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Russia Warns Against NATO Missiles on Syrian Border

16:42 22/11/2012
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MOSCOW, November 22 (RIA Novosti) - Russia's Foreign Ministry cautioned Thursday against Turkey's intention to deploy NATO Patriot missiles on its border with Syria.

"The militarization of the Turkish-Syrian border would be an alarming signal," said ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich. "It would do nothing to foster stability in the region."

"Our advice to our Turkish colleagues is to use their influence on the Syrian opposition to draw them closer to dialogue, instead of flexing their muscles and taking the situation down a dangerous path," he added.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Wednesday that Turkey's request to deploy the missiles would be considered soon. Ankara says the missile system is necessary to protect its border with conflict-torn Syria.

US Patriot surface-to-air missiles were last deployed to Turkey in 1991 and 2003, during the two Gulf Wars.

Turkey has opened fire several times in recent weeks across its border with Syria in retaliation for Syrian shelling, which killed five Turkish civilians in October. It has also provided shelter to refugees fleeing the violence in Syria and has been one of President Bashar al-Assad’s harshest critics during the almost 17-month revolt against his rule.

Tensions between Turkey and Syria flared dangerously this summer after Damascus shot down a Turkish fighter that had violated its airspace. Turkey threatened retaliation if there was any repeat of the incident, although it admitted the plane had mistakenly strayed slightly into Syria.

Lukashevich also denied Russian media reports that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was planning to meet on November 26 with the Syrian opposition.

The Syrian conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives since the start of an uprising against Assad in March 2011, according to various Syrian opposition groups. 

Russia - along with China - has drawn heavy Western criticism for its refusal to sanction UN sanctions against Assad's regime, Moscow sole remaining ally in the Arab world. Moscow said the proposed UN resolutions betrayed a pro-rebel bias and would do nothing to bring peace.

Putin vowed earlier this year not to allow a repeat of the “Libya scenario,” which saw the ouster and murder of long-time Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi after a NATO military campaign.

But Moscow has denied it is supporting Assad in the conflict and says it will respect the will of the "Syrian people."

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RIA NovostiRussia Warns Against NATO Missiles on Syrian Border

16:42 22/11/2012 Russia's Foreign Ministry cautioned Thursday against Turkey's intention to deploy NATO Patriot missiles on its border with Syria.>>

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  • Nico III(no title)
    18:28, 22/11/2012
    This amounts to NATO intervention, doesn't it?

    It's meant as a deterrence against Syrian forces trying to push militants back across the border from where they came.

    And Russia's foreign ministry says it's alarmed. I hope that this is a diplomatic understatement..
    • jgTurkey in NATO
      00:29, 23/11/2012
      Nico III "This amounts to NATO intervention, doesn't it?"

      No, it doesn't. Turkey is a long standing NATO member. Syria attacked NATO when their shells landed in Turkish territory. on the other hand, Russia has no borders with Syria and has no place in this affair, other than as an arms supplier to an unpopular regime.
      Reply | Comments: 3Expand branch
    • vusiGaddafi not a dictator, Obama sarkozi dictators
      23:49, 22/11/2012
      Why is President Gaddafi described as a dictator? is the queen of england a dictator for staying in power for that long? Is Obama not a dictator for bullying and imposing his will on the people many area of the world? calling leaders that are protecting their nation dictators and world terrorists like the USA/EU not dictator is double standard and bias. Those who fuel and promote wars that cost the lives of countless civilians are not dictator but because a leader has been in power for a long time he is called a dictator but not all leaders only from countries that are not terrorist.
    • jgTurkey is part of NATO
      00:26, 23/11/2012
      Any weapons or military personnel deployed by Turkey along their border or anywhere within their territory are "NATO" - because Turkey is a member of NATO.
    • billnobleThe psychopaths of the West
      20:54, 23/11/2012
      Will Russia save the world from the baby-killing psychopaths of the Anglo-American Empire? Please take a stand against these evil elitists who do not represent the civilized people of the world.
      • arsanlupinAs opposed to the gibbering idiots of the East
        00:57, 24/11/2012
        Ahh, but who will save the world from paranoid delusional conspiracy theorists that would wither and die without a constantly woven web of imaginary plots and nonsensical accusations? More important: who will save the world from said paranoids who don’t know how to make an intelligent statement, and are doomed to BORE us to death with their meaningless strings of vaguely disparaging irrelevancies and meaningless socio-political clichés? Somebody PLEASE take a stand against these drooling trolls and help them earn the Darwin Award that they so richly deserve? For there is no doubt that they would each and every one of them best improve the human gene pool by removing themselves from it!
        Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
      • mishkaWe do despite we afraid.
        01:36, 24/11/2012
        I am Turkish and live in Turkey. I feel shame for my goverment's policies. REcent Turkish goverment have an image of conduct hostile acts to all it's neighbors. It has had unnecessary international and domestic problems with everybody and started to afraid of existing risks of their own politics now. They created almost all the problems, disputes and conflicts themselves. They continue to create enemies by supporting rebels for regime exporting attempts, ruins and unrests in sovereign countries and then call the "father" America and NATO for help. Perhaps they just charged it with such a duty but it just seems funny to volunteer for taking chesnuts from the fire and to cry for a help.

        Correctly, Russia has concerns about Patriots and militarization a conflict hit area. More weapons means more potencial and risk f armed conflictions. The area needs demilitarization and purification from arms now. Turkey provides Syrian arms to be fired by supporting and encouraging rebels and supplies political, logistic and allegedly military backing them for riots in the neighbor. BEcause of this, it can not be so convincing when it says it s in danger and asks for help by anti air missiles. Perhaps Russia considers deployment of Patriot missiles is just the last preparing and last step just before a Turkish or NATO offence against Syria. Syrian missiles and air force capacity is the only one guarranty to counterbalance Turkish aggression and it will be eleminated by Patriots now. And it s very normal if Russia cares and interferes in such a risk as a UNSC member and premier country of international community.
      • Iranian ExpatTurkey's History
        03:29, 24/11/2012
        I grew up in Iran knowing that historically Iranians used to trade 4 Turks for 1 Donkey.

        However, by the time I was born the trading had stopped. There were too many useless Turks around.

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