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Latvia May Ban Soviet Symbols

Latvia May Ban Soviet Symbols
17:43 12/04/2013
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RIGA, April 12 (RIA Novosti) – Latvia’s former justice minister added his voice on Friday to calls to ban the display of both Soviet and Nazi symbols in the Baltic country.

“I see no difference between the crimes committed under totalitarian communism and Nazism,” said Gaidis Berzins, who left his post last summer but remains a parliamentary deputy. “Is it acceptable to wear German Nazi medals?” he said in regard to the idea of banning World War II veterans from wearing Soviet medals.

Latvia’s parliament approved in its first reading earlier this week a law that would forbid the public display of both Soviet and Nazi symbols. The law is expected to be passed before May 9, when Russians commemorate the end of World War II.

Latvia’s official position is that it was occupied by the USSR from 1940 through 1991. Russia, as a successor to the USSR, does not recognize the occupation.

Russia has long been at odds with the Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, as well as Poland, over what it sees as attempts to rewrite the history of World War II and diminish the Soviet role in the defeat of Nazi Germany.

While Russia maintains that the Red Army liberated the Baltic States from German invaders, many residents of the republics put the two occupations on a par, citing mass Stalin-era deportations and murders of the local population by Soviet secret police.

Latvia is still home to a significant proportion of Russians, estimated at about a quarter of the population. Many of them celebrate Victory Day on May 9.

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RIA NovostiLatvia May Ban Soviet SymbolsLatvia May Ban Soviet Symbols

17:43 12/04/2013 Latvia’s former justice minister added his voice on Friday to calls to ban the display of both Soviet and Nazi symbols in the Baltic country.>>

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  • jg(no title)
    18:14, 12/04/2013
    Get Gazprom to put a hammer and sickle logo or some other suitable Soviet memorabilia on the next gas contract with Latvia.

    When questioned about their collaboration with the Nazis and membership of the SS, the official Latvian line is that they were victims of the Nazis. However, when these old Nazis are on parade in front of their freedom monument in Riga, they show no signs of having been victims nor any shame in their part in sending thousands of Latvian Jews to their deaths.
  • Mikhail1228Too bad
    19:25, 12/04/2013
    Too bad Latvia won't outlaw the Nazi Swastika!
    • mrgenieOutlaw the Nazi Swastika?
      20:07, 12/04/2013
      Why would anyone outlaw a Hindi symbol which has nothing to do with the Nazis but just being abused by the Nazis? Or do you want to forbid VW, Mercedes, BWM etc in Russia just because it was abused by the Nazis?
      Think before you speak!
    • mrgenieDumb action
      20:09, 12/04/2013
      There's nothing wrong with the communists as people. Just some abused the ideology. That doesn't make the ideology bad as well! Because someone goes mad, doesn't mean they all go mad. And if we start digging in History, we must forbid all national flags and all national symbols of all countries worldwide. That's a shame since some symbols are really beautiful, even if they were abused by idiots!

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