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Russian newscaster who 'flipped Obama off' quits - interview

07:57 25/11/2011
MOSCOW, November 25 (RIA Novosti)
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Russian anchor Tatyana Limanova told RIA Novosti she was leaving the Ren TV news channel following an indecent gesture that world media said was directed toward U.S. President Barack Obama.

Limanova showed her middle finger when reading U.S. President Barack Obama’s name during a November 14 item on the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference. Online footage of the incident has since gone viral.

The newscaster told RIA Novosti that her gesture had nothing to do with Obama but was addressed to her colleagues and was meant to ask them to raise the text she was reading.

Limanova said she did not know she was on camera when she made the gesture, an explanation that failed to impress the Ren TV bosses.

“This does not diminish her guilt and cannot be considered an excuse. The Ren TV management views this action as the gravest violation of on-air discipline and a demonstration of unprofessionalism,” the channel said.

Limanova said her attitude toward the Ren TV management’s decision to take her off the air was “calm.”

“The channel management apparently decided to treat this ridiculous incident seriously, and I completely accept and respect this position… I realize that I let the channel down and probably offended some of the viewers,” she said.

The award-winning anchor said the situation was not worth the efforts made by journalists who made a small international scandal out of it.

“All this happened because English-language headlines on Youtube attracted the attention of Western viewers, and journalists joined in. This is a vivid example of how facts may be interpreted,” she said.

“The Western press presented this to readers as a conspiracy theory, and there was so much nonsense that I have no words,” Limanova said.

“My attitude toward President Barack Obama is quite normal, and my gesture had nothing to do with the respected U.S. president,” she said.

“I believed I was off camera. I was reading text on paper, and I made the gesture to the prompter to ask him to raise the text… I was sure I was off camera,” the newscaster said, adding that otherwise, she wouldn’t have made the gesture because it was “unprofessional.”

Limanova said she was leaving the channel. “I let the channel down, so I don’t think it’s possible to stay here,” she said.

Asked what her plans were, she said she was still thinking.


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RIA NovostiThe newscaster told RIA Novosti that her gesture had nothing to do with Obama but was addressed to her colleagues and was meant to ask them to raise the text she was reading.Russian newscaster who 'flipped Obama off' quits - interview

07:57 25/11/2011 Russian anchor Tatyana Limanova told RIA Novosti she was leaving the Ren TV news channel following an indecent gesture that world media said was directed toward U.S. President Barack Obama.>>

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  • wulfranoTatiana
    08:57, 25/11/2011
    Burrak is circling Russia with nuclear missiles and Tatiana gets fired for a finger? Give me a break! No wonder the world is going crazy!
    • Aiassa02She Is Right.. On a lot of issues, and is helpful to exposing the truth about the Clinton Family, ad Control Over the United States!!
      12:10, 25/11/2011
      Because ... Bilderberg Group. Just like that liar- draft dodger - perjury- money launder- and murder, who stole billions from china, Bill Clinton, who claims he loves this country but ordered the national guard to beat up all the people at WTO in Seattle 1999, at the protest. his little tirade against bill gates of Microsoft by retaliation, after that POS , Clinton lost his court case against him!! The Clinton's are nothing more than, and organized crime family; and has contributed to the destruction of Barack Obama!! That's a fact. It's also a fact ; tip of the ice berg; kept low profile, the real reason, he faced impeachment was for gross abuse of power; and the military, including the finace of Saladin Milosevic, both times, 1993, 1995, as an attempt to "spy" on Russia, FSB, under Boris Yeltsin, he who helped finace Yugo; automotive, NAFTA, North American Trade Agreement, calling it classified, in fact, was a (counter intelligence) measure, targeting the Kremlin., and Vladimir Putin ., and then later declare war, to strengthen ties, later. These illegal scandals and other off shore money laundering schemes, tax break, to finace overseas because the corporations in control can't be prosecuted for war crimes out side the very jurisdiction of the United States of America, and dasher, OTI, who is behind the commitment's of FEMA, started by Clinton, 1995.
      Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
    • cheruskOur hope on her new career
      12:08, 25/11/2011
      It is high time for Tatiana to lead Russia.
    • jg(no title)
      13:10, 25/11/2011
      As an incumbent US president whose term has not really lived up to expectations, Obama is not universally popular. Although it is fairly clear that Tatiana did not direct her gesture towards the US president, comments sections in Western media show that most people like the idea that any news presenter "gave Obama the finger". In any case, Obama has seen and heard considerably worse and I doubt that he is offended.

      As it happens, a BBC weatherman in the UK made a similar gesture on live TV, following a sarcastic comment from a newsreader and he is still employed by the BBC. It therefore seems a bit rough for Ms. Limanova to lose her job. I wish her all the best and remind her that, in the end, there is no such thing as bad publicity.
    • kylesvetAmerican
      14:01, 25/11/2011
      I am one of the millions of Americans that loved the video. It may have not been intentional but it was perfect for the mentality towards Obama in America right now...

      I am sad that she lost her job over it because she is loved by America and the timing of the bird finger...

      The video is being taken off of YouTube as we watch it. It has been posted multiple times and it keeps getting removed. One copy had 100,000's of hits and is gone. The copy linked on this article is at 12,000 hits and climbing. The world needs to grow up and accept the fact that things happen and quit the politically correct attitude...

      I do not know who put pressure on REN TV but REN needs to grow a set a balls and use the mistake for ratings. As it is I will not watch REN for pushing her out. I am not alone and by the way I live in Moscow...

      It truly is the perfect video and the timing of the finger could not have been better... LOL LOL LOL LOL


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