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Putin: 'No Reason Not to Sign' US Adoption Ban

Topic: US Adoption Ban

Putin: 'No Reason Not to Sign' US Adoption Ban
18:23 27/12/2012
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MOSCOW, December 27 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he plans to sign into law a controversial bill banning US nationals from adopting Russian children.

“I already received this draft law today from the Federation Council. I have not seen any reason why I should not sign it, although I have to consider the final version and think everything over,” Putin said at a meeting of the State Council, a presidential advisory body.

The president said he also intends to sign a decree to provide support to orphans and children in Russia with serious health conditions.

Putin also said that the US authorities have not provided access for inspectors to check on the condition of adopted children.

“There are probably many places in the world where the living standards are better than ours. Will we send all children there?” Putin asked rhetorically. “Will we also move there?”

Should Putin sign the bill, the law will come into force on January 1, 2013, halting the adoption of 46 Russian children by US families whose cases are currently being processed, Russia’s ombudsman for child rights, Pavel Astakhov, said on Wednesday.

A number of Russian ministers, including Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, have criticized the bill, which was approved by the State Duma - the lower house of parliament - on December 21 and by the Federation Council - the upper house - on Wednesday.

The proposed ban is part of Russia’s response to the US Magnitsky Act, which was signed into law by US President Barack Obama earlier this month. The act introduces sanctions against Russian officials suspected of human rights abuses and is named after Sergei Magnitsky, a whistleblowing lawyer who died in a Moscow pre-trial detention center in 2009.

The adoption ban under consideration in Moscow is named after a two-year-old Russian boy, Dima Yakovlev, who died in 2008 in the US after being left in a car in hot weather by his adoptive father. The father was later acquitted of manslaughter.

Yakovlev was one of 19 Russian children to have died at the hands of their US adoptive parents since 1999, according to Russian officials. Some 45,000 Russian children have been adopted by US citizens in that time, according to the US State Department.

The Russian public has been largely supportive of the bill, with 56 percent of respondents in an opinion poll conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) saying they backed a ban on US nationals adopting Russian children.

But opponents of the bill accuse MPs of using orphans as political pawns, and the opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta has collected over 100,000 signatures in an online petition against the ban. The head of the Kremlin's council on human rights said last week that he supported the ban, but also called for a reform of the adoption system to allow Russians to more easily adopt Russian children.

Experts have said the bill, if adopted, would harm Russia’s international image.

While the adoption ban is the most controversial aspect of the proposed legislation, the bill puts forward other retaliatory measures as well, such as banning alleged US abusers of Russian citizens’ rights from entering Russia and freezing any assets they may have there.


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RIA NovostiPutin: 'No Reason Not to Sign' US Adoption Ban Putin: 'No Reason Not to Sign' US Adoption Ban

18:23 27/12/2012 Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he plans to sign into law a controversial bill banning US nationals from adopting Russian children.>>

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  • ruypenalvaThis should be combined
    21:19, 27/12/2012
    This ban should be combined with social measures addressing theses orphans. There are place better to live than USA where firearms are marketed freely.
  • rochefortfrancoisanyway...
    00:59, 28/12/2012
    ...US only need those kids to create the next color revolution in Russia in about 20 years from now or only god knows.
  • bielecTrue
    01:16, 28/12/2012
    Americans push their stinking noses in internal matters of other nations all the time. They somehow feel that they are entitled to dictate to others what to do and what not to do.

    They started this round of political blows by meddling in Russian elections and trying to incite a public unrest. In response, Russia introduced the NGO - Foreign Agent act. Then, the U.S. implemented the Magnitsky act. Now, we have the adoption restriction bill that is perfectly justified by the incident of abuse and neglect of a Russian boy adopted by American parents.

    Will somebody finally tell the Americans to go home and mind their own business?
  • jgThis will really hurt the Americans
    06:21, 28/12/2012
    We won't let those nasty Americans look after all our children that we don't care about and have left to rot in under-funded orphanages.
  • bielecEducation
    10:55, 28/12/2012
    Why to send Russian kids to the U.S. where media became a propaganda tool and the education system has been so downgraded that it produces robots unable to think independently? These kids are better off in Russian orphanages than in this paradise of hypocrisy where the elites and governments deliberately engage in dumbing down of the nation.

    jg, don't write "we" - you are not Russian, that's evident from your post.
    • arsanlupinI agree Completely!!!
      05:07, 30/12/2012
      Leave all those children in Russian Orphanages and Russian foster families – where they are dying at a rate 65 times as much as they have been in the USA. Why send 70,000 Russian orphans to America, where 19 of them died (none by firearms)? Keep them in Russia, where 1220 died in the same time period! Nothing but the best for Russia’s children! It will better prepare them for adulthood, where all of the military recruits are used as slave labor for their commanding officers’ profit, where their seniors mercilessly haze and beat and brutalize them, killing more than 10,000 every year. It will also better prepare them for a life in a country where the median lifespan for men is less than 60 years old.

      My God - your blind hatred (accent on the “blind”) would have you condemn thousands of Russian children to a life of suffering and abuse and premature death, simply to annoy the people of another country! What kind of mental disease ails you, to make you so subhuman? I’ll bet you’ve never even set foot in the former Soviet Union – no REAL Russian would be so deranged as you are. You are one very sick mother …

      You look for an excuse from outside because you cannot admit the Russian government is so corrupt it’s distorting the country’s economy. You cannot admit that REAL Russians (which leaves you out) would protest something their government did. You cannot admit that REAL Russians have enough brains to know when they are being treated like trash by their own government. . You cannot admit that REAL Russians would DARE to voice their opposition to election fraud so rampant that Youtube needed 5 new servers to hold all the “candid camera” videos of the cheating! You are deluding only yourself – because REAL Russians know the truth.

      You also cannot admit that someone else might be right – that Russia’s orphanages really are chronically under-funded. That’s because you never saw one. I’ve seen one – because I was there.

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