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Russia Confirms Existence of 'Guantanamo List' Against US

Foreign Ministry's Deputy Head Sergei Ryabkov
19:58 18/01/2013
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MOSCOW, January 18 (RIA Novosti) - Russia confirmed on Friday the existence of its "Guantanamo List," which it said was a retaliatory measure for the US Congress' passage of the Magnitsky Act.

"In our relations with the United States, we have so-called ‘blacklists.’ The makeup of these lists, as well as the criteria on which they are based, is not a matter of general discussion," the Foreign Ministry's Deputy Head Sergei Ryabkov said. "As for the 'Guantanamo List,' some information that is now publicly available is not far from the truth. The contents of these lists may change with time," he added.

Russia had previously blacklisted only 11 Americans. Visa restrictions had been put in place on those Americans who had violated the human rights of Russian citizens in the United States and in zones under American jurisdiction (such as Guantanamo Bay, Cuba). Duma Foreign Affairs Committee representative Alexei Pushkov told Russian media on Friday that the list had been extended to include 60 people.

Ryabkov said Russia had determined several occasions on which "the US government and legal establishments had raced to unjustifiable conclusions, extending US jurisdiction to the territory of third states," and also violated human rights, including those of Russian citizens in the United States.

"This cannot be left without a response. One of the forms of this response is the restriction of entry to Russia for those people who participate in these violations," he said.

Russia had been forced to retaliate with symmetrical measures, Ryabkov said. "An answer with symmetrical measures is not our choice," he said. "We simply have to act in such a way. But responsibility for this lies with the United States," he added.

The US government passed the Magnitsky Act in December of last year, introducing a blacklist of Russian officials allegedly linked to the death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky at a Russian prison in 2009. Russia immediately promised to retaliate for the measure.


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RIA NovostiForeign Ministry's Deputy Head Sergei RyabkovRussia Confirms Existence of 'Guantanamo List' Against US

19:58 18/01/2013 Russia confirmed on Friday the existence of its "Guantanamo List," which it said was a retaliatory measure for the US Congress' passage of the Magnitsky Act.>>

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  • MattMarriottTalk of Guantanamo: Lance Armstrong, both greatest cyclist ever and End Times Paradox (1a), in a ritually staged TV "confession" of the Guantanamo type, with illuminati icon Oprah Winfrey playing judge
    00:53, 19/01/2013
    Ritual public execution of Lance Armstrong
    Execution of Lance Armstrong and Terror State
    Greatest cyclist ever, falsely accused, stripped and finally forced to "confess" what he did not do.
    Reminder: execution of sports champions aren't only used to propagate the lie "drugs enhance performance of natural sports" and to destroy natural sports.
    They also advance the transition to the terror state:
    - "confessions" and "delation" under torture;
    - have the human cattle accept no right to self-defense to whoever is accused, beginning with false accusations.

    The transition to the terror state was completed years ago in the USA / EU, starting with
    - constitution violated almost at will, best illustrated 1999 with the military attack to sovereign countries, starting with Serbia;
    - media TOTALLY controlled, starting with ANYONE talking politics on TV, which obvioulsy includes any member of "congress / parliament", ALL illuminati members;
    - right to self-defense, starting with the right to present their version in the mass media, is denied to illuminati public enemies accused of "crimes";
    - almost EVERY individual posing a major threat is executed.
    This is why we never saw:
    - a debate or even an interview having Lance Armstrong defend himself;
    - any journalist defend Lance Armstrong with real arguments. The best straw argument used by the "defense" was: "after all they all doped".

    Execution of Lance Armstrong and detonation of fake suicide bomber "Obama"
    Script was explained by Last Prophet long before 2009, when its timing was exactly precised.
    Last act of Lance Armstrong's execution takes place shortly before the Illuminati actor "Obama" fake detonates, repeating the accused, stripped and executed acts.
    Make no mistake: the "confessions" of "Obama" will also start with Oprah Winfrey in the role of judge.
    Theater on Execution of "Obama" includes sentenced to "death" and "hanged".
    • jgLance Armstrong...
      15:01, 21/01/2013
      is a proven cheat and a nasty bully. He and his clique have ruined the careers and lives of several people who spoke out against him or even, simply refused to lie for him. He should not have been given airtime for his self absorbed confession in which he is attempting to re-enter the sport which he has brought into disrepute. I hope he is now sued into poverty by those whose reputations were wrongly tarnished by him and his gang.
    • jgGuantanamo List vs. Magnitsky List
      15:03, 21/01/2013
      At least this makes more sense as a retaliatory measure than penalising Russian orphans.
    • alexk2Pathetic
      01:27, 22/01/2013
      This is simply laughable, there are no diplomatic or economic measures that Russia can undertake to retaliate.

      Russia these days borders on near-irrelevance, mostly due to its own wimpish foreign policy, but also because it lacks any genuine economic and diplomatic influence.

      I bet the Americans had a good laugh over the "Guantanamo List".

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