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Russia Plans to Bind Satellite to Apophis Asteroid

Russia Plans to Bind Satellite to Apophis Asteroid
14:52 07/04/2012
MOSCOW, April 7 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia plans to send a satellite with a radio beacon to near-Earth asteroid of 99942 Apophis for finding out how big is a threat of its collision with Earth, the country's Academy of Sciences said in its report on Saturday.

The asteroid is considered by the Russian scientists as the most serious threat to Earth as for now.

In 2029, Apophis will be at a distance of only about 36,000 miles to our planet, at the height of the orbits of geostationary satellites. The asteroid could change its orbit and cannon Earth in 2036.

The core target of the possible mission will be to clarify the exact trajectory of Apophis for up to 2036. The satellite will be equipped with a radioisotope power source with a buffer battery.

"From technical point of view the mission could be started for implementation from 2015," the Academy said in the report.

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RIA NovostiRussia Plans to Bind Satellite to Apophis AsteroidRussia Plans to Bind Satellite to Apophis Asteroid

14:52 07/04/2012 Russia plans to send a satellite with a radio beacon to near-Earth asteroid of 99942 Apophis for finding out how big is a threat of its collision with Earth, the country's Academy of Sciences said in its report on Saturday.>>

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comGreat idea!
    20:46, 07/04/2012
    Looking forward to the telemetry that comes back that will better predict if this asteroid's orbit will miss the Earth or intersect in 2029 or 2036.

    Arnold Vinette has issued an asteroid strike premonition for August 17, 2028.

    This premonition was received on Friday June 12, 2009 in the San Francisco Bay area.

    This asteroid to his knowledge is NOT Apophis but premonitions are never exact.

    Asteroid detection is around April 16, 2024. (still 12 years away)

    Orbit impact site to be determined by August 26, 2026. Impact location is the area of Yellowstone National Park.

    Impact date is August 17, 2028.

    This is a significant impact premonition that will wipe out all life in North America and reduce worldwide population by 9/10ths or more.

    This asteroid impact will destabilize the Yellowstone Super Caldera causing it to erupt. This will be the largest volcanic eruption in mankind's history if it occurs.

    The American, Canadian and Russian governments have been notified as of September 2009 and February 2010. The Small Planet Institute that tracks asteroids was notified in 2011.

    This is just a premonition with no astronomical evidence to back it up.

    However all three governments have been advised to begin building asteroid fallout shelters between Yoshkar-Ola and Kirov in Russia to house several thousand children from all three countries for a minimum of 50 years. Russia is the safest place to ride out this catastrophe.

    In addition to this information new information has recently been obtained that there may be a relocation effort currently being planned by 4 alien civilizations to move a small population of humans to another nearby Earth like planet.

    These large interstellar spacecraft are now being built and tested in the Earth's atmosphere.

    The most significant test to date occurred on March 13, 1997 over Phoenix Arizona. The test lasted for 106 minutes and was witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix. This large UFO event is now known as the Phoenix Lights. It is now believed that this is one of the first of many interstellar arcs that will transport a small human population to a nearby Earth like planet to escape the coming asteroid strike devastation.

    Another huge UFO was also observed for over 1 hour following a 747 flying from Japan by Anchorage.
    Simply a different type of arc model to accomplish the same task. Relocate a small human population to another nearby Earth like planet.

    To see these craft in action watch these in order please.

    1. Out of the Blue (2008)

    2. I Know What I Saw (2010)

    3. Secret Access on the Record

    Information has also recently been sent to the directors at CERN with regards to how to discover the components necessary to build a gravity-time propulsion system.

    So with everyone working together the human race will survive this impact if it occurs.

    All the key players have what they need to start working on survival solutions.

    Good article.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada
    • ruypenalvaOh Arnold
      02:35, 10/04/2012
      Oh friend Arnold,
      Tell me arnolther
      With a silhouette
      So that I put it
      Lying internet


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