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US Senator McCain Heading for Ukraine – Report

Topic: Pro-EU Protests Erupt in Ukraine

US Senator John McCain
01:53 14/12/2013
Tags: John McCain, Viktor Yanukovych, Dmitry Medvedev, United States, Ukraine

WASHINGTON, December 13 (RIA Novosti) – US Senator John McCain will travel to Ukraine over the weekend, a trip that will make him the highest-ranking US official to visit the ex-Soviet republic since protests erupted there last month over Kiev’s move to tighten ties with Moscow, a US website reported Friday.

“Senator McCain is traveling to Ukraine to meet with government officials, opposition leaders and civil society at this critical time as Ukrainians struggle for their future,” McCain spokesman Brian Rogers told The Daily Beast.

McCain, a veteran Republican lawmaker and vociferous Kremlin critic, was set to leave for Kiev on Friday evening and remain in the Ukrainian capital on Saturday and Sunday, according to the report. He will be joined there Sunday by Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, according to The Daily Beast.

Protests in Ukraine, focused in Kiev, have been raging since President Viktor Yanukovych’s government last month pulled out of preparations to sign landmark political and trade deals with the European Union, sparking widespread indignation.

The government said the move was necessary to boost economic ties with neighboring Russia.

In a statement this week, McCain called Ukrainian authorities’ use of force against protesters “appalling” conduct that “violates the most basic universal rights.”

“If Ukraine’s government thinks that brute force and the politics of fear can see it through the current crisis, it is woefully mistaken,” McCain said. “More and more Ukrainians are showing that they are no longer afraid. Those brave men and women should know that they are not alone.”

Russia has repeatedly criticized what it describes as outside interference in the tense standoff between Ukrainian authorities and protesters.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told a news conference in Moscow on Friday that Ukrainian society needs to overcome a “tectonic fault” that threatens “the stability in the country and the very existence of Ukraine as a sovereign state.”

Russia wants “our Ukrainian friends to deal with all their problems on their own, to come to a single consensus decision and to assure that there were no attempts [on behalf of foreign nations] to interfere and to deprive Ukraine of its sovereignty,” Medvedev said.


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RIA NovostiUS Senator John McCainUS Senator McCain Heading for Ukraine – Report

01:53 14/12/2013 US Senator John McCain will travel to Ukraine over the weekend, a trip that will make him the highest-ranking US official to visit the ex-Soviet republic since protests erupted there last month over Kiev’s move to tighten ties with Moscow, a US website reported Friday.>>

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  • gunshipdemocracynew slaves needed for Masta John's plantation?
    02:16, 14/12/2013
    i mean Vietcong-pit-genius is bringing freedom?
  • bielecWhat is his status in Ukraine?
    03:08, 14/12/2013
    He is not an elected Ukrainian politician, he is elected in the U.S.A. and that's where he should stay instead of meddling, pitching the Ukrainians agaist their government and stirring up trouble. What kind of "democracy" is this?
  • freedom guy(no title)
    05:34, 14/12/2013
    mcain is a subhuman troll-- allways trying to start more wars
  • SchulerFMore waste of time from McCain
    11:20, 14/12/2013
    We don't take this clown seriously in USA. And in Ukraine a few might take him seriously, seeing that they are not well-informed. But McCain will not say anything thoughtful or incisive, only mind-numbing slogans. I hope Ukraine keeps him and he never comes back to USA.
    • rationalamericanWe can only hope
      23:04, 14/12/2013
      Perhaps he will make an "I will return" statement like General MacArthur did when he retreated from the Philippines, or something along those lines.
    • mythoslightIt takes a lot of desperation...
      11:50, 14/12/2013
      ..to come out as obvious as this. The US regime want to snatch Ukraine for NATO and have revenge for the bloody nose Russia gave them in Georgia and Syria. Boots on the ground indeed and there is no question, who´s calling the shot´s and running the professional mob here, straight from the NED revolutionary playbook, al right but 20 years and a number of failed and rolled-back colour coded revolutions later. War-hawk Nuland and the senile cold-war fossile McCain, just home from a visit to his favourite head-chopping cannibals in Syria. It will fail again, miserably.
    • mishkaA warrior piece keeper.
      14:24, 14/12/2013
      What a world we live in? How can some people be so stupid?! This guy prouds on how much people he killed in Vietnam as saying I was a hero in the war. Does he mean he became a hero in Vietnam by saving many lives or by killing many innocent people including civilians. Even this fact is enough to understand the reality for Ukrainians actually. What is going on their counrty. Which kind of games they are being used in.

      The duty of to protect human rights, freedoms and democracy is given to a warrior. It is like to leave sheeps to a wolf to care about.

      Wake up Ukrainians somebody considers you as very stupid or betraying nation asking for your acceptance to be used.
    • arsanlupinWow - so much bile!
      20:09, 14/12/2013
      I wonder if the same righteous indignation would be voiced if a member of Russia's Duma were to make exactly the same trip to Ukraine for exactly the same reasons?

      No, I didn't think so.

      And regarding McCain's war record - do Russian Afghanistan veterans in the Duma get the same trash-talk about baby-killing as Vietnam veterans?

      No, I didn't think so.

      At least the USA didn't use bombs disguised as dolls and toy trucks in Vietnam (or anywhere else) like the Soviet Union used thousands of in Afghanistan.
      • mishkaYou must only apologize for all as an American citizen.
        22:26, 14/12/2013
        Arsenlupin it is not a shame not to know but it is not to learn. I advice you to make a basic search about history of Russia. Let me help you to start by sending this link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kievan_Rus%27

        You will see that the roots of Russian empire were in Kiev 1200 years ago. It is normal today Ukraine has strong links and deep bileteral relations with Russia. In fact they have the same ethnic roots and have had deep, complex relations in eocnomic, political, social and scientific fields. Just like your country USA and U.K. And like USA and UK behave almost paralel always move together in the same way and support each other. Even their all wars and battles have been together. England is like one of the states of USA today. I would like to remind you that the territory of Ukraine has been a part f Russian empire for centuries. And it was not a place Soviet Union invated. Millions of Russians died during the WW2 to protect the territory. Study also "Kiev battle."

