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Medvedev Warns of ‘Full-Blown Wars’

Military intervention in the sovereign affairs of other states may lead to outright war, including nuclear war, Medvedev said
13:49 17/05/2012
ST. PETERSBURG, May 17 (RIA Novosti)
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Military intervention in the sovereign affairs of other states may lead to outright war, including nuclear war, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday.

“The introduction of all sorts of collective sanctions bypassing international institutions does not improve the situation in the world while reckless military operations in foreign states usually end up with radicals coming to power,” he told an international legal forum in St. Petersburg.

“At some point such actions, which undermine state sovereignty, may well end in a full-blown regional war and even - I’m not trying to spook anyone - the use of nuclear weapons,” he said.

The right of nations to choose their own path of development is a universal value, he said referring to the situation in Syria and the Middle East as a whole ahead of a G8 summit.

A Kremlin aide said earlier on Thursday the Group of Eight industrial nations meeting outside Washington on May 18-19 will begin with talks on Syria and Iran.

Dmitry Medvedev, who is attending the meeting instead of President Vladimir Putin, will hold bilateral talks with U.S. President Barack Obama, Arkady Dvorkovich said.


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RIA NovostiMilitary intervention in the sovereign affairs of other states may lead to outright war, including nuclear war, Medvedev said Medvedev Warns of ‘Full-Blown Wars’

13:49 17/05/2012 Military intervention in the sovereign affairs of other states may lead to outright war, including nuclear war, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday.>>

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  • free_mind50(no title)
    16:30, 17/05/2012
    The Prime minister is correct. Nato does not have the resources now to launch a full scale invasion of Syria and Iran. The Libya campaign proved that, at which is why mercenaries are being used in Libya and Syria along with the reliance of indigenous insurgent ground troops instead of NATO Troops. I made this observation to someone over a decade ago about why it was not really necessary for a ground invasion of Iraq.
    At most a limited air and naval campaign, despite popular notions to the contrary military supply and logistics are not unlimited resources as the Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya campaign proved.
    that is partially why those countries are in chaos and the western elite have settled for such, manage chaos.
    what NATO currently suffers from is the law of diminishing marginal utility and supply, thus the temptation to use the only available mass casualty producing weapons which are low yield nuclear warheads out of western madness and desperation which will set the middle east and the world afire as other nuclear holding states will be forced to respond and this is the inherent danger with which the Prime minister peaks.
    • lmOK
      11:08, 18/05/2012
      He is correct but what is Russia doing to avert it? Talking at the UN only helps so much but the way it goes for the others “If the SC passes a resolution find if they don’t we do it our way!
      Russia has to do more to help others not just talk but watch them fall off one by one. Russia needs to be more assertive and forceful on the International scene.
      The Procrastination approach to reciprocal must end there are far to many deliberations on foreign policy, to much soul searching get on with the job of protecting your interest and citizen aboard.
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    • SirkoHe is Dead On...!!!
      10:04, 18/05/2012
      The politcal leadership of NATO needs a good 'kick in the ribs' and 'a bloody nose'.

      The rich western 'banksters' start the wars but the children of the poor die in them...
    • SirkoMasters of Chaos and Profit...
      10:12, 18/05/2012
      "...why those countries are in chaos and the western elite have settled for such, manage chaos."

      NATO does not worry about wars. For them wars are profitable. The final equation is chaos enables exploytation...
    • SirkoNATO an American WART upon the FACE of Humanity..
      18:14, 18/05/2012
      "I am sure if they were, a well placed mission of two airborne brigades in support of on the ground operations with Syrian forces, to include door to door inspections, coordination with local police stations, and amnesty collection points would, push the insurgents toward the border areas, while stabilizing the coast and internal areas, with round the clock patrols and alternating curfews."

      The solution is far easier than that. The insurgents and arms are coming from Turkey (fellow NATO Rat) and the coast. Simply, blockade the coast and close off the Turkish border. It has always been in the interest of successive Turkish regimes to be a lackeys of the Americans, whether it be during the Cold War or now.

      This is exactly what is needed. The current situation in Middle East, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc. and now being plotted for Iran is caused by the American regime and its Wart NATO. Not to mention the Balkans and the destruction of the Yugoslav state and that dance is far from over. Just give it a few years. The Serbs have a very good memory as the Ottomans and Austro-Magyars found out.

      As I mentioned above NATO's policy is the complete anti-thesis of Russia's. Canada used to be a respect member of the UN and genuine peace keeper, but the Anti-Christ Tories in the pay of the U.S. have made Canada a vassal of the Bully Boy and we carry his coat wherever he creates mayhem. Using the 'bullshit pretext of democracy and human rights NATO destabilizes regions, interferes in the affairs of sovereign states and exploits the concocted situation for profit and world hegemony. Criminals the likes of Bush, Blair and Cheney, all rich bastards in the pay of the western 'banksters' cause the wars with lies, but the children of the poor in the west pay for it with there lives. Hundred of Americans have died just in Afghanistan beating up the poorest country in the world and then as in my country we bring them home and call them "heroes". A hero is one who makes the other sucker die for his cause. Our dead in these unjust wars are sacrificial lambs at the alter of American capitalist greed. These wars profit no one but the RATS mentioned above and their ilk...Are the American people living any better than there forefather's, or are they living in tent cities?

