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Russian North Caucasus Still Unstable - State Dept.

02:33 01/08/2012
WASHINGTON, August 1 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia’s North Caucasus is still unstable, with terrorist attacks committed there due to interethnic rivalry, separatism and other reasons, the U.S. State Department said in its Country Reports on Terrorism in 2011.

“Terrorist attacks stemming from instability in the North Caucasus continued to be committed in Russia,” said the part dedicated to Russia in the report, which is annually submitted to Congress.

“Separatism, inter-ethnic rivalry, revenge, banditry, and/or extremist ideology were the primary motivating factors for terrorism-related violence,” the report said.

“Violence originating in the North Caucasus occasionally spilled into other areas of Russia, as seen most notably in 2011 with the bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo airport in January, for which the Caucasus Emirate's leader, Doku Umarov, claimed responsibility,” it said.

The suicide attack on the arrivals area of Domodedovo international airport on January 24, 2011, left 37 people dead and nearly 200 injured.

The State Department’s report noted Russia's cooperation with the United States in the fight against international terrorism.

“Within the framework of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission (BPC), the Counterterrorism Working Group advanced bilateral cooperation on current terrorist threats; transportation security issues, including aviation security; countering violent extremism; information sharing; and coordination on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” it said.


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RIA NovostiRussian North Caucasus Still Unstable - State Dept.

02:33 01/08/2012 Russia’s North Caucasus is still unstable, with terrorist attacks committed there due to interethnic rivalry, separatism and other reasons, the U.S. State Department said in its Country Reports on Terrorism in 2011.>>

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  • SirkoExcreta Tauri Cerebrum Vincet..
    06:35, 01/08/2012

    ...and don't we know who is funding these terrorists from the Mujahedin who later became the Taliban to the imported Chechens in Bosnia and Kosovo. Lest we forget the Chechen terrorist leaders during the first Chechen war were G.W.Bushwacker's best friends who even got invited to the White House for dinner...

    Who funded and created the Madrases schools with their quisling Musharraf.

    Could it be that very same State Department???
  • lmTaking the fight to Putin from within...
    08:02, 01/08/2012
    Now, now is this a shot across the Kremlin and Putin heads?
  • lmPoor Russia still not learning to be strong..
    13:37, 01/08/2012
    Well said. Also how come the Kremlin don't see that danger of having NATO on its soil? How come this helps Russia protect itself from drugs and other dangers? Well i guess NATO is clever whiles Russia plays smart but not been clever. NATO know they cannot bomb Russia now so just get into Russia thru soft power all the while NATO has their gender fully worked out for the destruction of Russia.
    Don’t work Russia we are brining money, employment, improving the region budget, building friendly ties.
  • SirkoKremlin is Conveniently Blind
    21:24, 01/08/2012
    The Kremlin sees but is blind!

    The reason for that is that it blew out its brains playing Russian Roulette in '89 when it permitted the destruction of the Soviet Union and abandoned some 28 million of its own people without even a thought of proper border delineation. Its eyes are still functioning but the synapses in the neurons are blocked.

    How can one respect a people who have destroyed their own country? If that be the natural sentiment of individuals here posting without prejudice then how much more scorn, subterfuge and disrespect will the Kremlin accrue from the NATO Hyenas which have hidden agendas and great prejudice against Russia?
  • jgState Dept = Ministry of Stating the bleeding obvious
    01:13, 02/08/2012
    In essence, the State Department have read some newspaper articles about the Caucasus region and have written a short summary.

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