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Obama Confirms Plans to Visit Russia

21:39 13/11/2012
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MOSCOW, November 13 (RIA Novosti) – US President Barack Obama has confirmed plans to visit Russia at the invitation of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Russian president’s spokesman said on Tuesday.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Obama made the statement when Putin called a second time to congratulate the US president on his reelection.

“Obama thanked [Putin] for the congratulations and the invitation and confirmed his readiness to come to Russia at a date to be agreed by the two sides,” Peskov said.

“Putin wished his US counterpart success in forming his new team," he said, adding that the two presidents confirmed their interest in "progressive development of bilateral relations in all spheres, including the economy.”

Spokesman Jay Carney said on Tuesday the White House has yet to decide on the possible date of the forthcoming visit.

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RIA NovostiBarack ObamaObama Confirms Plans to Visit Russia

21:39 13/11/2012 US President Barack Obama has confirmed plans to visit Russia at the invitation of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Russian president’s spokesman said on Tuesday.>>

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  • PlutardesThe USA and instability in the Mideast, Syria.
    17:45, 14/11/2012
    The United States does not want complete peace in the Middle East because they need instability in the given Mideast as an alibi for the USA military at least discretely in the region, although in a minor degree even to keep the USA presence in the Asia Pacific to threaten China and even Russia reflecting back in the Middle East too for the Russian-Chinese duet success in the United Nations policies. Europe, with its debt crisis will not get involved more than NATO; Syria is a French bargaining chip with François Hollande under threat for not being able to keep campaign promises to mend the economic crisis profoundly affecting France nowadays.
  • PlutardesMilitarism without an Army in Syria
    20:46, 14/11/2012
    The USA does not want to get very much involved, recognizing Syria like France did, because the American recognition of Syria would imply in the American support and involvement as military, social, economical, politically guided policies for Syria when the United States uses drones as their military policies and not a true, workable army with troops to begin with. The USA is downgrading its military budget and will continue to do so. Syria is already a white elephant, beautiful, exotic, but does not serve for anything. These days the American military philosophy does not include a true army in the field of Syria.
  • arsanlupinConspiracies, delusions, psychoses, and more conspiracies!
    04:57, 15/11/2012
    I’ve read both your posts multiple times … and I’ve yet to find any intelligent statement anywhere in either of them. (Your spelling and grammar are even worse.)

    Did it ever occur to you that Syria just isn’t all that important to most of the world? No, of course not! Then you would have nothing to hang any of your fragile little web of conspiracy theories. While the rest of the world has a lot on their mind, they obviously feel that they should provide a measured response to that they collectively perceive as barbaric. You apparently have no ability to comprehend: some people think a government slaughtering their own people by the thousands with armored formations, artillery barrages, and airstrikes against residential neighborhoods is BAD!!! However, if confronting that with methods that are effective AND don’t put NATO troops at risk, why not? Only a fool puts himself at risk if it isn’t necessary. Apparently you don’t understand such fundamentals of intellect, technical superiority, good judgment, tactical advantage, or common sense.

    You are also under the severe delusion that the military of the United States and NATO have become combat ineffective, simply because they decided to use some new weapons that effectively attack the enemy in their home villages without the need of their troops on the ground. That, little man, is called “Don’t work hard – work SMART!” Even if some of the fat is trimmed, I assure you that 11 aircraft carrier battle groups, 2.9 million personnel (2nd largest) and a $549 billion budget (largest in the world) will remain THE military force to be reckoned with, long after you are as dead as every one of your conspiracy theories. You have as much understanding of what you call “American military philosophy” as you do of brain surgery – i.e. NICHEVO!

    It is a well-established fact that a person’s IQ is inversely proportional to the level of their belief in conspiracy theories. And you, little man, apparently have your room-temperature IQ measured in the Celsius scale. As the Americans are so fond of saying: “It SUCKS to be you!

    Oh – I almost forgot to mention: your post is so grossly off-topic from the above news article, you are apparently illiterate also. A common symptom of your mental health ailments …
    • PlutardesWrite better comments
      16:00, 15/11/2012
      Do not make it personal to me arsanlupin. People know what they are reading and it is correct in what pertains to me. Leave me alone, please.
      Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch

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