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Moscow allows first ever gay parade

Topic: Gay Propaganda Ban in Russia

16:04 26/04/2011

The Moscow city authorities gave official permission on Tuesday to hold the first ever gay pride march in the capital, in an important victory for the country's gay community, the parade's organizer said.

In a landmark decision greeted with delight by Nikolai Alexeyev, Russia's top gay rights activist, the city government allowed the proposed march on May 28 to go ahead.

The head of Moscow's central district said he was not aware of the planned event. 

"The authorities must now ensure the security of the participants in line with the ruling of the European Court [of Human Rights]," Alexeyev said in a statement published on the community's website, gayrussia.eu.

In October, the Court fined Russia for banning gay parades in Moscow, saying fears that such marches could cause unrest were unfounded. The authorities were told to pay $41,090 in damages and for legal fees.

"This is a crippling blow to Russian homophobia on all accounts," Alexeyev said after the ruling.

The former Moscow mayor, Yury Luzkhov, who ruled the city like his own personal fiefdom for 18 years before he was sacked by President Dmitry Medvedev in September, described gay parades as "satanic."

The new mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, told a radio station in February he was not in favor of the idea.

Campaigners who have tried to march in Moscow without permission have come under attack from hardcore nationalists and religious groups, or were set upon by police.

The mayor's office was not available for comment.

MOSCOW, April 26 (RIA Novosti)

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RIA NovostiNikolai AlexeyevMoscow allows first ever gay parade

16:04 26/04/2011 The Moscow city authorities gave official permission on Tuesday to hold the first ever gay pride march in the capital, in an important victory for the country's gay community, the parade's organizer said.>>

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comCongratulations to new mayor, Sergei Sobyanin
    21:48, 26/04/2011
    Congratulations to new mayor, Sergei Sobyanin

    I would like to congratulate new mayor, Sergei Sobyanin and the city staff of Moscow for deciding to allow the first gay parade in Moscow's history.

    This decision took a lot of courage from Moscow's new mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, because it is taking a new path that the Moscow city administration has never taken before.

    A gay parade for the city of Moscow will also be new for it residents and gay participants must be acutely aware that it may take a generation for attitudes to change. However they will change.

    I am not gay myself and as a youth I was fearful of gay people for the longest time because their sexual interest was different than mine and how I had been raised on Protestant Religious beliefs.

    It takes time to overcome years of social programming where the only accepted union is that between a man and a woman.

    However as one grows up and becomes an adult you begin to realize that the standard man and woman couple is not the only option.

    From the beginning of humankind the brain has wired itself in such a way that in some instances men like men and women like women.

    These alternate sexual relationships were accepted in ancient societies until just recently with Christianity dictating that only man and woman relationships would be tolerated. Relationships where men liked men and women liked women were not to accepted as normal.

    Fast forward a couple hundred years and once again mankind and society is beginning to realize that there is more than one acceptable union between men and women. That union is one of man and woman, man and man, and woman and woman.

    My own fear of gay people greatly diminished when I learned that you could not catch it. People are born with a sexual preference and that is just the way it is.

    And along with a person's sexual preference comes many times with a unique set of skills and a way of looking at life differently.

    In today's modern societies heterosexual people and gay people work side by side, each fulfilling an important role in society to which they are best able to do. And this is completely normal.

    So I applaud the new mayor of Moscow for allowing the gay population of Moscow and Russia to celebrate their uniqueness in the world, in Russia, and in Moscow.

    The more that gay people are accepted as being normal human beings, the more the fear and stigma will go away. It may take a generation but it will happen.

    My own attitudes towards gay people changed greatly when I was living near San Francisco, California. San Francisco has its own yearly large gay parade that is very successful. They have become successful over time as heterosexual people realize that gay people are really just like themselves.

    They work in their communities. They strive to contribute in a positive way to make their city a better place to live. All they wish for is to be accepted for who they are, and not for someone they cannot be.

    So it is with great respect and admiration that I congratulate new mayor, Sergei Sobyanin for allowing the first gay parade in Moscow's history.

    It took a lot of personal courage to do this.

    It will take even more courage and understanding for the people of Moscow to accept this.

    Do not expect radical changes of thought over night. But like San Francisco, California, it will happen in time.

    And in time everyone will see each other as equals and equal contributors to society no matter their sexual preference.

    Everyone has their strengths to offer society and it is our differences that ultimately make us stronger!

    This was a great news story to read.

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