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Russia Concerned by Reports of Israeli Air Strike on Syria

Topic: Protests in Syria

Russia 'Concerned' Over Israeli Air Strike in Syria
10:48 31/01/2013
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MOSCOW, January 31 (RIA Novosti) – Moscow is “deeply concerned” over reports of Israeli air strikes on Syrian territory on Wednesday and is seeking confirmation of what could be a serious violation of the UN charter, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Moscow said it is looking into reports that Israeli fighter jets carried out an air strike on a military research center near Damascus on Wednesday.

If the reports of “unprovoked strikes” hitting a sovereign country’s territory are confirmed, this would constitute a violation of fundamental United Nations principles, the Foreign Ministry said.

Such attacks are ”unacceptable, no matter where their motivations lie,” the Foreign Ministry added.

Syrian state media, citing the army’s general command, said the strikes killed at least two people. Western media reports said Israeli jets had bombed a convoy allegedly carrying weapons destined for the Shia militant group Hezbollah, which has previously fired rockets into Israel from Lebanon.

The Associated Press quoted an anonymous US official saying the convoy was carrying Russian-made Buk M-2 (NATO: SA-17) anti-aircraft missiles.

In March 2012, Israel’s Haaretz daily reported Syria had supplied Hezbollah with advanced Russian-made anti-aircraft missile systems and was training operators how to use them, in a move which could threaten Israeli air supremacy in the region.

In 2007, Israel carried out another air raid on Syria, hitting what it said was intended to be a nuclear reactor site. It also destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor in a bombing raid in 1981.

Israel has not officially commented on the reported incident. Earlier this week, Israeli officials voiced alarm over Syrian chemical or biological weapons possibly falling into the hands of Hezbollah or other militant groups which might use them against Israel.

The Russia Foreign Ministry also called on for peaceful dialogue without foreign influence in Syria, where over 60,000 have died according to the UN in almost two years of civil war.


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RIA NovostiRussia 'Concerned' Over Israeli Air Strike in SyriaRussia Concerned by Reports of Israeli Air Strike on Syria

10:48 31/01/2013 Moscow is “deeply concerned” over reports of Israeli air strikes on Syrian territory on Wednesday and is seeking confirmation of what could be a serious violation of the UN charter, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.>>

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  • Veselko3Not very helpfull !
    11:28, 31/01/2013
    The advanced Russian-made anti-aircraft missile systems was not able to defend the Syrian territory from a Israeli air strikes !
    That's a little bit disappointing !Just Just imagine a
    • nobodysnippet
      14:48, 31/01/2013
      ‘Israeli airstrike intended to stop Syrian scientific military research’
      Published: 31 January, 2013, 11:38

      h ttp://rt.com/news/israel-airstrike-syria-destabilization-131/comments/
      “It finally makes sense because the rebels or as they like to call themselves the revolutionaries, they have been attacking air defense bases near Damascus for the past seven months,” Dr. Mohamad said. “They’ve managed to attack the S-200 base and over four other surface-to-air missile bases. Now this followed by an airstrike from Israel. So it all adds up, it makes sense. It only shows that Israel has a great interest in the instability in Syria and that it is being helped by groups of armed rebels in Syria.”
    • moistSince the Syrian "opposition" in a show of weakness...
      12:10, 31/01/2013
      ...declared their readiness to start peace talks without the condition of Assad step-down, this was entirely predictable and undoubtedly foreseen by the Russian Admirals holding their biggest ever war-game with an impressive amount of fire-power just outside Syria.

      The prospect of any kind of peace-settlement in the region would inevitably re-group the spotlights on the Jewish pariah enclave as such and must be avoided at any cost, even ww3.

      That said, the Syrian wisely didn´t respond even, as the shooting down of a Turkish fighter jet shows, it have all possible and modern Russian made state-of-the-art means to do so. By so doing, it is now clear to anyone who´s leading the aggression against Syria.
      • jgA slight correction
        00:39, 02/02/2013
        "That said, the Syrian wisely didn´t respond even, as the shooting down of a Turkish fighter jet shows, it have all possible and modern Russian made state-of-the-art means to do so."

        The Syrians shot down an old unarmed reconnaissance aircraft - an F4 Phantom, designed in the 1950s. So, this might not be such conclusive proof of Syria's modern air defence capabilities.
      • Iranian ExpatRussia Involved?
        13:14, 31/01/2013
        Only two scenarios are plausible, and only two.

        1- Russia knew about the Israeli strike and consented because the price was right.

        2-Russian air defense is worthless.

        If scenario 2 is the fact then good thing Russia back stabbed Iran and didn't deliver the S-300s.

        This is the second time the feral inbreeds have gotten past Syria's air defense.

        A couple of Israeli planes burning on the ground would bring smiles to 6 billion human beings, but with air defense like this Israel might as well send biplanes to throw bombs out of the cockpit.

        We all know there is absolutely no ramification for whatever Israel does so this is just the beginning.
        • jpeditorthe jihadi filth here are copulating w/ their kgb homosexual friends
          03:08, 01/02/2013
          Ask yourself which makes more sense:

          An arab middle east that looks and succeeds like Israel, or the reverse?

          Why is it everywhere a muslim mates with a russian, the land turns to turds?
          • jgRe: Russia Involved?
            00:59, 02/02/2013
            There is another scenario: Russian air defense equipment is not worthless but is ineffectual in the wrong hands. There is a difference between owning some sophisticated equipment and actually using it effectively.
          • bielecFollow up is necessary
            13:55, 31/01/2013
            1. All independent countries must immediately impose serious sanctions on Israel.

            2. All independent countries, possibly led by Russia and/or China must bring this incident to the International Criminal Court and/or the International Court of Justice.

            If these measures are not taken, it will mean that Russia and other "independent" countries are in it all together and all covertly support the globalisation agenda. >>> Perhaps deliberately inciting global public opinion in preparation for WW3, reduction of the Earth's human population, and one world government.

            Personally, I have no objection to one world government - but not one world government by greedy leeches and war criminals. This we have to prevent at all cost.
          • bielecmoist is right
            14:16, 31/01/2013
            PressTV has just reported that Israel is deploying forces on Syria's border.

            After rejecting peace talks for a long time, Syrian "opposition" is now ready to talk to Assad's government. This proves that they are losing confrontation on the ground with government forces.

            This also explains why Israel is becoming directly involved. It can no longer count on the rebels to do the dirty job, so it has taken on provoking direct military confrontation with Syria. Beware of false flag operations - Israel's specialty.

            Yes, "it is now clear to anyone who´s leading the aggression against Syria" or in whose interest it is being conducted.
            • jgSyrian conflict probably not in Israel's interest
              01:10, 02/02/2013
              Your analysis may be flawed: although Israel has never been friendly with the Assad regime, a civil war in Syria is not in Israel's interests. Israel probably does not care how the Syrian government treat their own citizens and when it comes to the management of Syria's chemical and biological weapons, Israel would likely prefer the relative stability of the Assad regime to the uncertainty of the current civil war.

              Reports suggest that Iran has taken advantage of the conflict to place some military forces into Syria, which would help the resupply of Hezbollah.
            • moistEven if the Syrians...
              11:02, 02/02/2013
              ..ever WANTED to go gung ho tit-for-tat on the spoiled brat, the Russians undoubtedly would say нет. It´s not a matter of the defences, both BUK and S-300 can shoot down any hostile aircraft from that altitude. However the Syrians are experts in retaliation by other means as "operation Volcano" and the sudden death by Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud shows:

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