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Muslim Brotherhood wants end to Egypt-Israeli peace deal

12:46 03/02/2011

Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood movement has unveiled its plans to scrap a peace treaty with Israel if it comes to power, a deputy leader said in an interview with NHK TV.

Rashad al-Bayoumi said the peace treaty with Israel will be abolished after a provisional government is formed by the movement and other Egypt's opposition parties.

"After President Mubarak steps down and a provisional government is formed, there is a need to dissolve the peace treaty with Israel," al-Bayoumi said.

Egypt was the first Arab country to officially recognize Israel and sign a peace agreement with the Israeli government in 1979. It is also a major mediator of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Muslim Brotherhood has recently come to light amid mass anti-government protests in Egypt. Some media voiced concerns that the banned Islamic movement could eventually take power in the riot-hit Arab country.

The deeply conservative Islamic movement, which wants to move Egypt from secularism and return to the rules of the Quran, failed to win a single seat in the 2010 Egyptian parliamentary election.

The Muslim Brotherhood joined the anti-government protests in Egypt last week. The unrest, seen by many analysts as a major threat to repressive governments in the region, has already claimed the lives of at least 300 people and injured several thousand.

TOKYO, February 3 (RIA Novosti) 

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RIA NovostiRiots in EgyptMuslim Brotherhood wants end to Egypt-Israeli peace deal

12:46 03/02/2011 Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood movement has unveiled its plans to scrap a peace treaty with Israel if it comes to power, a deputy leader said in the interview with NHK TV.>>

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  • DariusNatural solidarity
    13:42, 03/02/2011
    One can understand that people demonstrate solidarity with those having a lot of their cultural heritage in common. Like between Egyptians and Palestinians.
    This is quite natural.
  • sjhDo The Right Thing
    17:35, 03/02/2011
    I do hope the Egyptians are smart enough not to fall for the Islamic rhetoric coming from that evil faction of Islam. If they think their lives were bad before, they have no clue how bad they'll be under a brutal Islamic regime.
  • HarcourtPeace Makers
    17:47, 03/02/2011
    Great News!!! Guess that means that they will be giving back the Sinai to Israel. In addition to meaning safer travels to Dahab and Sharm, it will be easier to keep missiles out of Gazastan. Way to go MB, you always have the best interests of "democracy" in your heart.
  • gblaw101Religion of "peace"?
    02:03, 04/02/2011
    I'm sure the MB have peaceful intentions in mind in wanting to throw out the peace treaty with Israel. After all, they are part of the "religion of peace." Yeah, right. And when they attack Israel and Israel defends itself, as it has every right to do, the world will blame Israel of course. As it is prophesised in the Bible, in the end days, people will call that which is evil good and good evil.
  • JiriIslam
    12:45, 04/02/2011
    Islam the religion of peace with it's core value of hate, intolerance and ignorance is collapsing upon itself. How can they think they can rule the world when they can't even get along with each other.

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