25/10/2014 10:25

Elusive ‘winged’ octopus first caught on camera

(1:39 / 6.89Mb / просмотров видео: 1130)

Researchers have captured video of a rarely-seen deep-sea octopus, Grimpoteuthis bathynectes. The octopus, also nicknamed Dumbo, has two wing-like fins, which give it a resemblance to the flying elephant from the popular cartoon.
Little is known about the Dumbo octopuses, and there is no precise data about their physiology. Research on them is difficult to conduct because these octopuses usually live at a depth of 3,000-4,000 meters and some dwell as deep as 7,000 meters underwater. Dumbo octopuses can often be found near hydrothermal vents.
Filmed with an HD video camera at a depth of more than 2,000 meters and about 300 kilometers off the coast of the American state of Oregon, the close-up video will allow scientists to learn more about these mysterious creatures.

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