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Putin Worried Over Europe and ‘Anti-Russian’ US Plans

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin
16:00 09/07/2012
MOSCOW, July 9 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin once again voiced his concerns over a U.S. bill penalizing Russian officials for human rights abuses and Washington's plans for a missile defense system based in Europe, in a wide-ranging speech to Russia’s diplomats on Monday summarizing Russian foreign policy.

"The swap of the anti-Soviet Jackson-Vanik amendment for an anti-Russian law as well as [Washington's] course for violating the strategic balance by creating missile defenses cannot but worry us," he said.

Last month, a U.S. Senate panel unanimously passed the "Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act," named after a Russian lawyer who died in custody in 2009.

The bill would impose a travel ban and asset freeze on Russian officials linked to Magnitsky's jailing and death, as well as other human rights abusers in Russia. A similar measure was passed by a House of Representatives panel in May. It has yet to go to a full House vote.

A number of U.S. Senators have threatened not to vote for the repeal of the Jackson-Vanik amendment, which restricts trade relations with Russia, unless the Magnitsky bill is attached.

Putin has vowed to respond to both the Magnitsky bill and the projected U.S. missile shield in Eastern Europe.

Putin said the solution of "many global and regional problems" depended on Russia-U.S. relations, adding he has been "taking note" of U.S. officials' "harsh statements" about Russia

One such area of disagreement is Syria, where the warring sides should be encouraged to achieve a political settlement through dialogue, Putin said.

“No effort should be spared to compel the conflicting sides to work out a peaceful political solution to all disputes,” he said. “We need to foster that dialogue.”

A repetition of a “Libyan scenario” in Syria is unacceptable, he warned.


Russia intends to maintain special cooperation with the emerging powers of China and India, Putin said, and also expressed his concerns over Europe’s deepening economic woes.

"Our cooperation with China has the most important strategic and practical importance," Putin said. "We intend to pay special attention to deepening all forms of cooperation with our Chinese partners including coordination of our actions in the agenda of international affairs," he added.

"This also applies to other rapidly developing and increasingly politically important Asian states, including foremost our traditional partner and friend India," Putin said.

"We continue our course of widening cooperation with Latin America and Africa," he added. "Just a few years ago we did not pay enough attention to this," he said.

"Naturally, we will revive our traditional ties with Europe" Putin added. "I remind you: more than a quarter of Russia's external trade takes place with Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands," he said.

"The June summit with the EU confirmed the priority character of Russian-European strategic dialog," he said. "At the same time, the level of cooperation with the EU in our view, has not reached its full potential," he said.

"Together with Europe we can meet ambitious targets, much more ambitious than today - the creation of a single market from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean with a value of three trillion euros. Life demands movement toward this path," he added.

"There are more grassroots tasks before us, which we must do or we cannot get closer. In particular, easing the visa regime, with a view to a total mutual lifting. Russia is already prepared to make such a move," he said.


Putin admitted he was pessimistic about Europe’s ability to find reliable solutions to overcoming the current economic crisis.

“We have to admit we do not see so far reliable options for overcoming the global economic crisis. Moreover, the prospects are becoming ever more alarming and the eurozone’s debt woes and its slide into recession are only the tip of the iceberg of unresolved structural problems,” Putin said.

“The deficit of new development models against a background of eroding leadership in the traditional economic engines, such as the US, EU and Japan, is a drag on global development dynamics,” he said.

The struggle for access to natural resources is intensifying, provoking abnormal raw material and energy market fluctuations, he said.

“The multi-vector nature of global development that has intensified as a result of the crisis and internal social and economic troubles are weakening the dominance of the so-called historical West… And I want to note that this does not make us happy at all,” he said.

This trend alarms Russia, Putin said. “This is because the implications of ongoing developments, these tectonic global economic events and, as a consequence, inevitable changes in the lineup of international forces, are unclear.”

