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Russia Approves Ulyanovsk NATO Hub

Ulyanovsk. Archive
16:35 29/06/2012
MOSCOW, June 29 (RIA Novosti)
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The Russian government has given approval for the United States and its NATO allies to use a Russian air base in the Volga city of Ulyanovsk as a hub for transits to and from Afghanistan.

The decree is dated June 25.

Moscow announced plans to create a NATO transit hub in Ulyanovsk in March. The decision sparked protests in the city, the birthplace of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin.

Veteran Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov has called the deal "humiliating" for Russia.

But both NATO and Russian officials have sought to allay fears the hub would turn out to be a fully-fledged base.

"We have no intention to establish a base in Russia," NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a video link-up with RIA Novosti in March. "This is a pragmatic arrangement which allows us to transport non-lethal weapons and troops to benefit our operation in Afghanistan."

"There never has been and never will be a NATO military base in Ulyanovsk," Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement in April, adding that the hub would see the "transit of exclusively non-lethal cargoes."

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RIA NovostiUlyanovsk. ArchiveRussia Approves Ulyanovsk NATO Hub

16:35 29/06/2012 The Russian government has given approval for the United States and its NATO allies to use a Russian air base in the Volga city of Ulyanovsk as a hub for transits to and from Afghanistan.>>

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  • SirkoUlyanov,..!!!...For Shame...!!!
    18:06, 29/06/2012
    When you are desperate for money you will even kiss the devil.

    Greed at all cost is the mark of the American Capitalistas. They are teaching you well at your eventual detriment.

    Bury Vladimir Ilyich so he can role over in his grave.
  • SirkoSeig Hiel Danish Fogh...!!!
    18:24, 29/06/2012
    "We have no intention to establish a base in Russia," NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said..."

    The singularity of a fascist is to lie. Never trust a Danish Fogh. His family were most likely in the Spercial Waffen SS...
  • lmA fool’s paradise.
    19:29, 29/06/2012
    Sirko, I will agree with you a 100,000,000 times over Russia is a born loser when it comes to foreign policy I finally give up on any hope Russia can be an independent country.
    NATO and the West plays havoc with Russia conscience, now all the West has to do is convince the Kremlin that they have more to lose that to gain on its stands concerning Syria and Iran, then Russia will cave in its only a matter of time just a matter of time. Then Russia will face the consequences of losing the Middle East, Iran will also drop Russia as any serious player who can protect its interest far more its allies, all this will have a domino effect with CIS countries who will feel venerable by Russia’s continued disastrous cowardly infective non existence foreign policy.
    Just think should Syria and Iran fall who is next? The Kremlin believes that there nuclear weapons and bragging of no one dear to attack Russia will save them from been targeted for brake up. What a careless and absolute suicidal way of thinking? (Russia is too big and rich to be called one country)
    Let’s all face it the Kremlin has yet to prove it can show leadership and determinations on the international front its always endless talking which ends with insults and back stabbing, time after time and this time history is to prove us right Russia will sellout as they did on their own land what a catastrophe in politics from a country who cannot lead without fear of criticism?
    I am really disappointed and ashamed of Russia today and yes I love Russia and its people but cannot sit and watch the continued brainless decisions when it’s come to their own interest aboard. Russia take such a laid back and lackadaisical attitude relying and been blinded by praises of helping out, only to be stab in the back yet again in 2012.
    I can just think of the joyous feeling NATO has again over, yet another defeat to Russia because of a few dollars more.
    All the West has to do is only say something that Russia did not do, we all see how quickly the Kremlin jumps to say they did not say, do or back anything, looking for the good guy image whiles losing out on its interest. Soon they will target Russia with oil and then Russia will see how friendly the West is.
  • ruypenalvaWhy not a hub in..
    01:03, 30/06/2012
    Why not a hub in Kremlin? Is Putin a pet like Medvedev or a dog like Kruschov? Something told me that this trade off was in exchange for bury Lenin body in Pentagon or may be together with Bin Laden.
  • free_mind50(no title)
    01:54, 30/06/2012
    Sirko and LM you two are deluded if you really think what you do, alterior motives aside, Russia knows full well what it is doing, and there is no foot hold besides the already known about infiltration through NGOS, Universities, various business enterprises vying to gain foot hold in the country, some even at its higher echelons, that is not known about. This hub provides an opportunity for Russia in many contexts, and you can bet any attempt to subvert and entangle the local populace will be closely monitored and dealt h with. an no aircraft with electronic surveillance monitoring will be llowed
    • lmOur words lost in translation.
      09:43, 30/06/2012
      You need to elaborate more because we are not criticizing Russia as a country and its people but its foreign policy which suffers countless beatings with no apparent end in sight.
      Russia has a very weak foreign policy from an international stand point when it comes to protecting its interest of allies abroad.
      Russia may want to up hold international law fine I have no beef about that, but as Russia talks now in the international conference about Syria foreign troops are massing to Syria border, time after time Russia talks face to face and whiles the talks are going on amounts the red carpet, champagne and cameras the West and NATO continues to work on protecting their interest, WHILES RUSSIA KEEPS ON WITH THE DIPLOMATIC NICITIES AND PROCASTATIONS OF WHAT TO DO TOO PROTECT ITS INSTREST.
      Do you really think that anyone now sees Russia as a major player on the international sense? They may say so in front Russia’s face you are doing a wonderful job, but behind closed doors they all starch their heads at Russia’s lack of ability outside talking to really show the political will and determination to protect its interest far away from its borders.
      To put this all in a nut shell Russia can never have an effective foreign policy with its military in their barracks, and that’s as true as it can get.
      Look Russia is a beautiful country, its people land, and many more beautiful things I can say about Russia make no mistake they are truly beautiful, but there foreign policy is hostage to their conscience and self esteem, that is the paradox of it all.
      Ask yourself one question should Syria and Iran falls where is Russia in the Middle East? And I may say in the CIS countries because if they cannot protect their own interest across deep waters how can they protect us? This leaves the CIS countries to look elsewhere.
      Mark my words should Syria and Iran fall Russia will suffer the consequences in a very painful way.
      Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch
      • SirkoWho is Deluded we or Putin with his Tin Cup???
        17:39, 30/06/2012
        One cannot have a consensus with the devil. One can only be prepared at all times and argue from a position of super strength. That is the reality of existence. You can take a dog and look after it, feed it and it will never bite you therein lies the principle difference betrween ?Russian naievity and NATO. Do you actually believe that the pre-eminent factor of NATO's foreign policy is not the destruction of Russia?If we are deluded then explain to me where is the Soviet Union? Where is the Warsaw Pact? Where is Yugoslavia? Why have you Ruskyis abandoned 30 million Russians in those foermer soviet Republics et., etc.????
        Reply | Comments: 2Expand branch

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