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Ukraine's Justice Ministry declares govt. dismissal illegal

15:50 12/01/2006

KIEV, January 12 (RIA Novosti) - The Ukrainian Justice Ministry has drafted an official resolution declaring the parliament's decision to dismiss Yuriy Yekhanurov's government illegal, Ukrainian State Secretary Oleh Rybachuk said Thursday.

"This decision is illegal and any lawyer will give this assessment," he said.

Rybachuk said if the Supreme Rada did not cancel this decision, President Viktor Yushchenko would ensure that the country's laws were observed, but he did not specify which steps Yushchenko could take.

According to Rybachuk, a key task of the Ukrainian leadership is to ensure "honest and transparent" parliamentary elections in March 2006 and prevent the use of administrative resource, when the authorities exploit their position to achieve their own ends, during the elections.

"They will be the most democratic and free elections in the 15 years of Ukraine's independence," he said.

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