The ongoing developments are even more alarming because some international actors are trying to preserve their former influence by resorting to unilateral actions contrary to the norms of international law, he said.

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RIA NovostiRussia’s President Vladimir Putin Putin Worried Over Europe and ‘Anti-Russian’ US Plans

16:00 09/07/2012 Russia’s President Vladimir Putin once again voiced his concerns over a U.S. bill penalizing Russian officials for human rights abuses and Washington's plans for a missile defense system based in Europe, in a wide-ranging speech to Russia’s diplomats on Monday summarizing Russian foreign policy.>>

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  • PlutardsPentagon Partially Destroyed, USA policies today
    20:13, 09/07/2012
    After September 11 when the Pentagon was destroyed partially, anybody can conceive that anything of bad can happen to The USA throughout the global communities nowadays. There were people who once thought that the Pentagon was "more than God" until 9/11 happenend and the Pentagon merely survived it all. All the Pentagon policies were questioned after 9/11 in terms of safety. Even Assange could have to do with it. Too bad for the USA.
    • arsanlupinWhat arrant nonsense if this?
      21:03, 09/07/2012
      The Pentagon attack damaged 37,000 square meters of a 600,000 square meter building, and repairs were completed in 9 months. A total of 184 occupants died in the attack - out of a total of 31,000. That is considered minor damage at most - "partial destruction" is nothing but hyperbole.

      There was no reason - then or later - to question any of the Pentagon's safety policies. Their policies outside The Beltway are irrelevant. Only uneducated fools ever thought that the US military or the United States had any deification involved.

      Your assertion "anybody can conceive that anything of bad can happen to The USA throughout the global communities nowadays" is vacuous nonsense - in addition to being horrible grammar.

      Please get your facts straight; making up lies and distortions to try to make your point makes you sound like a bad politician.
      • bielecTo Plutards
        21:12, 09/07/2012
        That's assuming that Pentagon wasn't a part of the 9/11 plot and that 19 Arabs armed with box cutters outsmarted and outdid the multibillion dollars defenses of the USA. Including:
        - a NORAD stand down order issued by Dick Cheney;
        - an impossible air manuever allegedly made by a large commuter plane;
        - a hole in the wall the size of which fitted a missile rather than a plane;
        - the choice of Pentagon wing that was hit, which included documentation of the missing billions of dollars from Pentagon's budget;
        - etc, etc.
        Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
      • PlutardsThe Pentagon and its stigma of 9/11
        21:43, 09/07/2012
        The September 11 nighmare, demarcaded a systemic failure of the American defences when there was not an adequate air defence, particularly for example, as there was not a single American fighter airplane in the skies of New York when the towers were hit one after the other on 9/11. The Pentagon was the nerve center of USA defence then, no longer as much now after the 9/11 marasmus and "debacle". The Pentagon is not safe and never will be; soon the whole building will be substituted by the USA Government.
      • lmWhen will the Kremlin learn to do less talking and show more actions?
        14:11, 10/07/2012
        Again there is more talking from the Kremlin but no tangible or meaningful actions that would send a strong message to the perpetrators.
        Gazprom Ranked Among Most Non-Transparent Global Companies - TI the news said.

        Was the above a political statement or a natural one base on sound evidence?

        Russian Army Chief Starts Visit to the United States the news said.

        Is the above a mission to beg, looking for sympathy or to draw a red line?

        No Russian Arms Supplies to Syria ‘Until Stabilization the news said.

        Is the above a trap to draw Assad wrath or is it a climb down as suspected?