        Today's Ukraine more than half of its citizens DONT KNOW UKRAINIAN. They mostly speak Russian and they even dont attempt to learn Ukrainian language. Do you know ay Ukrainia personally? Do you knwo daily life there? They use Russian products, watch Russian movies and TV programs. Even kids in Ukrainian schools study with books in Russian language. You can not believe me but they continue to effort to translate their constitution into Ukrainian language from Russian for 20 years. There is nobody has so good command of own language to find a exactly correct match to the phrases existed in Russian. Which nation are you talk about? Which tale are they telling to me Ukrainian natioanalists? They use Russian web sites more than domestic ones. They use Russian railway company, they use Russian post service more.

        Now I hope you understood the difference between an American citizen and Russian to be engaged with the Ukrainian problem, to interfere it.

        Let us speak about war crimes. Could not you still understand whome with Soviet Union fought in Afghanistan? Now you are doing the same fight but you consider you are right. Typical American insolence you are doing to criticize Soviet Union while your army IS IN THERE ALREADY AS AN ACCUPATION FORCE. Soviet Union was fighting with Al Queida -so called then mujahids- to save the humankind. BEcause of your non ethic support, because of your Stinger missiles S.U. lost. Or do you still use those wild, radical criminal gangs to behead people in Syria? Do they still work for USA? It is a proven truth that US army used chemical weapons in Vietnam. Those inhuman weapons destroyed forrests, agricultural fields, clean water sources. Your soldiers killed directly millions of poeple including children and women in those villages by using Napalm bombs. And then years later innocent people continued to die by those chemical weapons you used because of a terrible pollution in food and water sources. Birth anomalies increased over 1000% after the war. You are used to do these also from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

        And they were awarded and given medal and annouced as HEROS to those commited such war crimes like this guy when they turned back to USA.
        Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
        • rationalamericanWhile I am no fan of Senator McCain
          22:58, 14/12/2013
          And his war-hawk General Patton like personality, there is a lot of "Pot calling the kettle black" happening in the comments section. Russia did some messed up things in Afghanistan back in the day, don't forget that and don't act like Russia is a spotless apple. Every country has parts of its history that it isn't proud of nor should it forget them so they may not happen ever again.
        • Mikhail1228Meddling
          17:15, 16/12/2013
          This retard John McCain was elected to serve the people of Arizona, not Kiev. This is interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. How would the USA have liked Russian Duma members standing in the streets of the US supporting and egging on the Occupy Protesters? There would have been high level talks to get them out for sure. McCain has some screws lose!!!
          • arsanlupinI also am no fan of Senator McCain …
            08:33, 17/12/2013
            … but I can see what is truth and what is manure – and the manure is getting awfully deep on this page! As usual, Mikey has a pretty big shovel to throw it with!

            No Russian government member has ever attempted to communicate with the American people directly, so we will never know. However, I assure you that if and when any of them grow the stones to do so, the results will be interesting – to say the least! It is certain that they would be allowed to speak. It is equally certain that their audiences would be even more skeptical of their message than the Russian people already proved they are. The Russian people already know their government is out for nothing but to rob them blind – that’s why so many of them are desperate to leave Russia! Just like Mikey’s family did …

            The members of Russian politics are all tainted with the stench of corruption so pandemic it’s distorted the economy. The national economy is barely able to function, even with the vast income of energy exports, because almost all of it is sucked into Putin’s bank accounts. And in the mean time the country continues to rot away from pollution, neglect, and apathy.

            I know – I was there!
            Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
          • Mikhail1228If the EU is so great why.....
            17:18, 16/12/2013
            If the EU is so great, why does Turkey a NATO nation now desire to be in the SCO?

            • arsanlupinIt isn’t about Turkey rejecting the EU; it’s about the EU rejecting Turkey!
              08:18, 17/12/2013
              Turkey has been trying to join the European Union for more than a half-century, but they were never able (or willing) to meet the qualifications. This included their occupation of half of Cyprus, deemed illegal by the EU. Rampant corruption at every level of government, irresponsible and unsustainable levels of spending and debt, and persistent human trafficking continue to render them unfit to join the EU.

              Apparently they figured they are better off joining other countries who don’t care about rampant corruption, egregious human right abuses, authoritarian governments who treat their people like manure, or irresponsible economies – like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Nobody in that group gives a damn about morals, ethics, honesty, or justice. They exist only to continue to rape their citizens and fatten their own off-shore bank accounts.

              How else do you think Vladimir Putin earned the #1 spot in the Forbes article describing the most wealthy heads of state in the world? He amassed a $40 BILLION fortune by screwing his countrymen all his life – and he’s manipulated the Russian constitution so that he can continue to bleed his country white, while most of his countrymen live on the ragged edge of starvation.

              I know – I was there!
            • Mikhail1228True interference!
              22:27, 18/12/2013
              It would have been fascinating to see how America would have reacted if one of Russian State Duma deputies or Alexei Pushkov, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, visited the US during the Occupy Movement protests a couple of years ago and encouraged the protestors to overthrow the American government. It is likely that the so-called international community would have once again criticized Russia and Putin for interfering in international issues and meddling in other nation's internal problems. And yet when McCain in Kiev calls for the protestors to keep fighting against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, the world stays silent.

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