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Russia to Delay Ukraine Bailout Until New Cabinet Is Formed

Topic: Turbulence in Ukraine

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Protesters guarding the enter to Ukrainian ParliamentGathering in central Kiev in memory of those who became victims during anti-government protests
10:18 23/02/2014
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SYDNEY, February 23 (RIA Novosti) – Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov warned Sunday that Moscow would put on hold the planned purchase of Ukrainian eurobonds as part of it financial aid to Kiev until Ukraine formed a new government.

His comments came after Ukraine’s parliament voted Saturday to impeach President Viktor Yanukovych after weeks of protests as opposition parties rushed to consolidate their apparently growing hold on authority in the former Soviet nation.

The purchase of $2 billion Ukrainian eurobonds was to be the second tranche of Russia's $15 billion aid package to its neighbor, agreed between President Vladimir Putin and Yanukovych in December.

“We indeed discussed the purchase of eurobonds last week. But since the situation in Ukraine has changed dramatically, we should understand with what government we will cooperate. We plan to wait until a new government is formed to understand its economic policy,” Siluanov told journalists at the G20 meeting in Sydney.

Russia bought $3 billion worth of Ukrainian bonds in December in a bid to support its neighbor’s economy. Russia also agreed to a 30 percent cut in the natural gas price for Ukraine, which owes Moscow $2.7 billion for gas supplies last year.

The street violence seen in Ukraine’s capital this week is the worst the nation has seen since it gained independence in 1991.

Although the discontent that erupted last year was at first focused on the about-face move on EU ties, rallies took on a more general anti-government quality, calling for the president’s ouster and early elections.

The months-long demonstrations have seen occasional outbursts of violence between radical protesters and police, but the scale of bloodshed of the past few days marked an escalation that provoked international outrage and forced authorities to mediate a negotiated solution to the unrest.

Authorities say around 80 people have died, although opposition parties believe the real number may be much greater.

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RIA NovostiProtesters guarding the enter to Ukrainian ParliamentRussia to Delay Ukraine Bailout Until New Cabinet Is Formed

10:18 23/02/2014 Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov warned Sunday that Moscow would put on hold the planned purchase of Ukrainian eurobonds as part of it financial aid to Kiev until Ukraine formed a new government.>>

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  • mythoslightSince Kiev is under a...
    11:31, 23/02/2014
    ...NATO enforced mob-rule after the coup and the legitimate government is in Kharkov, Send the money there.

    Anyways,you can´t make these things up:

    On the one hand you have the chief Rabbi of Kiev telling all Jews to flee and on the other you have the tribal trio, Nuland, Kagan & Pyatt, all prominent US Jews and rabid Zio-cons who have admitted to have instigated the coup and hired Neo-Nazi´s and whatnot for the cause, to the tune of 5 billion (not Schekels) US tax-dollars, and of course their local tribal mate "Yats" and the Jewess "gas-princess" Tymoshenko, now paraded in Kiev shedding Crocodile tears of joy.

    They ain´t going nowhere and apparently not Nuland either who, true to tribal customs, couldn´t hold herself from bragging about the "Mission accomplished", reportedly on her way to Kiev, expect the "Christian" Zionist McCain any minute too.

    Talk about "anti-semitic conspiracy theories"...
  • bielecConsequences
    13:34, 23/02/2014
    The EU can now buy Ukraine, this was the real goal from the beginning, this was why they supported the Neo-Nazi opposition and the hooligans revolting against their democratically elected President. I bet that "experienced" politicians, whose specialty is box, will now sell Ukraine to the higher bidder. It has happened before in Poland and in other post-color-revolution countries.

    Russia should wait and see what happens. Halting the bailout is one option but it may be replaced by the EU "bailout". However, the EU does not have oil and natural gas that Ukraine needs. And winters are pretty cold in Kiev.
    • mythoslightThe country is effectively divided...
      14:05, 23/02/2014
      ...Kharkov, Odessa and Crimea wont accept the coup and the NATO enforced mob-rule so it´s up to you whom to side with.

      The Anglo-american-zionist axis and their slave-states incl. €U will side with the poor under-developed western part and the Nazi mob and Russia BRICS and the rest of the free world, with the south & east.

      Exactly the scenario NATO didn´t expected since they where in for Odessa and crimea for the ports and harbours and Donbass for sabre-rattling against Russia.

      Hence White house now actually BEGGING Russia to accept the coup and help them to "keep Ukraine united" i.e legitimize another NATO protectorate deliver the rest on a silver platter. Man are these people delusional or are they raving mad? I would go for desperate..
    • Kevas1988WHISTLE Yulia Tymoshenko Back In Action
      12:01, 24/02/2014
      So Interim Govt in Ukraine
      Praises Yulia Tymoshenko
      Why do I feel another cliches again?
      Relax folks
      I have a feeling both
      Govts and Opps in Ukraine
      Wont fully satisfy the public
      It's happening across the globe
    • Mikhail1228The EU and IMF will destroy Ukraine!
      18:08, 25/02/2014
      Read this story!

      Nuland boasted that Washington has spent $5 billion to foment agitation to bring Ukraine into the EU. Once captured by the EU, Ukraine will be “helped” by the West acting through the IMF. Nuland, of course, presented the IMF as Ukraine’s rescuer, not as the iron hand of the West that will squeeze all life out of Ukraine’s struggling economy.

      Nuland’s audience consisted of all the people who will be enriched by the looting and by connections to a Washington-appointed Ukrainian government. Just look at the large Chevron sign next to which Nuland speaks, and you will know what it is all about.

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