        The Kremlin keep saying time after time the West needs Russia to solve world issues, we need each other to solve world issues and things along those line. While time after time the West shows Russia physically, orally, and diplomatically they are not needed but selectively only.
        What is the Kremlin suffering from diplomatic niceties, whiles their interest gets kicked around?
        The president is right most of the criticism is made from outside but who gave that perception in the first place? The Kremlin is yet to convince not only me but others that they are serious about protecting its interest in a way that would draw respect.
        I do offer an apology here because I mean to offend no one, Russia and its people are rich in everything, but the Kremlin talks to much, and as the saying goes empty vessels makes the most noise.
      • PlutardsSyrian Rebels with LEADERSHIP in Moscow.
        21:23, 10/07/2012
        One is glad to know that the Syrian rebels have a defined LEADERSHIP, so that they can take part in the current summit in Moscow for peace in the Syria conflict, so that the given rebels of Syria could have even an economic plan for the region after the Civil War taking place in Syria; good prospects for post-war and peace, mediated by the Russian Federation when America wants war indefinitely, as it seems now.
      • SirkoJose can you see by the dawns early light that they are fascists..
        22:31, 11/07/2012
        Passed unanimously! Now that says everything about those fascist American ass whipes who think they can play God while at the same time they are drenched with the blood of millions in Iraq, Palestine etc...
        • arsanlupinPitiful ...
          02:25, 12/07/2012
          You can't even attempt to be insulting without making a fool of yourself - both your spelling and your grammar are seriously flawed - albeit nowhere near as much as your psychotic hatred for the United States in particular, or your paranoid conspiracy-theory-based thought processes in general.

          Have you had your medication dosage adjusted yet?
        • Sirko'Arslupin' the Zionist Strikes Again.
          06:47, 12/07/2012
          I presume you mean, "What arrant nonsense 'is' this?" Or is it your wonderful American syntax and grammar?

          I love giving 'Arslupin' some of his own medicine and then some more.... Enjoy the following..

          "Arslupin" never fails to prove he is a fascist of the first order and highest degree. Simply read his response to Plutards and you'll notice that he uses an 'ad hominem' response every time attacking the person rather than the individual's argument and point. Despicable arrogance is the mark of an American fascist. Has done that with me many times and then tucks tail and runs to nurse his wounds. I was not going to bother with the American Zionist 'Shmuck', (very apropos appellation for it is probably part of his culture), since he likes to attack people. However did it ever occur to your dim witted, arrogant, primordial American Ganglion that for some people here English is not their first language. How desparate and dispicable does on have to be in order to attack the English of another. Further, an American standing in judgement of someone's English grammar is truly farcical, since they have from 1776 butchered the Queen's English and cannot use verbs, adjectives or adverbs properly, never mind gerundives and adverbials. Has anyone ever listened to the big 'War President' Bushwacker II speaking. Gadzooks! It is an outer worldly experience. This was a double term president. Says something about the meat heads who put him in power, does it not???. When my Queen visited the U.S. at the dinner in the White House this "Ameri'kanisch ScheiBe" (German for American Shit, but had to use a capital 'b') made more unmitigated gaffes in English and etiquette than can possibly be imagined. 'Arslupin' have you forgotten my lesson in Old Anglo-Saxon, Old English (Geoffrey Chaucer's), Middle English (Shakespeare's) and Modern English which I provided for you the last time you attacked my typos as spelling errors...You are truly a bizarre creature. But then what does one expect from a Fox Fascist News education...

