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Preparations for Joining Russia Already Underway – Aksyonov

Topic: Turbulence in Ukraine

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Crimean Prime Minister Sergei AksyonovPro-Russian rallies in the Crimean city of Evpatoria, March 6, 2014
14:40 10/03/2014
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SIMFEROPOL, March 10 (RIA Novosti) – Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov said Monday that preparations for the the southern Ukrainian region to become part of Russia are already underway.

Crimea was flooded with Russian troops following the fall of the government in the capital, Kiev, last month and a referendum to decide whether the region will become part of Russia will take place on March 16.

The peninsula will be ready to begin using Russian law within a couple of months of a pro-secession vote, and the local Finance Ministry is already working on a roadmap for switching from the Ukrainian currency, the hryvnia, to the Russian ruble, Aksyonov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The referendum in Crimea, where ethnic Russians make up about 60 percent of the population, is widely expected to return a favourable result that will pave the way for annexation by Moscow.

Aksyonov also promised that Ukrainian would cease to be an official language if Crimea joined Russia.

“We use two languages on a daily basis – Russian and Crimean Tatar,” Aksyonov said. “It’s certain that the republic [of Crimea] will have two languages.”

About 15 percent of Crimea's population of about 2 million people are ethnic Tatars, among whom support for the incoming regime in Kiev is reportedly strong. Aksyonov has also promised senior political positions in a new Crimean government to members of the Tatar community.

Formerly the leader of a local pro-Russian political party, Aksyonov was appointed prime minister last month by a vote in the Crimean parliament. At the time of the vote the parliament was being guarded by unidentified, masked gunmen who occupied the building the previous night.

Large quantities of heavily armed Russian troops accompanied by armored personnel carriers, military jeeps and other vehicles have entered Crimea in recent weeks.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied the presence of Russian military in the region and maintains that the armed men are members of local self defense organizations.

The planned referendum has been brought forward twice from its original date of May 25 since it was announced by local lawmakers last month.

The authorities in Kiev and international leaders have condemned the referendum as illegitimate.


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RIA NovostiCrimean Prime Minister Sergei AksyonovPreparations for Joining Russia Already Underway – Aksyonov

14:40 10/03/2014 Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov said Monday that preparations for the the southern Ukrainian region to become part of Russia are already underway.>>

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  • PR101Is this the same
    16:45, 10/03/2014
    guy who got 4% of the vote when he ran for office?
  • Timothy L WilliamsonOSCE/UN observers
    16:47, 10/03/2014
    Since there are concerns from all parties about the legitimacy of events in regions of Ukraine (Kiev, Crimea, western, eastern), and since Russia and Ukraine signed the OSCE Mechanism Procedures documents on 15 December 1992, and since Russia has been invited to participate in investigations and observations, then it would seem that it would be in the best interest of Russia to propmote the truth of evidence of any wrong doing by any group within Ukraine.
    Russia needs to join those observer teams, and request that the concerns of Russia over the Kiev changes need to be addressed concurrently with concerns of EU and UN over issues in Crimea. Russia has been asked to participate. It would be in their best interests, in the pursuit of truth, to do so.
    • R.Deus-von HomeyerRE:THE STUBORNESS of PUTIN and LAVROV
      18:04, 11/03/2014
      @Timothy Williamson

      Russia is not concerned about the changes in Kiev at all!

      In fact Russia is more then happy to see Yanucovych GONE as he was a weak,irresponsible,undecisive leader,WHO EVEN DID NOT KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE UKRAINIAN VOLK!

      He should have explained to the Ukraininas on the Maidan,that the CONDITIONS of the Assosiation Agreement with the EU were disadvantageous for Ukraina.

      Here,at the State TV Channel in Germany,there was a discussion late at midnight and some politicians said,that UKRAINE had had to deposit €80 000 000,- into an account at the ECB as a colateral in case Ukrainian Government can not pay it's debts to the EU.

      Actually Putin is happy,that Yanuconych is not on power,but he is just stuborn and this will cost Russia A LOT! What is better...losing Yanucovych or losing UKRAINA!
      • Wolfgang9How much do you get paid
        23:28, 11/03/2014
        from the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung to spread your BS? And in addition that idiot R Deus von Homeyer who claims to live in Germany with a Bulgarian passport, and has no education at all.

        When I learned something in my life: Never, ever trust any immigrant! When I was working in the US in the Nineties all those Runaway Russians arrived from the Soviet Republics and were lying the shit about their former homeland. It was so disgusting that even Americans couldn't stand it. And actually Solshenitsyn also writes about this in his memories!
        And what was "Curve Ball" - just an Iraqi immigrant in Germany who was lying to help GWB into the war against Iraqu and with that getting his immigration papers.
        And to you post: it is definitely NOT in the interest of Russia to participate in OSCE: since the EU is only a slave of the US and the NATO. That means talking to OSCE would be easier by just talking to Obama and Kerry and bastard Rasmussen.

