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Syrian Rebels Demand $700,000 for Russian, Italian Hostages

Topic: Protests in Syria

03:32 20/12/2012
Tags: hostage takeover, Russian Foreign Ministry, Haitham al-Maleh, Italy, Russia, Syria

MOSCOW, December 20 (RIA Novosti) - Syrian abductors of two Russian citizens and an Italian national demanded a ransom of over $700,000 for their release, Kommersant daily said on Thursday.

Two Russians and an Italian national were abducted on December 17 near the western Syrian port city of Latakia as they were travelling along the Tartus-Homs highway.

“A diplomatic source in Moscow told Kommersant that the sum at the issue is 50 million Syrian pounds (over $700,000),” the daily said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday issued a statement identifying the Russians as V. Gorelov and Abdessattar Khassun, who also holds a Syrian passport, and confirmed that Italian Mario Belluomo was abducted with them.

All three work for the Hmisho steel company’s plant near Homs, the statement confirms, adding that the company had received a telephone demand from unidentified individuals for payment as a condition for their release.

According to Kommersant, the hostages were abducted by one of the Syrian opposition groups.

On Wednesday, Haitham al-Maleh, a prominent leader of the Syrian opposition abroad, said in an interview with Al Jazeera that Russians are a “legitimate” target for Syrian militants as Russia supports President Bashar al-Assad.


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RIA NovostiSyrian Rebels Demand $700,000 for Russian, Italian Hostages

03:32 20/12/2012 Syrian abductors of two Russian citizens and an Italian national demanded a ransom of over $700,000 for their release, Kommersant daily said on Thursday.>>

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  • rjz0220@gmail.com$700,000
    05:29, 20/12/2012
    This is the same amount that they asked for the hostages in Qatana when the Orthodox priest, Father Fadi al-Haddad was kidnapped, tortured and murdered when he tried to negotiate their release.
  • moistIn the final days of December...
    13:54, 20/12/2012
    ...and beginning of 2013, three Russian naval fleets from Baltysk, Severomorsk and Black Sea/Sevastopol will rendez vouz in the waters off the Syrian coast. The Black sea fleet is already there. Ostensibly "for routine missions and evacuation of Russian citizens if needed" but also for the crucial point in time for the western fascist forces to finalize their aggression on Syria and start advancing towards Teheran, to the eager tune of their Zionist masters.

    We can surely assume that much needed replenishment have been and will be delivered to the Syrian Army in their fight against NATO mercenaries but also as some reports suggests, counter measures against the Patriot system in Turkey and NATO attempts to create a no-fly zone and carve out northern Syria as a NATO enclave (think Kosovo & Camp Bondsteel which happened at a time when Russia was temporarily weak).

    Russia and the rest of the free non-anglo-american world will not allow that to happen because next target for these restless Gulf monarchies-financed and NATO-led mercenaries will be Russia. That is the backdrop.

    The Russian response to the matter at hand and the subject matter in this post, is firstly, to demand that their western "partners" sees that their mercenaries releases the hostages and secondly (and that is surely already in the happening) to send in special op´s like Spetznas to eliminate the threat.

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