          If Plutards is wrong then why, pray tell are you Gringo Imperialistas shitting your pants to the point of controlling my country's air space and borders. I presume you still believe that those Muslims who whacked your trade centre and the pentagon came from Canada. When the incident happened that is the first thing which came out of your moronic mouths especially from your Big Homeland Security Czar and she insisted on it for months. Napolitano is like the organ grinder in Italy and 'Arslupin' can play the part of the monkey. He has a natural pension for it. Every time they use the Slavic word Czar they should gag on it, the fascist rats. They blamed my country for being to lax on its immigration policies and shitting their pants insisted that the so-called terrorists came from Canada, when they themselves not only trained those fifteen Muslims but also educated them, as they did Osama, one rag ass Muslim which it took the big American heroes ten years to find. That is the definition of American heroism killing a man in front of his children and family and you tell us you fascists are not crapping your pants over the Muslims. Where his young children guilty of some crime? Of course everything the fascist rats surmised was wrong. They have subsequently engineered a victory for the Anti-Christ Harper Tories in Canada so they can control our borders and further pilfer our energy and resources. They literally stole the last election by 'robo calls' and 'ballot stuffing'. They had good teachers their masters in the Repiglican party. Next election their Tory asses will be grass. A few months ago Harper signed off our last vestige of sovereignty to the vampires in the State Department. No plane in Canada can lift off without the knowledge of the fascist regime from the '...home of the brave and the land of the free..' . Brave my butt! Free my double butt! You can fool morons like Sarah Palin or Vampires like Hitlery Clinton because they are Americans, but you cannot fool the rest of the world. You cannot fool the readers here. They are not brainwashed. They are not Anthropoda.

          You can propagandize and brainwash your American 'Joe the plumber' types. Just buy them some Coors Light and they will be content in the feeling that they are adding to the CH4 bubble in the atmosphere. That is about as sophisticated as 'Arslupin's' education gets. Coors Light! Difficult to believe that he is condemning Plutards for not being educated. 'Arslupin', just how do you know that he is not. Whatever education he has it is far superior to an American one where half of your university graduates in the U.S. are functional illiterates. A proven fact! They know less than nothing beyond the confines of the propaganda diet they are fed hourly by your Wall Street controlled mass media. I suppose you are educated? Tell us Captain America, this simple question. What is the only liquid which can dissolve gold and do not cheat as you Gringos always tend to do, because I know pretentious Americans love to feign personal intellect by using Google. If you do that I shall know it and follow up with a question to prove that you got the answer from Google. Google will not know the chemical reaction between gold and this liquid.

          All one needs to do with an American to make him shit his pants is simply whisper the word '...R-u-s-s-i-a...' very softly...and even his ancestors in their graves will begin to shit again. :-)

          You Americans have been suffering from Rusophobic Paranoia for a very, very long time and God willing you will continue to do so for it fogs your judgement. As the Ass wipe Patton once said, 'The Mongols are coming'. It is in your genes. The Huns, the Mongols, the Russians, the Bulgars, the Chinese, the Storm from the East are coming. They are all hiding under your bed at night. Better build more missile systems on the land of the traitorous Pole...Touche...!!!... and the some...!!!
          • arsanlupinRRAAAWWWWWRRRR!!!
            14:48, 12/07/2012
            says the Canadian dinosaur, as he suffers through yet another bout of constipation.

            A person isn't a fascist just because they disagree with the psychotic rantings of a Canadian Bolshevik - get over yourself, Sicko!

            And no one is afraid of Russia - I've obviously spent more time LIVING in Russia and the rest of the former Soviet Union than you have! I don't fear Russia - I LOVE Russia! I just know better than to be blinded by mindless rhetoric from hate-mongers and conspiracy theorists.

            In addition to all of the other mental disorders you've so blatently displayed for all, you are a hypocrite. You spout all this ultra-nationalistic bilge about the Slavic people – the Russians and the Serbians – yet you have never ever set foot in any of those places. Have you walked the halls of The Hermitage? Have you looked up at Rodina Mat? Have you walked through the catacombs beneath Pechersk Lavra? Have you ever looked upon the Potempkin Stairs and marveled at their design? Did you see the peacekeeping troops stationed at the entrance ramp to the Dniester River Bridge in Bendery? Have you visited the monastery at the Moldovan village of Khitskany? Have you shopped in the outdoor markets on Ulitsa Vyucheyskogo in Arkhangelsk? Have you visited the museum of the war with Serbia on the cliffs overlooking the ancient walled city of Dobrovnik? Have you sat at an outdoor cafe for breakfast in Belgrade? Did you ever walk the narrow alleyways of the ancient walled cities of Budva or Kotor or Herceg Novi in Montenegro?

