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President Medvedev hopes 'negative scenario' in Kyrgyzstan averted

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev
09:07 16/04/2010

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev expressed hope on Friday that negative political developments in Kyrgyzstan have been averted.

"I hope this scenario has been ruled out especially after the former president submitted his resignation," Medvedev said, adding that the threat of a civil war in Kyrgyzstan had been real.

An official in the interim government told RIA Novosti on Friday that President Kurmanbek Bakiyev had faxed his resignation from Kazakhstan.

At least 80 people were killed and more than 1,500 injured during violent opposition protests, which broke out in Kyrgyzstan on April 7. Bakiyev fled the capital and an interim government was formed under the leadership of Roza Otunbayeva.

Bakiyev initially refused to resign and started gathering his supporters in southern Kyrgyzstan, but on Thursday he flew to Kazakhstan, from where the two-page resignation letter was faxed on Friday morning.

Medvedev said Russia, the United States, Kazakhstan and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe had worked together to mediate Bakiyev's departure.

"Our only goal was to avoid bloodshed. Unfortunately, the situation was escalating toward a full-scale civil war, and, consequently, toward the disintegration of the country," the president said.

Medvedev also said he did not rule out a repeat of the Kyrgyz scenario in other former Soviet republics if their leaders conduct policies similar to those of the ousted Kyrgyz president.

"In relation to the possibility of similar scenarios in ex-Soviet states or other countries - everything is possible in this world, if people are not happy with the authorities, if the authorities do not make efforts to support their people," Medvedev said at a news conference after a BRIC summit in Brazil.

"This scenario could repeat anywhere when the authorities lose their connection with the people," he said.

Several members of Bakiyev's family have been accused of corruption and taking millions of dollars out of state coffers.

BRASILIA, April 16 (RIA Novosti)


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RIA NovostiRussian President Dmitry MedvedevPresident Medvedev hopes 'negative scenario' in Kyrgyzstan averted

09:07 16/04/2010 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev expressed hope on Friday that negative political developments in Kyrgyzstan have been averted.>>

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