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Business Ombudsman in Khodorkovsky Release Plea

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
12:57 23/06/2012
MOSCOW, June 23 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia's commissioner for business rights will ask President Vladimir Putin to pardon jailed former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky as part of an amnesty for those convicted of economic crimes, he told the Bloomberg news agency.

Boris Titov said he would lobby for the release of 13,000 people jailed for ecopnomic crimes, including the former head of the Yukos oil giant.

The pardons will send a "positive signal" to foreign investors, Titov said in an interview published on Saturday.

"For the investment climate, this would be good news," Titov, who was appointed to the post on Wednesday and reports directly to Putin, told Bloomberg, adding that Khodorkovsky had been in jail for "too long."

Already in custody since 2003, Khodorkovsky, who was once Russia's richest man, was found guilty of embezzlement in December 2010, at a trial widely criticized abroad.

He and his fellow defendant Platon Lebedev are not eligible for release until 2016. Khodorkovsky's two bids for parole have been unsuccessful.

Then-President Dmitry Medvedev said in April the parliament may consider amnesties for those convicted of economic crimes. Medvedev also said in May last year that Khodorkovsky's release would not be "dangerous' for the country.

Khodorkovsky isnists he is a victim of a politically-motivated campaign, a claim denied by the Kremlin.


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RIA NovostiMikhail KhodorkovskyBusiness Ombudsman in Khodorkovsky Release Plea

12:57 23/06/2012 Russia's commissioner for business rights will ask President Vladimir Putin to pardon jailed former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky as part of an amnesty for those convicted of economic crimes, he told the Bloomberg news agency.>>

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  • free_mind50(no title)
    15:51, 23/06/2012
    How can this send a positive signal to foreign investors?
    What kind of message, that they can get away with economic crimes by a pardon?
    The real way to attract foreign investors is for Russia to produce and build quality lasting products, this no investor can and will ignore.
    A product or products that are reliable in quality and efficiency will draw investors like moths to a flame. No one will or can ignore quality and efficient products, this is the course Russia must take in building its sound economy, otherwise they will use this to label Russia as "the den of economic thieves." Such policy can only come from western backed conglomerates and financiers
    My opinion nothing more.
    This a the battle Russia faces on it economic front, that is why countries that had or will have the potential for creating quality, innovative and efficient products were targeted first using the trumped up intellectual property disputes (which is the reason why the intellectual property franchise was created)and intervention followed by sabotage and charges of cheap is is the case with China.

    Build quality, lasting and efficient products and the investors will flock.
  • savo@oblo.comcriminals
    16:21, 23/06/2012
    To release economic criminals will only ecourages more criminals to commit even more crimes.
    Everybody will think 'I will get rich fast, and if caught I will be out soon'.

    It is better to make a system where anyone who is manufacturing something, with max 5 workers but not immigrants, should pay no taxes at all.
    Such family companies should have no need to file accounts, just pay $1000/year as one year off tax.

    That would:
    - reduce import
    - increase employment & create working environment-habits
    - reduce administration
    - reduce inflation and costs in Russia,

    Russia has to make its own economy-system, which is good for Russia - not to copy anything from USA and EU.
  • lmconflict of interest is very clear, very clear.
    22:35, 23/06/2012
    My, my here we go again with the most stupid comment to come out of Putin’s office how in this gods! Sorry devil world I say devil because we have an axis of three evils in the world today with many followers who sold their souls long ago, can this send a positive signal to investors?
    May be this commissioner should be investigated to see just who he talks to behind the scene? What a conflict of interest we are witnessing here?
    Now back to this stupid statement really if one was to read this man comments and his thinking it is easy to see a fool in the makings.
    Ever since all the President human rights councils and now this fool of a commissioner for business all they think of is a rich person who is in jail, they never once think of the poor innocent man or woman who may be in prison mistakenly or willfully put into prison apart from deserving their sentences. They fight for the rich to get out of prison so they can get kick backs into their pockets make no mistakes about that it’s all in the kick backs. The poor jail birds cannot offer anything to them so rot in jail poor.
    Investors may be now thinking where Putin wisdom and foresight was?
    And he even have the guts to say the thief is in jail to long now who the hell is he to determine who is in jail too long?
    There are people who call themselves politicians in Russia some are in Jails; these people are Russia’s worst nightmare their only goal is selling off Russia chunk by chunk if they get into power the so called liberals and Western enslavement minds.
  • gunshipdemocracyCriminal and murdered belongs to jail
    01:59, 24/06/2012
    on his order many people died, he pumped out hundreds millions of stolen $ abroad. Because he was Jew working for USA he now is innocent? Free Madoff then. At least Madoff did not kill anybody.
  • pushkinlovKhodorkovsky is a criminal
    04:52, 24/06/2012
    Khodorkovsky tried to steal Russia's oil reserves and engaged in eliminating individuals with the purpose of appropriating their belongings. The west already has plans for him; some oligarchs count on him, and some ambitious opportunists still want to cash in from his deep pockets. Khodorkovsky still has to respond to justice. Khodorkovsky can be characterized pure and simply as a criminal. If someone has any doubts, please watch

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