20/10/2014 22:13

People pay to serve time in Moscow’s Cardboard City

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A land called Cardboardia made a fleeting appearance at a design factory in downtown Moscow. Anyone interested was welcome to visit or live there. Its capital was Cardboard City. A group of Moscow-based artists built it using a thousand pieces of cardboard. This imaginary city allowed its creators and inhabitants to experience “a parallel reality” where you could set up your own business, get a good return on money invested with a cardboard bank and even spend some time behind bars.

Locals say that visiting Cardboardia as a tourist involved going on a bureaucratic quest, overcoming a series of obstacles, suffering a dozen indignities and completing a number of assignments. The cardboard city covered an area of 1,000 square meters, and comprised facilities and services including a free-shop, children’s hobby groups and business projects providing locals with a money-making opportunity. The currency was called Bad Taste.

Cardboardia’s creators describe the city as “mobile”, with parts appearing and disappearing all the time. The display closed on January 16 and its creators stressed that after it is dismantled some of the cardboard will be recycled and some stored for future use.

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