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Russia Dismisses U.S. Criticism on Human Rights

Moscow has rejected a U.S. State Department report that criticized Russia’s poor human rights record as biased and politically motivated
00:34 29/05/2012
MOSCOW, May 29 (RIA Novosti)
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Moscow has rejected a U.S. State Department report that criticized Russia’s poor human rights record as biased and politically motivated.

The U.S. Department of State released last week the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011, which traditionally identified violations of democratic processes, a weak judicial system and suppression of freedom of expression as key problems in Russia.

“The part of the report dedicated to Russia is not objective,” Russian Foreign Ministry's ombudsman for human rights Konstantin Dolgov said in a statement on Monday.

“Our American partners regretfully refuse to notice large-scale efforts by the Russian leadership to carry out reforms of political and judicial systems, law enforcement bodies and correctional facilities, to fight corruption,” Dolgov said.

The official pointed out that the most serious flaw of the report was “an habitual abuse of the human rights theme to satisfy the political interests of the United States, which resulted in selective stereotyped assessments and extensive use of double standards.”

"It is indicative in this context that the report again does not analyze the human rights situation in the United States, a country whose human rights record is far from perfect,” he said.

Dolgov expressed hope that the U.S. approach toward the issue would be more objective and weighted in the future.


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RIA NovostiMoscow has rejected a U.S. State Department report that criticized Russia’s poor human rights record as biased and politically motivated Russia Dismisses U.S. Criticism on Human Rights

00:34 29/05/2012 Moscow has rejected a U.S. State Department report that criticized Russia’s poor human rights record as biased and politically motivated.>>

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  • free_mind50(no title)
    06:54, 29/05/2012
    It is clear that these are nothing more than pointed attacks against the Russian Federation.
    Cispa,NDAa,SOPa, FINANCIAL FRAUD,GUaNTANamO,OCw Crackdowns,rendition sites patriot act 2 are all machinations not created by the Russian Federation.
  • SirkoRe As the Natives Said, "Americans Speak with Forked Tongues."
    08:55, 29/05/2012
    ...and should never be trusted...

    What is it with you twit Russians and your nice polite responses to clear and obvious lies and propaganda. Tell the lying Americans with there bullshit 'mythical democracy' to SCREW OFF. The last country in this world who can point a figure anywhere is the U.S. who has abused its power both at home and abroad causing the suffering of millions around the world due to their pernicious greed and avarice. American capitalism and mythical democracy, with the aid of their Wart NATO, laced with subversive propaganda is the road to Hell..If they are not stopped that is exactly where they will take this planet sooner or later. As a Chinese foreign minister once said, "What America needs is a good kick in the ribs."

    There is a problem with the Russian psyche for they never tell the U.S. in no uncertain terms to kiss their lily white Slavic asses?

    Successive American administrations who since the birth of the nation have committed the most crimes against its indigenous people, including genocide as an officially sanctioned policy, worked to death, exploited, and killed thousands of African Americans, and in recent times stolen the livelihood and homes of millions of working class Americans, subverted the judicial system to help a fascist G.W. 'Bushwacker' steal the presidency from Al Gore, etcetera, etcetera. definitely do not have the moral authority to point a finger anywhere. To this day it is the only so-called civilized country which has an overwhelming number of its citizens in the biggest prisons in the world, and makes profit off the poor and sick with no 'public option medicare plan'.

    ...."Jacksonian Democracy"...Hahahahahaha...!!! Ask the Cherokee. "Your vote counts." Ask the Afro-Americans. "The American dream" Ask the millions without homes, jobs and their old age savings and security stolen. Once again ask the million suffering without a public option medicare plan. Even that rediculous "Obamacare" which has been stripped to the bone, the fascists Repiglicans are trying to get rid of it and will. Sig Hiel Romney!

    Question: Why is there an Electoral College?

    Answer: Because the establishment does not trust the people.

    In the U.S. who controls the accountability of the politicians? Who owns the main stream mass media? The people! or the enormous lobbies who are funded by corporations and the filthy rich. How much wealth is enough for one individual to accrue????? In America....never enough! The top five percent of the population have eighty percent of the wealth....NOW!!! Is that not a true democracy????

    Pericles must be spinning in his grave with laughter...???

    "In our society the poor man who works honourably to raise his family is respected. The rich must always be suspect for no one accrues tremendous wealth without exploiting others."

    America has become a monstrous octopus strangling the rights and freedoms of people all over the world with their support of heinous quisling regimes. The exploitation and genocide began with its own indigenous people in the great land grab of an entire continent and then the African Americans. That policy continued into South and Central America and since WW II American suppression by lies and subterfuge have pilfered most of the planet. How does one think she became so rich, powerful and 'STUPID'???

    Subsequent to the dissolution of the Soviet state the American regimes have set their site on the vast resources of the Russian Federation and former Soviet Republics.

    WAKE UP...!!! Tell the fascist propagandists in the State Department to screw off and choke on their lies...

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