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Russian newsreader fired after 'giving Obama the finger'

18:50 24/11/2011
MOSCOW, November 24 (RIA Novosti)
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A Russian newsreader who was reported to have given U.S. President Barack Obama the finger while on air was dismissed on Thursday.

Award-winning REN TV presenter Tatiana Limanova made the gesture while reading Obama's name during a November 14 item on the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference. Online footage of the incident has since gone viral.

But REN TV said Limanova's gesture was not aimed at Obama, but was rather a response to her “editorial staff” colleagues, who were standing off camera and trying to distract her, for a joke. It was not, REN TV stressed in a statement, "linked to the item being presented by Limanova.”

Limanova said she did not know she was on camera when she made the gesture, an explanation that failed to impress the REN TV bosses.

“This does not diminish her guilt and cannot be considered an excuse. The REN TV management views this action as the gravest violation of on-air discipline and a demonstration of unprofessionalism,” the channel said.

Limanova is not the only Russian newsreader to have made the headlines for similar discrepancies in recent years.

Irada Zeinalova of the state-run Channel One TV channel has sworn at least twice on camera. In one such incident, her anger was directed at a small boy who accidentally distracted her while she was recording a standup.

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RIA NovostiTatiana Limanova Russian newsreader fired after 'giving Obama the finger'

18:50 24/11/2011 A Russian newsreader who was reported to have given U.S. President Barack Obama the finger while on air was dismissed on Thursday.>>

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  • wulfrano(no title)
    08:37, 25/11/2011
    Burrak Aboma deserves a million fingers!
  • wulfranoTatiana
    08:39, 25/11/2011
    Way to go, Tatiana Limanova! Come to Tijuana. I'll give you a better job than that of bowing to the Devil!
  • wulfranoRIA
    08:44, 25/11/2011
    RIA Novosti English deleted my comment. Why defend someone like Burrak Aboma who is circling mother Russia with nuclear missiles? Go, Tatiana! I'm with you all the way!
  • steveccTatiana Limanova
    22:11, 25/11/2011
    Please convey this to the powers that fired Tatiana Limanova. I saw that clip and I want to tell you my impression. I live in United States and have suffered under the 3 years of Obama breaking many written laws. Our constitution is supposed to be sacrosanct Obama has illegally shredded it to my dismay. Please imagine how my heart warmed and my adrenaline soared when my first thought was her giving Obama the finger. I chuckled as I savored the moment. Now I think she was annoyed with somebody out of camera range. But again, the moment was wonderful. Please reinstate her. Please. I love her.
    • pro Andrei RublevPraise RUSSIAN free speech!
      13:16, 26/11/2011
      with all humility;
      plainly, I can not agree more with my compatriot's words for Tatiana L.
      as much as I have been waiting for some dear soul to speak or in terms Classical to convey a message of taken exception to the beleaguering fraud and undermining of lawful freedom enveloping though the eyes of B.O.
      I can not say personally,
      how much respect I wish to commend to talented Tatiana L.,
      both for her integrity
      and astute watchfulness of global need for sensibility.
      It seems the quiet are so often right.
      And I offer my plaudit for free speech alive in RUSSIA,
      I say thank you.
      I send this report along to my confidants!

      New Mexico, U.S.A.
    • AmrixorThanks Tatiana
      09:53, 26/11/2011
      u r so brave
    • p2o2rianBlindness, Total Blindness
      14:13, 26/11/2011
      I listened to the text read by the anchor woman. I asked myself:

      1. If on air speaker look at the camera reading from prompter. Reading from papers is always being done BEFORE live broadcast.

      2.If the finger was TO Mr. Obama then AGAINST what (related to Mr. Obama)?!

      Her explanation - "Limanova said she did not know she was on camera" - is 90% correct.

      And all of you seeing "up y***s" to Obama you are deadly wrong. You simply wanted to see what you saw and described here in comments. Not paying attention to reality of media "off-screen life".


      P.S. REN TV bosses must felt like they lost their virginity once more with THE finger probably... so they overreacted.
      • pro Andrei RublevJustice Served - and a bird just in time for Thanksgiving!
        16:10, 26/11/2011
        let us suffice in this to say;

        or; notwithstanding 'coincidental.'

        BON ETAT!
      • celestine.christie@yahoo.comObama
        00:49, 27/11/2011
        What perturbs me is that you guys sit back and blame the world, the New President, who happens to be a black man, for everything that happened to you. I hope that you all were whining and complaining when the last 2 or 3 Republicans actually put us in this position!! - - Also, is this a white supremacist posting board?! Wow...
      • wulfranoShame
        13:13, 27/11/2011
        It is a shame that two World War II allies should now be so agressively mistrustful of each other. Both Russia and the USA are civilized nations. Like Ilia Romanov told me in RIA Novosti, peoples don't wage wars... governments do. Why? In the present case (Russia vs. the USA) I have no answer. Shame on both!
      • camspiracyRT. Hire Tatiana she has a growing fan club!
        16:22, 28/11/2011
        RT give this Russian Treasure a job! Teach her English if she needs it. It will be worth the ROI. Don't you realize she has a growing fan club in the English speaking world? A few of these narcisitic war criminals need to be called for what they are. Question More! and hire Tatiana!
      • aussie(no title)
        02:31, 29/11/2011
        Dear Lady newsreader, You have expressed the opinion of the majority of Humanity and thus lost your job. What a disgraceful world this has become when only greedy, murdering criminals have the right to speak out. This young lady deserves a medal and a promotion.
        • george69Shame on you, Tatiana!!
          19:35, 29/11/2011
          Why you weren't so expressive while George Bush Jr. was in White House.
          The worst president that US have had.
          Shame on you!!
          Barack Obama is the most intelligent person in the White House!!
        • p2o2rianStop the presses! Pigs fly over D.C.!
          20:12, 29/11/2011
          @george69Shame on you, Tatiana!!

          > Barack Obama is the most intelligent person in the White House!!

          Da. And pigs fly over D.C. (More probably they stick to the Washington's trough as Solyndra proves...).


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