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Chavez says capitalism may have destroyed life on Mars

Chavez, widely known for his trademark anti-capitalist rhetoric, warned that water resources are running out on Earth, too.
00:59 23/03/2011

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said life probably existed on the Red Planet, but was destroyed by capitalism and imperialism, Spain's state-owned RTVE broadcaster reported.

"I've always said that it would not be surprising to find out that a civilization existed on Mars, but capitalism got there and finished the planet off," the Venezuelan leader said in his speech on the occasion of the World Water Day.

Chavez, widely known for his trademark anti-capitalist rhetoric, warned that water resources are running out on Earth, too.

"Beware! Here, on planet Earth, deserts are where forests used to be centuries ago. And deserts are now where rivers used to be," he said.

MOSCOW, March 23 (RIA Novosti)

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RIA NovostiChavez, widely known for his trademark anti-capitalist rhetoric, warned that water resources are running out on Earth, too.Chavez says capitalism may have destroyed life on Mars

00:59 23/03/2011 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said life probably existed on the Red Planet, but was destroyed by capitalism and imperialism.>>

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  • IndolentLush(no title)
    02:08, 23/03/2011
    This guy is a nut job and a danger to the world.
  • infoseekLost in Translation
    07:13, 23/03/2011
    This is a typical example of lost in translation. Yes, it happens a lot to people we don't like. The authors usually get a kick out of anyone who falls for it.
  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comHugo Chavez always makes me laugh (in a good way)
    07:22, 23/03/2011
    No doubt it is probably true.

    Once the capitalistic Martians had accidentally destroyed their planet by freezing their planets iron core this then lead to the destruction of their atmosphere by solar radiation sweeping it away into space. And once the protection of the atmosphere was gone it was just a matter time for the water to evaporate away into space.

    So there was only one place for the capitalistic Martians to go and you guessed it... Earth.

    Desired continent Africa, where the Martians then expanded to Europe, China, North America, Central America and then South America all the way to Venezuela.

    But the Venezuelans looked at the capitalistic model and saw that it was all wrong.

    The greed of the few at the top would ruin it for the millions of other citizens below them.

    And so Venezuelans adopted a new model of society called “Work Credits” that would eliminate poverty, unemployment and homelessness in their country of Venezuela. Venezuelans would become the leaders of the world of a new social movement that would empower every single Venezuelan to make their maximum contribution to their society.

    A society that could continue with or without fossil fuel energy or electrical energy.

    Because what Venezuelans knew was that their rains were becoming scarcer and this was leading to problems in generating hydro electricity from their dams. The same problem that is now being experienced by Hoover Dam straddling the state line of Nevada and Arizona as Lake Mead dries up to lack of rainfall.

    So the leader of the Venezuelans instituted a new law of the land to empower his people in a way that they would never know poverty, unemployment or homelessness ever again irregardless of their energy resources. Because the power of a country really depends on only one thing, its people.

    The value of a country lies in its people and their ability to do work to benefit their communities, their cities and their country. The greatest natural resource a country has is its people and their ability to do work and create, not the value of their bank accounts, nor the accumulation of stuff they have.

    And through the collective power of the Venezuelans working together they solved their water crisis by learning how to easily turn salt water from the sea into fresh drinking water. They learned how to clean up their environment and not pollute their fresh water resources. The key was “Work Credits”.


    In a "Work Credit" based society people are assigned a monetary value that is paid back to them over the course of their life to do work for their community, city, state and country. People are also paid to do entrepreneurial work that may or may not generate revenue.

    In a "Work Credit" based society growth is not important. What is important is providing the necessary goods and services for a society to exist and function.

    In a "Work Credit" based society it is impossible to be homeless, unemployed, or in poverty, because a person's very existence is a value to the society at large.

    A "Work Credit" society works in harmony with a capitalistic society providing a steady source of income to pay back loans and purchase goods.

    Every member of society is paid an income to participate at what ever is needed at that time during their life.

    For instance children are paid to go to school from preschool to Grade 12 or what ever is the society norm. A society is much more productive if its children are educated to the highest level possible. Education is a job for children. They get up at early and work a full day. For kids at the higher grade levels it is not uncommon to work into the evening and on weekends. Education is a job. It needs to be recognized as such and children need to be paid for the work that they are doing to benefit society.

    By recognizing education as job, drop out rate in high school will simply stop do to children who need to find a job to help support their families. Students dropping out of high school is a real problem in the United States today. This problem is easily fixed by paying students to go to school and learn.

    This earned money can then in turn be used to purchase the kids clothes, food, supplies for school, computers for school, and assist their parents in paying a mortgage or rent. Children become an economic asset to their parents, their community, their state and their country.