      "If the American people permit large financial institutions to develop around the government without checks and balances they will wake up one morning and find that their children have no roof over their heads in the land of their forefathers." Thomas Jefferson..... Gadzooks...!!! Was he prophetic or what???
      • arsanlupinOh, please!
        14:51, 19/05/2012
        This from a psychotic Canadian, 4 generations removed from anything Russian. I doubt he’s ever even visited Russia; if he had, the Russians would probably have killed him out of sheer embarrassment. His blind anti-American bigotry is because he thinks it’s the fault of the USA his grandfather lost his job, 54 years ago. Everything else is simple ranting; a rational thought and a glass of water would probably kill him.
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        • BeryevStop speaking in Russia's name - you don't deserve it
          01:08, 20/05/2012
          Good god. Is Canada that boring that you foreigner have to spend a good portion of your own time mindlessly typing about a country you have absolutely nothing to do with? For god's sake, go back towards contributing towards your nation's well being - you are just making a fool of yourself to anyone who scrolls downwards. Because if that is what Canadians just do, I am just glad that my nation is not heading in the direction you are dictating for it; as if you know what is good for a country you never have set foot upon.
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        • antfreMedvedev warns
          16:58, 19/05/2012
          Medvedev is right, so the first thing that Russia should do is to stop helping tirannies all around the world.
          • arsanlupinTrue, but ...
            21:06, 19/05/2012
            … unfortunately the West is equally guilty of that particular charge. Saddam Hussein, Nguyen Van Thieu, and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi are some good examples.

            No, the issue is broader: what egregious acts by a sitting government against their own people (if any) justify that country’s neighbors helping the local populace in regime change? It’s a thorny problem, and obviously a very controversial topic. Personally I think NATO went too far with Libya; I got the strong impression that the USA was pushed into it by the French and British, who were obviously the driving force behind the entire affair. I guess Muammar Gaddafi did too thorough a job of pissing off everyone around him, for when the end came, no one would help him – not even Russia.

            But Syria is different in many ways. The country is one fifth the size of Libya with five times the antiaircraft defenses, for one thing. It also has a leader who, while obviously just as ruthless with his citizens, is nowhere near as stupid as Gaddafi was. No, the situation calls for a different solution. Councilman Mikhail Margelov is correct when he said “The Syrian crisis should not be cut by ax, it should be disassembled by forceps.” The problem is that neither side seems interested in compromise anymore; too much blood has been shed. Also, not enough blood has been shed to horrify either side enough to step back and think. What amount that is no one knows. I only know it will be a terrible amount.
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            • lmSenseless.
              21:50, 20/05/2012
              antfe if you have nothing to say it is better to keep quiet.
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            • lmA great Country beautiful people, in need of a strong foreign policy.
              09:23, 20/05/2012
              So you are telling us that because Syria is not part of CUSTOM UNION Ect,ect the Russian base in Syria must be given up? If this is the case then Russia should not have any foreign interest aboard if they cannot protect it. Russia has given up far too many the important list reads
              Cuban listen post, Vietnam base, sell of its Air Craft carriers, and agree to dismantle the Typhoon Subs, ect, ect, all in the hopes of been accepted and don’t tell me it was not it was.
              Think a little here if Russia had invested in foresight, a strong political will, Russia would have been seen as a different force today. Why China and India saw value in carriers that Russia sold off? Today just one carrier works its back off. What about ships that are laid up for years waiting for repairs but cannot smell the ocean salt when will they be repaired?
              Do you think that Russia can have any independent foreign policy when they are buying foreign military hardware/ technology NO THEY CANNOT the Kremlin has boxed itself into a corner that would be painful?
              Why the military could not wait on the locally built UAVs? Was there such a crisis? And this question goes very deep why they could not wait? Yes Russia can buy some foreign things but not things that would turn around later with a slap in the face.
              Another point here 80% of photo shots involving the Russian President when visiting any high level meeting aboard the President is show in a peculiar way always looking up to the US President now this may seems as nothing but a picture paints a thousand words and those shots says a lot.
              When a Russian or anyone acting as a Russian in Western movies again 80% of times they portray the bad guy why this is so? The Kalashnikov gun is viewed as a killing machine, most times demonize, but the vehicles which transport 99% of the men with these rifles is not seen as a killing machine it is a world class seller why this Is so?
              Which country outside Russia’s borders can ask for protection from Russia? What Russia can do to help if there Veto fails because as it stands now the Veto is just a delay to others?
              Russia has and must rebrand its foreign policy, create a think-tank to access threats of all kinds. Stop talks of putting missiles here and there do it, gain respect thru silence.
              • arsanlupinIt isn't all THAT bad ...
                19:45, 20/05/2012
                I agree with you in a lot of ways. Yes, Russia is a beautiful country and the people are warm and friendly. I know – I’ve actually been there several times, unlike most others posting here. But let’s be honest: they’ve made a few mistakes just like everyone else. Also, several of the points you make were the result of outside forces.

