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Ground operation in Libya could start in April - Russian intelligence

Topic: International sanctions against Gaddafi regime

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Ground operation in Libya could start in AprilGround operation in Libya could start in April
19:05 25/03/2011

The international coalition force is planning a ground operation in Libya that could start in late April, a high-ranking Russian intelligence service source said on Friday.

"Information coming via different channels shows that NATO countries, with the active participation of Britain and the United States, are developing a plan for a ground operation on Libyan territory," he said.

"From all indications, a ground operation will be launched if the alliance fails to force the Gaddafi regime to capitulate with air strikes and missile attacks."

If the events in Libya follow this scenario, the ground operation could start "in late April-early May," he added.

The UN Security Council imposed a no-fly zone over Libya on March 17, allowing "all necessary measures" to protect civilians from Muammar Gaddafi's attacks on rebel-held towns.

The operation to enforce the no-fly zone, codenamed Odyssey Dawn, is being conducted jointly by 13 states, including the United States, Britain and France.

Western warplanes have flown more than 300 sorties over the North African country and fired 162 Tomahawk missiles in the UN mission.

MOSCOW, March 25 (RIA Novosti)

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RIA NovostiGround operation in Libya could start in AprilGround operation in Libya could start in April - Russian intelligence

19:05 25/03/2011 The international coalition force is planning a ground operation in Libya that could start in late April, a high-ranking Russian intelligence service source said on Friday.>>

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    20:32, 25/03/2011
    In the end, this war against Libya is about OIL, NATURAL GAS AND WATER. The governments of Western Europe and the United States don't give a damn about Libyan people.
    • pcfThey will lose a lot of people
      00:47, 26/03/2011
      and not get the oil in the end.
      ha ha ha ha
      Serves them right.
    • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comNews you will not read in the United States
      04:06, 26/03/2011
      Thank you RIA Novosti for this news scoop. To my knowledge this news has not yet been released in either Canada or the United States.

      Ground action was inevitable as you cannot win a war from the air. You can take out military assets from the air but you cannot win a war.

      Or rather in this case force regime change.

      Do NATO's actions have anything to do with Libya's oil reserves? NATO's actions have everythign to do with Libyan's oil reserves and making sure that the oil stays in the right hands. Europe, United States and Canada.

      At least from what I have read.

      And if Libyan civilans can be saved that is an additional bonus.

      Thank you again for this news scoop.

      Arnold Vinette
      Ottawa, Canada
    • avatar_singhso what is Russia doing about it?sit like an impotant nation/
      04:14, 26/03/2011
      this war is as much about revivial of fortune oif angloamewricans and nato as about destryoing rising rusia and china.thse two idiots were reluctant to dump dollar during 1008 and 1009 when they coudl have harmed the west most.
      now they abstain from un vote in roder that one more third world ciuntry gets bashed and nato dfel voctorious and mnore blood thristy.
      russia will lose her beautiful girls, land and wealth
    • martin3030another false flag
      09:22, 26/03/2011
      You mean like the same Russian intelligence report from 2007 which turned out to be false ?
    • TheSwimpGround Operation in Libya
      16:49, 26/03/2011
      Besides Libya's
      underground OIl, Gas,
      Water:Gold(Au) 145 Tons
      • martin3030Gold not on coalition agenda
        06:55, 27/03/2011
        But it was on Gaddafis whatv about the stash that was found which he tried to smuggle out.What about Gadafis $30million found in US ?
      • myopicseerGround Troops May Never Be Necessary
        17:16, 26/03/2011
        This war is not about oil. That is a simplified understanding of the situation, applying old and lazy thinking to a new circumstance. The fall of the Libyan government appears to me to be an important step in the overall scheme to topple the monarchs and dictators of the Mideast, and to supplant them with a unified threat to the Western Powers. What appears to be democratic movements, will likely turn out to be the rise of a Caliphate that will sell itself to the Middle Easterners as a bulwark against the invasive and controlling Anglo-American allied powers. This will unavoidably lead to a dollar/financial crisis, energy-availability and expense crisis, and a global conflict that is purposed to synthesize a global form of government in its aftermath.

        Ground troops may not be needed in Libya as Many of Gaddafi's forces are pan-African mercenaries who are being bombed from the air, who will want to return home, and who may not have confidence that they will ultimate receive their timely compensation with Gaddafi's assets being frozen abroad. All it will take is someone close to Gaddafi to have a little courage and a bullet, and this game is over.
      • pcfThey are all ganging up on Libya now -
        12:24, 27/03/2011
        those western oil vultures, looting gangsters and war vandals. They have found another small country to rob and exploit, just like they did in IRAK. The best way to bring down these monsters is to boycott the USA and NATO country economically: do not buy their merchandise, do not use their currencies, do not read or watch their deceitful media, do not travel to these countries. ENGAGE IN A TOTAL BOYCOTT OF WESTERN FOURTH REICH !
        • martin3030ha ha
          02:49, 28/03/2011
          When our media gets as decietful as yours we will worry.Dont forget how much western tourism contributes to your economies-we dont need yours for ours.

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