            No, I didn’t think so … while I have done all of that and more.

            You know NOTHING of Russia, nor of any of the Former Soviet Union, nor of any of the former Yugoslavia. You know NOTHING of the people who actually live there – nor do you care about any of them. All you care about is your own sick delusion of The Greater Slav Land, as you sit in Canada, enjoying all the fruits of capitalism and democracy that you constantly curse.

            You are a hypocrite – and a pathological liar.
          • Sirko"Arslupin' the Ameican Mouse who tries to Roar.....
            19:25, 12/07/2012
            ....Hahahahahahahaha...Is that the best you can do with your repeat, retard title. Calling panic stricken names. 'Canadian Bolshevik' which of course is NONSENSE or more properly in Latin a 'NON SEQUETER'. I cannot be a Bolshevik, they are long gone, but will be back if American Fascism pushes Russia far enough. But then what do you know about Latin, Greek, Russian, Physics, Chemistry, Politics, History, etc., etc., less than nothing. I'd rather be a Canadian Bolshevik than a Polack Jewish Zionist. Where did your ancestors come from? Give us a your real name you arrogant 'chicken shit' American. Why are you hiding behind some crap cartoon, whatever name? Who is dilusional? I who can trace may ancestors back to the sixteen hundreds and the Zaporozhean Host or you who thinks one must set foot on a place in order to understand geopolitics and history. Ha! As a very famous American Bugs Bunny would say, "What a Maroon!" Oops! Did I say American. No! No! No! Walt Disney was Canadian, born in Goderich Ontario. Of course like everything else you 'shysters' stole his intellectual property, as you did the great accomplishments in electronics of Nikola Tesla, a Serb and proud of it. The reward he received was to starve to death in New York hotel eating crackers and milk. One of the greatest minds of humanity. Do you even know who he was? That is what your American bullshit dream stands for, an American induced global nightmare of greed at any cost. How many innocents has your fascist regime killed around the world today you misguided 'buffos'. That is Old Greek by the way whence the word buffoon and buffalo come from. It means, 'an ox'. Further.here is the expletive of your crap intellect and logic. I have never been on the surface of the sun you pseudo educated American twit, but I and others with a real education know how stars work. We also know how the Higgs Boson particle affects matter. So if I am delusional I must be in good company with Professor Higgs and the the rest of the men of science such as Sir Isaac.

            Bring it on and then some! I love tearing fascists like you to rat shit....Hahahahaha...If you know so much about Russia, tell me the root of the Cossack Brotherhood. Along what principle are all our 'stanitsa' organized? Do you even know any Russian? Or are you some quack Jewish Polack working for the CIA Spooks. Who is the Greatest Ataman of all the Cossack Brotherhood? What one thing must one be in order to be accepted in any Cossack Host..??? Get out of here you Americanized JERK...Go where the rest of the blood sucking Porkers and 'Troughers' belong, Fox Fascist News, CNN, MSNBC....Get your brains washed as we say in Russian with some more vinegar. Get out of Russia you spy and mole. You are lucky I am not in Putin's shoes...Then you would very rapidly find out what type of Cossack blood is in my veins and what we are all about....I firmly believe Putin will give imperialist bastards a bloody nose sooner or later. I see the trend he is working on. He appears to be shrewd and cunning and is playing the game till he rebuilds what your moles Gorbachev and Yeltsin destroyed in Russia.

