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Reykjavik Mayor Supports Jailed Pussy Riot

Topic: Punk Group Pussy Riot Case

23:49 11/08/2012
MOSCOW, August 11 (RIA Novosti)
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Reykjavik Mayor Jon Gnarr dressed as jailed members of Russian scandalous female Pussy Riot punk band, called for the girls’ release, Icelandic Visir newspaper reported on Saturday.

A video footage posted on You Tube, shows Gnarr, a former Iceland’s top comedian, dancing on the roof of a trailer in a pink dress and a balaclava. A banner attached to the car reads: “Free Pussy Riot.”

According to the paper, the mayor took part in an annual Gay Pride parade with his performance.

Gnarr’s move comes the next day after Iceland’s star Bjork expressed her support of Pussy Riot on her official Web site.

Bjork has also invited Pussy Riot to join her on stage to perform a song “which was written for all enhancement of justice.”

The women, aged between 20 and 30, face up to seven years in prison if convicted on hooliganism charges over their February performance of a “punk prayer” in downtown Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral, calling for then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to quit.

Hollywood star Elijah Wood, famous for his role of hobbit Frodo in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings, also supported the jailed activists.

“Beautiful and standing by their noble intent to the end,” Wood wrote on his Twitter on Saturday, adding a link to the closing statement of Pussy Riot's member Yekaterina Samusevich from the latest trial.

Wood joined the line-up of foreign pro-Pussy Riot celebrities, which has grown to include such cultural heavyweights as Madonna, Sting, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, film director Terry Gilliam, songwriter Peter Gabriel, and actor Danny DeVito.

The Pussy Riot case has split the Russian society with some saying the punishment should be harsh and others saying the women only committed an ethical wrongdoing, which should not be punished by imprisonment.

The widely-publicized trial of Pussy Riot members ended on Wednesday in Moscow. The defendants admitted that their performance was an “ethical mistake,” but pleaded not guilty to charges of hooliganism.

The verdict will be announced on August 17.

President Putin on August 2 criticized Pussy Riot for their performance but said the punishment for them should not be “too harsh.”


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RIA NovostiReykjavik Mayor Supports Jailed Pussy Riot

23:49 11/08/2012 Reykjavik Mayor Jon Gnarr dressed as jailed members of Russian scandalous female Pussy Riot punk band, called for the girls’ release, Icelandic Visir newspaper reported on Saturday.>>

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  • PETEPETEPETE(no title)
    04:39, 12/08/2012
    Yet another one. It's not about the pathetic Queens of Cliché (Pussy Riot), they couldn't care less about them, it's about the propaganda.

    Highly revealing that he is openly homosexual, this New World Order thing that the Homosexual Agenda are one and only. And he is just the openly one...
  • NikoThis is sad...
    12:59, 12/08/2012
    Politicians should take care for their own bankrupted country first, instead of taking their noses into other country internal affairs. This is solid proof what kind of people are in professional politics today. From clowns, idiots to circussants.

    This is sad !
    • PETEPETEPETE(no title)
      14:25, 12/08/2012
      Go check his twitter account! What a freak!
    • moistDepraved sodimites and Soros mobs..
      16:47, 12/08/2012
      ..they of course support each other. whether confusing "love" with playing with other men´s behinds as a "life style", flashing boobs or perform satanic rituals with dead animals or in orthodox churches, whatever freakish evil means it takes, Russia is a strong god-loving nation and the only real opponent against the hordes of evil.
      • PETEPETEPETENWO and the Homo-agenda are one and only.
        18:22, 12/08/2012
        Iran knows what to do with them...and look at how a multi-trillion dollar military machine is afraid of a 3rd World nation with no nuclear weapons.

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