30/7/2014 11:03
RIA Novosti
US President Barack Obama

US President Obama Announces Details of Sanctions, Claims No New Cold War Over Ukraine

Topic:Sanctions Against Russia

There is no new "cold war" with Russia and US will continue contacts with Russia, Ukraine and EU to find a diplomatic solution in Ukraine, US President Barack Obama stated Wednesday.


More than 100 People Evacuated from Russia-Ukraine Border Due to Shelling

Topic:Situation in the South-East of Ukraine

Palestinian Campaigners Slam Scottish, UK Governments Over Israeli Boycott Refusal

Topic:Israeli-Palestinian conflict: standoff continues

Lavrov, Kerry Favor Independent Probe into Plane Crash in East Ukraine

Topic:Malaysia Airlines Boeing Crashes in Ukraine

Putin Vows Assistance in Taking Ill Children Out of Crisis-Hit East Ukraine

Topic:Situation in the South-East of Ukraine

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