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Russia Should Build Lunar Base – Deputy PM

22:55 17/12/2013
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MOSCOW, December 17 (RIA Novosti) – Russia should consider farsighted space projects such as building a manned outpost on the moon, a senior Russian defense official said Tuesday.

“We must formulate practical plans from conceptual projects and fantasies,” said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the defense and space industry.

Rogozin suggested the Russian space agency Roscosmos and the recently launched Future Research Fund (FPI) should work in tandem on developing such projects.

The FPI – patterned on the United States’ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – began distributing grants in April to fund farsighted defense projects. The fund will disburse $70 million this year.

“Many organizations are unfortunately stuck in their busy routines and they have no time to stop and think about new projects,” said Rogozin, who made a similar appeal in September last year for a Russian lunar base to reinvigorate the country’s space aspirations.

On Saturday the 140-kilogram Chinese lunar rover Jade Rabbit made the first soft landing of any probe on the moon in nearly four decades. China is the third nation to achieve a soft lunar landing after the US and the Soviet Union.


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RIA NovostiRussia Should Build Lunar Base – Deputy PM

22:55 17/12/2013 Russia should consider farsighted space projects such as building a manned outpost on the moon, a senior Russian defense official said Tuesday.>>

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  • rationalamericanAnd a manned mission to the nearest solar system by 2015 I'm sure
    07:43, 18/12/2013
    For the current and foreseeable future it is economically and logistically impossible for one nation to attempt lunar colonization. Trying to establish a permanent settlement in a low gravity vacuum is so incredibly problematic and would require the collective scientific might of all the other space-faring nations.

    To say different is nothing but a flight of fantasy.
    • jgPayback
      01:14, 19/12/2013
      Yes - and any project of this nature has to have some payback to make it worthwhile. DARPA projects might sometimes appear rather ambitious but they always have a goal which is perceived to have benefits for the US military.

      If Russia wants to do some really useful stuff in space, they could get the entire GLONASS constellation in orbit and working. They could create an SBAS system that could avoid the need for ILS systems at their airports. They could introduce some low earth orbit satellites to provide Internet in rural areas.
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    • Mikhail1228Russia and China
      23:23, 18/12/2013
      Russia and China could do it if they work together!!

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