21/10/2014 4:45

Russian T-90 tank versus German Leopard 2A6 tank: Determining a victor

(1:50 / 7.83Mb / просмотров видео: 28992)

Military experts simulated a showdown between the Russian T-90 tank and the German Leopard 2A6 to verify the claims by some Russian generals that the Russian hardware was inferior to its NATO analogues. Using mathematical models to simulate a battle between the Russian and the German tank, experts concluded that in a real battle the Leopard would not stand a chance of coming within a shooting distance of T-90.

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  • NikoWhy ?
    22:57, 22/03/2011
    I really do not know why we have so many alarmists and conspirators in our Russia ?
  • acas7i11oOmg
    01:36, 23/03/2011
    That video is a really awful way to try and prove that point. The only significant thing that was said was that the T-90 is better for desert operations and that it is three times cheaper than the Leopard. They don't even explain what they did in the so-called mathematical model.
  • mrgenieSame model as for Iraq and Lybia?
    08:43, 23/03/2011
    They also had models to show how Russian Sukhoi and MIG and s-70 to s-300 systems would take out NATO Aircraft with 100% hits and no losses.
    In reality however, the 100% and no losses is actually the opposite. Makes you wonder how valid the technical specifications on paper are to real world engagements.
  • Niko(no title)
    12:21, 23/03/2011
    Ground testing in Malasyain jungle, Saudi Arabian desert, Indian Rajastan...and combat operations in Dagestan in 2000 and fireing drils in many tank exibitions in Russia and abroad have proved to us that T-90 is very durable, efficient and good tank !
  • NikoROFL !
    12:33, 23/03/2011
    Our Pechora AA system knocked down USAF F-117 stealth out of sky in Serbia in 1999. Our S-200 system ended the flights of SR-71 "blackbird" over USSR, Our SA-2 antiaircraft systems in Vietnam totaly anihilated USAF, Our anti-ship missiles destroyed many NATO equiped ships in oceans...Our anti-tank missiles and destroyed many "invincible tanks" in combat operations (Iraq, Afganistan, Lebanon...)

    S-300 would not only knock out, but it would destroy entire NATO airforce in Lybia !
    • dg(no title)
      01:42, 11/04/2011
      Quite interesting! Tell why Russia did not supply the S-300 to Serbia? Why has Russia allowed Americans to destroy Serbia's infrastructure? As a direct result of Russia's inaction Serbia is now occupied by Americans.
    • Niko(no title)
      12:41, 23/03/2011
      Popovkin and soome generals are complete ignorants and fools, when it came to tanks and armor.

      They proved that many times before.
    • shanksinhaVery Adequate fighting machine
      15:44, 23/03/2011
      The T-90 is a very adequate fighting weapon. And while the debate as which tank is best can be endless and very often inconclusive, the T-90 tank has everything it needs to succeed in a modern battlefield. Indian T-90s tanks have faced the brunt of western Thar desert and come out as deep improvements over the existing T-72. The armour is adeuete against HEAT rounds, mobility with a 1000hp engine is good and the 125mm gun/missile launcher is a potent threat for any modern MBT. The fire-control system and night vision equipmet enables a networked fighting capability. The only problem is overheating failure of the French origin Catherine thermal imagers, but thats not something beyond correction. At the price its truly a world class tank.
    • 903484Steriotypical
      18:16, 10/09/2011
      The old men, and the boys who love them, are still trying to fight the last war. All this talk of an open field raises the question; doe these guys not recall the A-10 & AH-64? If these two tanks were to meet on the European battlefield, the likelihood is that both of these tank-busters would also be involved.
      Perhaps going there is bad, considering that I have likeable in-laws in central Germany; the most thought of place in Europe for armored combat. (Fulda gap, yada, yada, yada)
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