1/11/2014 14:08

Head of the Baksan hydroelectric power plant describes the terrorist attack

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The Baksan hydroelectric power plant in Kabardino-Balkaria was attacked early in the morning on Wednesday, July 21. The attackers killed the plant’s two security guards and set five explosive devices. Four of them detonated, but bomb technicians managed to disarm the fifth.
The explosions caused a fire, which spread to 250 square meters. The fire was extinguished at 09:03 Moscow time.
According to a representative of the state-run RusHydro company, the explosions damaged two of the plant’s generators and some auxiliary equipment. However, residents of Kabardino-Balkaria did not face any power outages, as backup facilities were quickly put into operation.
Police in Kabardino-Balkaria are not ruling out the possibility that this was a carefully planned terrorist attack. Prior to the attack, a police station in Baksan was rocked by an explosion. No deaths have been reported, but the building was damaged.
Law enforcement agencies have identified the perpetrators of the terrorist attack. Their names have not been released so as not to interfere with the ongoing investigation. It is suspected that one of the militant leaders in the region was behind the attack.

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