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Russia to Tighten ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Internet Rules

Russia to Tighten ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Internet Rules
10:24 15/01/2014
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MOSCOW, January 15 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is set to severely limit online payment systems and oblige websites including the likes of Google and Facebook to store information on users and share it with security services

The measures are part of a raft of new anti-terrorism bills set to be filed in the State Duma on Wednesday by deputies representing all the main parties in the lower house of parliament.

Any website that allows users to post comments will be required to inform the authorities about it and store logs for six months, according to lawmakers behind the proposal.

The logs, which will also have to be kept by Internet service providers, will have to be accessible to security services, Andrei Lugovoi of the nationalist LDPR party said.

The rules will also apply to websites that are based abroad but operate in Russia, Gazeta.ru news website reported.

Another bill will severely limit the use of payment systems that allow anonymous usage, such as the popular Yandex Money, Russia’s answer to PayPal.

Transferring money abroad using such systems will no longer be possible, while domestic usage will be capped at 15,000 rubles ($450) a month, down from the current 40,000 rubles ($1,200).

The bill package also proposes more power to the Federal Security Service (FSB) and stricter punishments for involvement in terrorism.

No review timeframe was immediately available for the package, which was drafted in cooperation with the FSB and other security agencies.

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RIA NovostiRussia to Tighten ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Internet RulesRussia to Tighten ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Internet Rules

10:24 15/01/2014 Russia is set to severely limit online payment systems and oblige websites including the likes of Google and Facebook to store information on users and share it with security services>>

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  • RizaAfghanLOL... What ???
    11:21, 15/01/2014
    What PayPal and Yandex Money has to do with Terrorism?

    It makes no sense at all, The United state of America's security is 100x tighter than Russian Federation but still they put no limit on their Payment systems like PayPal or banks.

    Forcing Yandex Money or PayPal Russia will only damage Russian Federation economy and it will more damage Russian citizens to do business online because of some stupid terrorists fooling around on the internet.

    It's not the answer to put limit on Payment and business activities online, better research more and put a responsbil team to find the terrorists than damaging normal Russian business owners.

    It's complete nonsense to limit payments from 40,000rub to 450$. There should not be any limit in the first place!

    Why put limit on Yandex Money or PayPal? Put limit on Russian banks not to send huge amount of money to Yandex money or PayPal. Allow unlimited deposit to Russian banks but limit outgoing money to a reasonable amount, definitely not 450$ which is a total crap amount. Even a beggar earns more than 450$ in a month in Russia.

    1: Unlimited deposit to Russian banks.
    2: Only put limit on outgoing money to PayPal and Yandex money.

    Limiting deposit money to Russian banks will damage Russian Federation economy and damage lots of honest business owners in Russia. So LDPR should think twice before presenting such a bill. Of course if they are thinking about Russian citizens, not only about their own party to just bring a nonsense bill to pass and degrade Russians life more than ever.

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