            Once again....Hahahahaha...!!! Can't you come up with anything new. Rather the same rantings of a buffoon and a fool. Accusing Plutards of being uneducated! Where is the answer to my question? What liquid can dissolve gold? I can generate a thousand more questions such as that to prove that you are nothing but a Quack and Charlatan...Bring it on you fascist....I never rest my case. My intellect keeps flowing on and on like a river because I am a lover of the truth. "Une, deux, trois, Touche'....!!!"...Hahahahaha...:-) ... :-)
            • arsanlupinWhat a waste of space ...
              21:22, 12/07/2012
              So much for any honest or intelligent comments from North of the Border. oh Arnold, where are you when your country needs you? At least you know how to be honest and intelligent, unlike your Bolshevik neighbor ...
            • Sirko'Arslupin's' Vacuum Bubble....:-)
              03:12, 13/07/2012
              The only waste of space is the emptiness between your fascist American ears. If you had two functioning brains cells to scratch together and make a spark you would be dangerous. Unlike yourself Arnold's heart is in the right place but has been like many of my countrymen whitewashed by American propaganda. .My grammar and spelling are poor. Hahahaha..!!! Anyone can make a typo especially when I crank out sixty-words a minute and post without proof reading. Show me where my grammar is incorrect. Better still answer the questions I ask on specifics. You do not because you cannot for you are are a bubble thinker with no art or science as Fredrick Nietzsche put it. You are simply a propagandist. Also you can quote all kinds of nonsense to Plutards as to what happened in 9/11. Anyone with a modicum of intellect knows that it is one sided and propaganda for further profit and exploitation of the American people to limit their power. Being able to vote every four years, you twit, does not constitute a democracy. Democracy is about accountability. To whom are you Zionist Banksters who control the American mass media and entertainment industries accountable? But of course you must be privy to the original sources. You!!! No doubt were there when they were piecing together the forensic evidence.

              Plutards knows something a propagandist like you well always have difficulty in dealing with, for you are only interested in brainwashing and hate it when people think for themselves. That something is what the great philosopher John Stewart Mill said, "All things must be questioned to the ultimate in order to obtain the absolute truth." Cause being, people tend you lie and so do regimes, and so do you.

              Further, for your information I am not anti American. Anti-fascist Americans as yourself, yes indeed. What America needs is another FDR. "The more they hate me the more I know I am doing the right thing for the American people." Strange indeed that he conveniently died just before the end of the war and was about to put through the Second American Bill of Rights. Could it be that he frightened your fascist pals? Yes! The American people will wake up and get rid of you Zionist thieving Wall Street 'Banksters'. I suppose it is another conspiracy theory that the same rats who were responsible for the theft of billions are still running the Fed and the Treasury Department. Fifty million Americans are on food stamps and social assistance. Mind boggling! That is twenty million more than the population of my country, entire tent cities of poor, while not one of your criminal pals was prosecuted for the theft of trillions, the debt to be passed down to the children's children of the American people. Conspiracy theory my butt...!!! You have been watching too much Hollywood which teaches that a theory is a blind conjecture. A theory is not a conjecture as I have explained before but your simple ganglion cannot fathom the fine line between conjecture and empirical knowledge. All of history is a series of conspiracies which are verified by the arrow of time from generation to generation. BUT THEN I ERR, FOR YOU HAVE NO CLUE OF WHAT I AM SAYING. You have Fox Fascist News blinkers on.

              Go ahead dig up some more crap on the analysis of the size of holes and the number of pieces of this and of that and post to attempt to impress the gullible. By the way you dim wit I have aunts and cousins and many friends and real academics who are American. I will put dollars to donuts that you are either a CIA sponsored mole or simply brainwashed Repiglican Tea Party JERK FASCIST.

              I can see the enormous reservoir of knowledge you posses by how many giants of our civilization you have read and can quote, the languages you speak and your knowledge of the disciplines, such as history, science etc. Go ahead post some more simplistic drivel and some places in Russia which a child would know. Tell us about the Icons in Tver, tell us some more about the Hermitage. Whoopey!!! What a tourist you are or rather a CIA plant. By the way, while in the Hermitage did you happen to see the mural painted by Ilya Repin..."The Cossack Letter" of my people drafting and replying to another imperialist such as you, Sultan Muhammad IV where my ancestor Ivan Sirko replied to his demands and called him a "..mare's ass.." Consider it to be a similar sentiment for you...

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