does not want its children and youth to be demoralized. And the parents support it.
    • Naija boyTruth talk my broda.
      00:02, 31/05/2011
      I'm so glad of Russia. The rest of europe should learn 4rm Russia, wen it come's to moral.
    • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comIt will take a few years for gay parades to catch on
      05:45, 31/05/2011
      I understand the feelings of the segment of the Russia people that are homophobic, because I too was once just like them homophobic.

      However with exposure to the gay population one becomes more acceptable to it.

      Gay people have existed in human society ever since their was a human society. Only in modern Christian times has the gay human type been suppressed.

      Although Russia is one of the last countries to accept gay people it will happen just as it happened in European cities, San Francisco California, Toronto Canada and so forth.

      But the gay population will have to be persistent. The gay population of Moscow is not only accepting of their own sex orientation but for all minority groups.

      Moscow's Mayor represents the OLD GUARD and in time he will die off just as the older people in Moscow will die off.

      In their place will be a newer generation with more open minds.

      The goal of the gay activists is to be just that gay activists until the gay parades in Moscow are finally accepted and the gay population is accepted.

      Some Moscow people will argue that sex orientation should be kept in the bedroom. This issue is not about sex in the bedroom it is all about accepting the fact that some people are born with a different sexual orientation and they would like to be accepted as equals.

      This is not the case in Moscow or Russia at the moment and this is the purpose of the gay parades.

      In the end the gay activists will prevail if Moscow and Russia ever want to be part of the greater world community.

      Times are changing in Moscow and Russia and unfortunately for some Moscovites it is coming in the form of Gay Activities and Gay Parades.

      It is very hard for Gay Phobic people to change as this begins in early childhood with church teachings. However change can happen and it has all over the world.

      Moscow will also change with time.

      So Gay Activists, just continue to be persistent and be respectful to those who are gay phobic, change takes time.

      Arnold Vinette
      Ottawa, Canada
      • Latinskygays
        14:02, 31/05/2011
        u can go to bad your want man but nobody not right destroy peoples morale do u understand vinette at facebook you not see nice with woman clothes. not rights gay and lesbians heretics go hell like u
      • jiff363Remember the ovens?
        15:01, 31/05/2011
        There are some sick twisted people in the former Soviet Union. I thought they where becoming more educated and wanted to join us in the enlightened age. I guess the ovens burning your people alive and lining your people up and shooting them didn’t teach you anything about how ugly hate can get. It starts by dehumanizing and ends with death camps. Remember?
        • Latinskynato-ic terrorism
          21:48, 31/05/2011
          west bad world this is a real Slavic and Latin peoples very big part not good see this thinks why europan population lowing ? lost cultures and this ill mentality . i am not good see and a lot of person not good see walk streets and celebrate it this is a illness they can go doctor if not want this is them way but why celebrate at ways and wash youngs brains ? i think u west europan or american or canadan and before support gays try support peace and your capitalism fall like your hate soviets. and revenge time not very far Latin peoples not forget yankee terrorism and time caming.
        • bielecYou guys missed the point
          20:22, 31/05/2011
          It's not about acceptance or tolerance. It's about public exposure of sexual orientation.

          Why "straight" people don't organize parades in bikinis, adveratising "straight" sex? You should see some of the gay / lesbian parades in the West - it's sickening.

          Here is the point:

          Do whatever you want in the privacy of your bedroom. Whether you are straight or gay, don't take it to the streets.

          By the way, not all Western trends are good. Some actually end up demoralizing the society. Do you really believe that moral values are bad? That freedom means liberation from moral values?


          Yuri Bezmenov ex KGB Psychological Warfare Techniques. Subversion & Control of Western Society 1/7

          7 parts - it's really worth watching.

          Many of these activities - the feminists, the free sex movement, etc. are actually founded and financed by the Rockefeller Foundation. Why? It's part of the globalization agenda. You need to demoralize the society in order to denationalize the country.

          Think of it.
          • Latinskyyou good speak man
            21:50, 31/05/2011
            i support you. if you careful look comments support this anti-culture methods they are american , canadan and west europan life forms
          • bielecDear Arnold Vinette
            00:18, 01/06/2011
            I don't know what inner world are you living in but in Canada, in the world that surrounds you, the following scheme of the New World Order is at work since the 1990s:

            1. Destruction of Culture:
            - demoralize;
            - destroy education;
            - control media, film industry and publications;
            - destroy institutions of family and religion;
            - destroy traditional values;
            - destroy nationalism and partiotism;
            2. Globalization and exploitation.

            Have you not wondered why so many people protested against the G20 Summit in Toronto, last year? Are you living in a bubble or are you engaging in promoting the NWO agenda professionally?

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