23/10/2014 7:03

Discovery of a black hole

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A humongous black hole in the Milky Way galaxy is devouring a gas cloud. The mammoth black hole is located at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy and has a mass that is roughly four million times greater than that of the Sun. As for the gas cloud, researchers utilized the massive telescope at the European Southern Observatory to make an estimate of its size. Researchers believe that the gas cloud has a mass that is approximately three times that of Earth.Researchers have noted that this particular black hole is special in one important way; the mammoth black hole is close enough to Earth to be examined in detail. After scrutinizing the mammoth black hole, researchers discovered a gas cloud that is dropping into the black hole’s accretion zone. The gas cloud will be closest to the mammoth black hole in 2012, eventually dropping within 40 trillion kilometers of the black hole. Researchers made this discovery by looking at detailed images of the galactic centre.

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