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No-Fly Zone in Syria Would Break International Law - Lavrov

15:16 15/06/2013
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MOSCOW, June 15 (RIA Novosti) – The creation of a no-fly zone in war-torn Syria would contravene international law, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday, amid media speculation that the US plans to do just that.

“You don’t have to be a great expert to realize that this will be a violation of international law. We hope our American colleagues will direct all their practical activity into implementing a joint US-Russian initiative to convene a conference devoted to improving the situation in Syria,” Lavrov said after meeting with his Italian counterpart.

Media reports on Friday cited unidentified Western diplomats as saying that the US, which said this week that it would provide military support to the Syrian opposition, was considering establishing a no-fly zone in Syria. US fighter jets and anti-aircraft missiles were sent to Syria's neighbor Jordan earlier this month for military exercises.

The US said this week that it had clear evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government had used chemical weapons against the rebels. The claim was supported by Britain, but dismissed as “unconvincing” on Friday by Russia, which is widely viewed as an ally of Syria and has vetoed several Western-backed UN Security Council resolutions aimed to pressure Assad into ending the use of force. Lavrov, who said Friday that the US decision to arm the rebels could lead to the further escalation of violence in the country, repeated Russia’s doubt over the chemical weapons claim on Saturday, saying it made no sense for the government to have used chemical warfare when it is gaining ground against the rebels.

“Our Western partners told us [earlier], yes, it’s probably not in the interests of the regime, but if it finds itself against the wall, then it could, out of desperation, use these weapons as a last resort. Right now the regime is not against the wall; the regime, as the opposition itself is saying, is seeing military success on the ground. Why would the regime use chemical weapons, especially in such small quantities [as is being claimed]? Just to expose itself? From a military point of view, it makes no sense,” Lavrov said.

Syria's government denies having used chemical weapons and has in turn accused the rebels themselves of the same crime.

Last month, Russia and the US agreed to set up an international conference with the aim of ending the two-year conflict in Syria through dialogue between the two sides, but so far, no date or list of participants has been confirmed.


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RIA NovostiNo-Fly Zone in Syria Would Break International Law - Lavrov

15:16 15/06/2013 The creation of a no-fly zone in war-torn Syria would contravene international law, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday, amid media speculation that the US plans to do just that.>>

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  • tec123Does Mr. Lavrov thinks the West cares a damn what he thinks when it comes to their interest? Who will bring them to justice when they themselves created the very organizations that suppose to up hold International law?
    18:44, 15/06/2013
    Well all taught somewhere along the lines Russia may capitulate in the face of Western pressure for Russia is still to prove to everyone moreover themselves that they can stand up and protect their interest, and this is where the West keeps outfoxing Russia day after day because Russia keep inviting criticism on Syria, besides send arms which is legal under international law there is still much more to be done for Russia to show they mean business when it comes to protecting their interest.
    Now what is the US president is going to tell Putin if you don’t go along with us we will attack Syria and flip them according to one US senator and you Putin cannot do a thing about it because it would mean war between us. The truth is even if Putin goes along Russia will lose it base, if they don’t defend it they will lose it so what is next?
    Russia had a right to defend Syria air space and sea lanes thereby preventing any attempt to create a no fly zone or sea blockade by take a proactive approach and lead from front instead of jumping to defend if they had done this then it would have been much harder for the West to even speak publicly about no fly zone and blockade.
    This is Russia paradox one foot in one foot out and their genitals swinging between indecisions.
    Do we have any faith that Russia can stand up and protect it allies and interest this burning question is still left unanswered because of Russia’s lack of assertiveness on the International arena?

    Keep talking Russia and see what winning award you will have when your interest has vanish before your eyes.
    • robinno-fly zone
      01:26, 16/06/2013
      I agree fully with your comment! Russia must help the Syria government to defeat the USA no-fly zone.
    • ruypenalvaIt's just the time
      19:38, 15/06/2013
      It's just the time to send the S-300 to avoid such no fly zone.
    • rochefortfrancoisHeading
      23:27, 15/06/2013
      The ones wo wins write the law and history. Kill the beast when it is bleeding.
    • rochefortfrancoisHeading
      23:29, 15/06/2013
      Too late, CF-18 jet fighters are exercising over Montreal. Last time this happened, they attacked Libya right after.
    • robin(no title)
      01:16, 16/06/2013
      Why Lavrov keeps saying that the USA will brake International law if a no-fly zone is implemented, when the USA has broken many international laws at will

      What russia will do if the USA goes with the no-fly zone? Will Russia continue ignoring the real issue and intentions of the USA?
      • tec123This is the burning question and many countries are just watching what Russia will do just sit and watch their interest go down the drain yet again and why because of indecisions on protecting their allies and interest. Russia only friend is its military but it looks like they are glued to their barracks.
        10:59, 16/06/2013
        Russia has a lot to lose international and locally not to mention the possibility of other CTSO members rushing to join NATO because Russia all they do is talk in fact this Russian lead military block may even break up because there is no leadership in the face of treats to Russia interest and if Russia cannot even protect its interest what is the use our country is in this block lead by Russia how can they protect us?
        If Moscow thinks they can cut a deal that would allowed them to keep their base and interest they are mistaken very mistaken because they are 100% sure to be back stabbed. Just look at the Iran S-300 issue, they Russia went along and what in the end they got stabbed in the back for the millionth time and never seem to learn their lesson. They Russians are still deliberating if to send the S-3300 to Syria whiles the US is building up their forces near by installing missiles in other country by the time Russia knows what hit them, they have been truly out fox yet again beaten at their own game of Diplomacy.
        So can we say that Russia is look for a face-saving formula that will guarantee it some kind of role in Syria, without allowing its regional prestige being dragged down which of course we all know they will be double cross in the end? Russia’s cannot blame anyone they love to be treated as they are been treated with scant curtsey.
        This is where the West shows leadership be it a frailer in the end or positive in the end they go the distance and hold one head Russia is yet to show such will power.

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