    This job of education continues into college and university. Students are paid to go to college and university and they are paid more to go into disciplines that are more in demand for their community, state and country. In this way the job skills are created and taught that society needs to function more efficiently.

    Universities and colleges are also hubs for innovation and so students are being paid to learn and innovate.

    It makes no sense what-so-ever that a country would require its students to pay for an education that the country needs to grow and prosper.

    A “Work Credit” based society is NOT about equality. A “Work Credit” based society is all about providing a basic steady source of revenue to pay people to contribute to their local economy, state economy and country economy in a positive and meaningful way.

    People with exceptional skills will earn more money in a “Work Credit” based society.

    People with minimal skills will earn their basic “Work Credit” allowance allowing them to thrive in the economy and contribute in some positive.

    The concept of “Work Credits” reduces crime because people do not need to steal or rob to survive.

    “Work Credits” allows a government to focus its needs of infrastructure building and services to support the economy.

    There is no age discrimination in a “Work Credit” based economy. People can work at what they love to do until they die of old age. As people age their interests will change, their capabilities will change, but at all times they can contribute in some meaningful way to their economy.

    Making a profit in a “Work Credit” based economy is not necessary. This stops the need for growth engine that is currently a problem in society. Modern societies cannot keep perpetually growing. If they do so they will ultimately destroy their environment. An equilibrium must be obtained to ensure sufficient resources for long term society survival.

    A “Work Credit” based society completely stops the necessity of runaway government deficits.

    The government is in control of the money supply. The people are the base valuation of the money supply to be paid for work that contributes to their community, city, state, and country.

    A “Work Credit” based society more importantly can be run independent of oil, natural gas and other energy resources required in today’s modern economies.

    This is very important as the world is now passing the top of the Worldwide Peak Oil Curve. Beginning in 2011 it is all down hill from here. Meaning that there will gradually become less and less oil to maintain our current global based economy. Between 2020 and 2030 the modern oil economy we know will cease to exist.

    The structure of current banking system will not survive the collapse of the modern oil economy for the simple reason that oil based and dependent companies will collapse creating a cascade of bankruptcies around the world. We have already seen this in the crisis of 2007 – 2009. Between 2020 and 2030 the economic situation will be much worse.

    So the world economic banking system needs to begin changing today for the survival of modern economies to exist past 2020 to 2030.

    A “Work Credit” based society is one way to do this. Where people become the source of their country's currency with which to pay them to do work to benefit their society.

    A “Work Credit” based financial system works in conjunction with a capitalistic system without the need for constant growth. It also allows for the nationalization of banks, elimination of interest rates, elimination of taxes, and the elimination of constant economic growth allowing cities to stabilize in their current size.

    People are paid a base salary from cradle to grave to serve their society in what ever way suits them best. Required jobs are paid at a higher level letting natural human greed fill these positions. Entrepreneurs are given funding to pursue projects impossible in the old way of doing things. Children are paid to go to school, giving them an incentive and reason to go. The job of children is to learn.

    But most importantly of all a “Work Credit” based society can function independently of fossil fuel energy resources which will become shorter in supply until their ultimate collapse between 2020 and 2030. At this time overall country populations will begin to decline as there will insufficient food available to feed everyone. Growth must stop.

    A “Work Credit” based society will allow growth to stop and decline at an ordinary pace without causing social unrest, chaos and war. This must start today as 2020 is only 9 years away and 2030 is only 19 years away.


    Inspired by the way money works in our society today.

    Money as Debt Promises Unleased.

    http:// topdocumentaryfilms.com / money-as-debt-promises-unleashed /

    This is a film about the modern financial systems in use around the world today and there eventual short falls.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada
  • mrgenieYeah he's crazy
    09:00, 23/03/2011
    But no danger :)
    Smart people who abuse the planet, the world situation, other civilizations, countries and resources of the world. They are the true danger. Especially those who wedge war worldwide to spread evil and kill woman and children to get a hold on those resources.

    Chavez isn't bombing over 50 states worldwide in the last 50 years.

    Nuts he is, but no thread.
  • pcfHugo Chavéz is a shining light to the world
    16:03, 27/03/2011
    He is very respected in non-aligned countries. His leadership is based on helping people, instead of leading wars. Of course the Western press, directed from the USA, CIA, PENTAGON, takes up every opportunity to marginalize and ridicule this great man. But he is admired worldwide, and the huge number of his admirers is growing daily. He gives hope to all those who despise capitalism and its ugly twin brother, neo-colonialism, both of which have devastated great parts of the world. Hugo Chávez: "The world needs a new moral architecture." How true ! ADELANTE CHÁVEZ ! HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE !

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