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White House Urged to Punish Russians Backing US Adoption Ban

Topic: US Adoption Ban

White House Urged to Punish Russians Backing US Adoption Ban
21:06 24/12/2012
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WASHINGTON, December 24 (RIA Novosti) The White House has been flooded with tens of thousands of requests to blacklist Russian officials supporting a ban on US adoptions of Russian children amid an escalating diplomatic feud.

A petition asking the White House to slap sanctions on Russian legislators who vote for the adoption ban - which was approved by Russia’s lower house of parliament last week - had collected more than 52,000 signatures as of Monday morning.

The petition calls for the lawmakers to be punished in accordance with the Magnitsky Act, a newly enacted US law that denies visas to Russian officials deemed by Washington to be complicit in human rights abuses and freezes their American assets.

“We …are outraged with the actions of Russian lawmakers, who breached all imaginable boundaries of humanity, responsibility, or common sense and chose to jeopardize lives and well-being of thousands of Russian orphans,” reads the petition, which was launched last Friday.

A similarly worded second petition asking that the Magnitsky Act sanctions be extended to Russian lawmakers supporting the ban had collected more than 8,000 signatures as of Monday morning.

The adoption ban is part of a broader bill that targets US officials accused of violating Russian citizens’ rights. The legislation is Moscow’s response to the Magnitsky Act, which Russia has called a hypocritical attempt by the United States to meddle in its internal affairs.

The Federation Council, Russia’s upper house of parliament, is set to consider the bill Wednesday. If passed there, it will be sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin for final consideration.

The call to punish Russian officials backing the adoption ban was submitted as a “We the People” petition, a White House initiative that allows people to request the US president to take action on just about any issue imaginable.

The petitions are not legally binding, though the White House has promised to respond to any petition that gathers 25,000 signatures within 30 days—a threshold that the petition to punish Russian lawmakers has already crossed.

The petition has already caught the attention of lawmakers in Moscow, who warned that imposing Magnitsky Act sanctions on the parliamentarians could ratchet up the diplomatic row even further.

“If they set limits to the entry of the State Duma or the Federation Council members, the counter measure will be banning the Congress members from entering Russia,” said Dmitry Vyatkin, deputy head of the constitution and state affairs committee in the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament.

While many of the White House petitions are often frivolous and ridiculous—such as a radio disc jockey’s demand that US President Barack Obama “immediately nationalize the Twinkie industry”—others have had actual impact on policy.

A petition submitted in September gathered more than 30,000 signatures and led in part to a White House policy proposal that cracks down on puppy mills.

On Friday, Obama delivered a video response to a petition calling for stricter gun control laws in the United States following the horrific mass shooting in a Connecticut elementary school this month.

A petition submitted Sunday asks the Obama administration to punish Putin under the Magnitsky Act should the Russian president sign Moscow’s retaliatory bill into law. That petition had collected more than 10,000 signatures as of Monday morning.


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RIA NovostiWhite House Urged to Punish Russians Backing US Adoption Ban        White House Urged to Punish Russians Backing US Adoption Ban

21:06 24/12/2012 The White House has been flooded with tens of thousands of requests to blacklist Russian officials supporting a ban on US adoptions of Russian children amid an escalating diplomatic feud.>>

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  • ruypenalvaIt is a shame
    21:37, 24/12/2012
    It is a shame that like a poor underdeveloped third world country Russia needs to send its orphan to live in America. It is not enough to have sold Alaska to Uncle Sam?
    • Michael Johnathen@ruypenalva
      21:08, 25/12/2012
      Americans myself being one of them know we can't even take care of our own children who don't have parents or homeless childern that are living on the streets, the thing is Americans don't want to adopt a "brown" baby.

      I support this ban.
      • arsanlupinYes indeed - it IS a shame!
        08:33, 26/12/2012
        Russia’s infrastructure is rotting away. Its natural resources are being bled off by official corruption at every level – including the very top. (How else do you think Vladimir Putin acquired a net worth of over $40 Billion?) Not one paved road spans the length of the country – probably because Russia is the most expensive country in the world to build a road. Why? The politicians are skimming off between 60 and 80% of the money “spent”.

        Healthcare is a joke – the only worthwhile doctors are those trained in The West – who return and demand cash payments as high as Western Doctors get, from patients earning an average $500 monthly wage. The rest aren’t fit to treat dogs.

        The military is a BAD joke. The troops are totally unfit to fight a war because they spend all their time hazing, beating, brutalizing, stealing from, and using as slave labor their own recruits – killing about 10,000 every year. Most of the Russian Navy is tied to their pier – lest they sink. The inlets around Polyarny are stuffed with rusting hulks. The air force and army’s equipment is no better. The Soviet Union poisoned vast areas with chemical, industrial, and nuclear waste. Russia is doing nothing to clean it up, or even to stop the continuing poisoning of the land and sea.

        Most Russians must spend all their free time during the short summer planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops on their tiny plots of land in the country. They must do this to supplement what they buy from groceries that charge more than American groceries – lest they starve.

        In every measureable way, Russia REALLY IS an underdeveloped third-world country.

        This is why over 45,000 Russian orphans were adopted by American families. This includes two from Rostov-na-Donu that I watch close friends raise into healthy, happy children. Nicolas and Emily are taught about their culture and heritage by the parents and their Russian friends. Yes, 19 died in USA and that is a shameful thing that must be investigated and punished. But remember: in the same time frame 1220 orphans adopted by Russians died. And no one notices: American families adopt so many special-needs orphans which Russian families are loath to do. Which is better for the orphans?

        Alaska? Tsar Alexander II ordered his ambassador to ask USA to buy Alaska, because their recent rival Great Britain might try to conquer it, and the Emancipation Reform of 1861 was costly to the Russian government. The Tsar was persistent, and after several attempts and long negotiations persuaded USA to purchase Alaska for $7.2 million in gold.
      • tobiasTobias
        01:43, 25/12/2012
        what can they really do to Putin?
        • arsanlupinWhat can they do to Vova?
          08:44, 26/12/2012
          They can seize all of his assets in the USA, and in most of the EU. Remember: his current net worth is over $40 BILLION – it’s impossible that NONE of it is within the USA’s reach. They can refuse him a visa to enter the USA – banning him from ever visiting the United Nations. And if Putin ever visits a country the USA has relations with, the USA can request Putin’s arrest and extradition to the USA for trial and imprisonment. While the latter is extremely unlikely, it will severely constrain Vova’s travel options.

          For what it’s worth, I’ve always insisted that, while the Magnitsky incident is merely that latest example of Russia’s barbaric reaction to dissent, the US reaction was foolish, unproductive, and counterproductive. The fact that Russia’s government is “upping the ante” with this nekulturny musor only tells me that BOTH governments are occupied by spiteful children who should be soundly spanked and sent to bed without any supper!

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