        Reply | Comments: 9Expand branch
      • bielecConsistency is important
        16:58, 10/03/2014
        I wonder why RIA Novosti now reports that, "Crimea was flooded with Russian troops" and that, "Large quantities of heavily armed Russian troops accompanied by armored personnel carriers, military jeeps and other vehicles have entered Crimea in recent weeks."?

        It may be true and it may not be true, we can only speculate on that, but the article is stating this as a fact. Can you support this with any evidence? Until now, your articles referred to these units as "unidentified gunmen". Isn't the official position of the Russian government that these are local militias, perhaps armed, trained, and equipped by Russia? We hear that some of the Maidan fighters were trained by NATO in Poland. Surely, Russia had time to do the same.

        One more detail: the unidentified gunmen, who allegedly guarded the building of the Crimean parliament during the vote that appointed Aksyonov as the new prime minister of Crimea, have not been violent or threatening towards the members of parliament, as was the case in Kiev, where neonazi hooligans forced the parliament to remove Yanukovych and appoint the IMF agents as the "acting government" of Ukraine.

        Your comparison puts Aksyonov in a difficult situation. He has publicly stated that the new government in Kiev is illegitimate because it had been appointed in an unconstitutional way. If we adopt this comparison, then we are destroying the legitimacy of Aksyonov's appointment and his call for Russia's assistance.

        Please make sure that your articles do not destroy the efforts undertaken by Russian population in Crimea and by the Russian government to restore peace and security in Crimea.
      • jgLugansk region now requesting protection
        17:31, 10/03/2014
        The mayor imposed upon Lugansk by Kieve has resigned and Kiev has now announced that they are sending the military to regain control. The people of Lugansk are requesting that Russia protects them from the people now running Kiev.
      • mythoslight"Crimea was flooded with Russian troops"...
        17:55, 10/03/2014
        ...as it has been since 1783 or after Ukraine's independence by something between 10-25000 Russian troops, as agreed upon?

        Which is it Ria?

        There are 11.000 troops there now, well within the agreement or is "Crimea was flooded with Russian troops", intended for a western audience ignorant to that fact?

        "Crimea was flooded with Russian troops" Is exactly the headline CNN & Co uses. They of course refuse to inform that 10-25.000 Russian troops always are present, western aggression and US installed Banderite-Orangist Putsch regime or not. What are Ria´s motives for keeping it´s western audience in the dark?
        • R.Deus-von HomeyerRE:Which are the duties of the Russian soldiers,stationed in KRUIM?
          18:09, 11/03/2014
          ...they are obliged to "relax" in the Military base in Sevastopol and play badmington.

          They do not have the right to stay in front of the KRUIM's Parlament,armed to their teeths.
        • kafantarisLeave Ukraine independent -- from both sides.
          18:02, 10/03/2014
          f Ukraine is to survive and thrive, it must not be either side’s outpost against the other -- it should function as a bridge between them.”
          Well said, Henry.
        • Mikhail1228Unbelievable
          19:06, 10/03/2014
          I about spit out my coffee as I read the news story now out on AP, Sergei Aksyonov a man with a murky past. What about all the neo-nazi, "Right Sector" thugs now in control of Kiev. Talk about murky pasts.
        • ScandinavianWill this be fair?
          22:38, 10/03/2014
          This is all happening in a hurry, - I wonder if this could be legit and fair at a time Crimea are a militarized zone. It looks like nothing is really going on as it should be, and it is a bit strange as Crimea with huge Russian population would probably vote for being a part of Russian Federation in a fair election. But in stead, they want to rush it in a manner that will make it be questioned for ever if it was legit or not.
          • mythoslightAs fair as in can get...
            11:27, 11/03/2014
            ...in times of war. Your regime´s US patron are waging a war against Russia, that is obvious, by imposing a hostile fascist mob regime as a fait accompli. Russia has an obligation to protect Russians and Russian speaking people, especially under such circumstances where the US actively encourages it´s local fascist mob to perform whatever illegal acts of aggression they like against them (taking hostages, political prisoners, lynchings, beatings and killings). Crimea, in order to defend itself, made this decision and it is within their right´s to do so. Crimea is not a "military zone" as your media report´s it, but guarded against Ukranian threats and their fascist mobs, several of whom have already been caught with arms and bombs.
            Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
            • Panthera Parduswere you also wondering if Kosovo secession was fair ?
              12:37, 11/03/2014
              well, under the caring eyes of the west they cleaned up the Serbian ... do you think that it will be questioned forever the legitimacy of Kosovo? In the free and unbiased western press - and also I forgot to mention - beacon of democracy and justice Kosovo is legitimate state.
              Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
            • R.Deus-von HomeyerRE:BREAKFAST BY TYFFANY
              20:39, 11/03/2014
              Oooooooooooh,well...I am ALSO waiting since more than ONE year,that my dear neighbour Sabine invites me for breakfast...but uviiiiiiiiii...she does NOT do it!

              Is actually Sergey Akhsyonov invited for a breakfast at Kremlin? NOT JET...NET!
            • Mikhail1228Watch this!
              00:39, 12/03/2014

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