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2 Pro-Russian Activists Killed in Eastern Ukraine

Topic: Turbulence in Ukraine

2 Killed, Several Injured in Clashes in Eastern Ukraine
18:59 15/03/2014
Originally published at 13:48, updated throughout the day
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KIEV, March 15 (RIA Novosti) – Two pro-Russian activists were killed in clashes with pro-Kiev supporters in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, police said Saturday blaming the local radical group for the deaths.

Around 40 people from both sides were detained after the shootout, the second such deadly incident this week in the country’s east, which is likely to fuel tensions ahead of Sunday's referendum in Crimea on whether to stay with Ukraine or join Russia.

Clashes erupted between pro-Russian supporters and members of the Ukrainian radical group Right Sector late on Friday who barricaded themselves in a building in downtown Kharkiv and took three people hostage, including a policeman.

Radicals opened fire on the crowd and threw stun grenades and Molotov cocktails as demonstrators tried to storm the building. Five people, including a policeman, were injured.

After talks that involved Mayor Gennady Kernes, the radicals agreed to give up their arms and surrender. The hostages were released.

Earlier this week, violent clashes between two groups of demonstrators broke out in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, leaving one person dead and at least 26 injured.

Crimea is one of several Ukrainian regions that have rejected as illegitimate the government in Kiev that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych on February 22 after months of street protests following his step back from closer ties with the European Union.

Russia is considering appeals by peaceful Ukrainian citizens who have requested Moscow’s protection from radicals, namely the members of the Right Sector, the Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

The ministry cited reports that armed gunmen were heading from Kharkiv to Donetsk, where some 1,000 people gathered for a pro-Russian rally Saturday.

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RIA Novosti2 Killed, Several Injured in Clashes in Eastern Ukraine2 Pro-Russian Activists Killed in Eastern Ukraine

18:59 15/03/2014 Two pro-Russian activists were killed in clashes with pro-Kiev supporters in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, police said Saturday blaming the local radical group for the deaths.>>

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  • costas1(no title)
    14:25, 15/03/2014
    The Right Sector and Maidan are thugs and killers willing to kill without hesitation. The ethnic Russians rightfully worry about their safety from the Right Sector Nazi thugs.
    • PantzerDiplomacyknifes? so snipers are back to lithuania?
      20:11, 16/03/2014
      now knifes are carrying european values?
    • SkypilotConflict now entering a more dangerous phase.
      16:32, 15/03/2014
      It is clear that once the violence genie is let out of the bottle, it is almost impossible to reel it back in. So, what are the dangers in this world of nuclear and biological weapons? The Ukraine contains a number of working nuclear reactors. It has no known stockpile of nuclear warheads as yet, but the material in those reactors could be used by terrorists to wreak considerable havoc (dirty bombs, improvised low-yield atomic bombs, fission-free "neutron bombs" and so on). Lesser known is the threat from biological weapons: does the Ukraine possess any of these? For example, many research universities possess small stockpiles of known and unknown exotic pathogens. There are many ways things can go awry for all sides of this crisis. Further, what is to be the disposition of ethnic Ukrainian nationals who work in Russia itself? Do any of these people have access to Russian nuclear facilities or biological research sites? I can think a hundred threats in this regard. Suppose a terrorist had infiltrated the Russian strategic rocket forces and had access to a modern Topol-M?
      19:33, 15/03/2014

      If you just know HOW many Russians get killed in Germany.

      I do not have very often to deal with Criminal cases,but I read a book by a Berlin judge,named:"ANGEKLAGT"...in English:"The acused".

      Recently was a case,when a German fan of HERTA BFC stabbed a Russian man,who was shouting :"Slava Dinamo Moskow!"

      The participants of this browel were much too much intocsicated.

      Russia should not and WILL NOT occupy Eastern Ukraina just because some people lost their temper.
      • PantzerDiplomacysays who? little nobody who wanna see some "aktchyn"?
        20:06, 16/03/2014
        and you just little shoe-shine boy for real masters in US.

        SO I am sure Russians and Ukrainians will listen to you. Even though your dog ain't
      • ruypenalvaRussia should go further
        19:56, 15/03/2014
        Another reason for Russia to extend its invasion Ukrainian east.
        • PantzerDiplomacyfrankly US invaded lands of Native Americans
          20:08, 16/03/2014
          Estonians invaded USSR along with comrades from SS. UK invaded India. But Russia and Ukraine is one Nation. Not saying about fascists and "polish snipers"

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