                The bases at Lourdes and Cam Ranh Bay were due for annual lease increases to $200 million per year, which Russia was unwilling to pay.

                Of the six Project 941 Akula ballistic missile submarines (NATO designation Typhoon) built almost 30 years ago three were decommissioned and scrapped in accordance with the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. The other three will be removed from service when their new Borei-class ballistic missile submarine replacements are deployed,

                It’s no one’s fault and there is no conspiracy to make Prime Minister Medvedev look small in comparison to other world leaders – he IS small: 162 cm (5”4”) to be exact. That doesn’t make him and less of a man, and everyone else knows it.

                This has been discussed before: EVERY country buys some military equipment from other countries. That doesn’t weaken that country in and of itself. Okay, the initial attempts to have UAV’s built was a debacle. That happens sometimes; the level of corruption in Russia is well-known. I’m afraid I don’t see the vital connection between the occasional purchase of non-Russian equipment and the country’s foreign policy. No one country can manufacture the best of everything; to ask that is totally unreasonable.

                Russia has had a lot of difficulty in designing carrier aircraft, and the carriers it has had have proven to be not worth the money spent. Also, the philosophy of making them “heavy aircraft-carrying cruisers” by taking up the foredeck with a dozen P-700 long-range anti-ship missiles tends to reduce the ship’s capability as a true aircraft carrier.

                Maybe we aren’t watching the same cinema films. I recommend “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”, “Red Heat”, “Iron Eagle II”, and “2010: Odyssey II”

                Something else that no one seems to be thinking about – the cost of all this. Do you really think Russia has that much money, that they can instantly transform themselves into a naval power equal to another country that had a 100-year head start on the task? Maybe they want to take their time and do it right. Maybe they want to devote some of their finite resources into cleaning up the toxic waste dump the Soviet Union converted its land into. Maybe they want to improve their infrastructure; now Russia’s secondary cities are still running on telephone systems that were scrapped in Europe and North America in the 1960’s, and Western Europe has more miles of highway than Russia has.
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              • SirkoAn Apology....!!!
                10:33, 21/05/2012
                I have to apologize here to those who are innocent of the debate between myself and this 'arsanlupin' whatever the Hell that phoney name is supposed to be and his brainwashed Russian proxy 'beryev'. If the latter represents the archetypical Russian today then Russia is indeed in dire straits. A few weeks back when I began to read Novosti and post my extreme dislike for NATO and American foreign policy, both being dinosaurs of the Cold War, 'arsanlupin' began to attack me personally by calling me names quoting definitions from the dictionary based on the Greek word 'psychosis'. This was for no apparent reason but simply because I had the gall to question and ridicule NATO and its American master. It would appear to me that the purpose of an open forum is for people to post their opinions. Anyone who is informed and knows the geopolitical scenario since the dissolution of the Soviet Union cannot but infer that that the loss of checks and balances of the 'Big Red Machine' has created a fertile vacuum for imperialism. NATO and American foreign policy are today the greatest threat to world peace and hence it is essential that decent people voice their opposition to that policy. As Dante said in his book "The Inferno', "In times of moral turpitude the hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who preserve neutrality to themselves."

                Here is a brief overview of American foreign policy. If they can move in and buy up your industries, your resources, and the best minds of your nation they do so and create a branch plant economy by which they exploit the productivity of that particular region and its people, sending the profits to the FAT CAT corporate Capitalists at home who control their economy and government and hence their foreign policy. If they cannot take over a country's economy by buying it out they foment internal strife and instability and use this under the pretext of human rights and democracy to invade and put in quislings and proxies who permit the Americans and their WART NATO to set up a branch plant economy so the continued exploitation of that country's, resources and labour force will bring even more profit to the capitalists.

                American capitalism has nothing to do with 'free enterprise'. Free enterprise according to economic theory the origin of which is Adam Smith's 'Wealth of Nations' is about competition and hence said fair competition bringing prosperity to the working class consumer and the nation. Capitalism, American style of course negates true free enterprise and competition by exchanging it with 'Predation and Exploitation'.

                That is the crux of it today. The main purpose of my involvement in these debates is simple. I am a lover of the truth and as Plato put it, the truth is never one's enemy but propagandists with hidden agendas can destroy an entire civilization.
                • free_mind50(no title)
                  12:42, 21/05/2012
                  well said , I was the one who started the delusional, and psychosis. The Russian Federation has all the proof now it needs that the NATO and THE west is LYING.
                  Russia does not have to publicize or detail its response, that is the perogative of the Russian Federation.
                  • lmGood morning everyone..
                    12:52, 21/05/2012
                    Well that is as straight as it can get, another issue here we all have been debating on Russia and Nato/West relationship and I would want to believe that Russia whiles knowing what lies ahead seems to be still stuck in deliberating mood for to long.
                    There is plenty of talking and, threats’ coming out from the Kremlin but little to show for it and this is the paradox of Russia foreign policy. I keep stressing on foreign policy because that determines your standing and the external views of a country.
                    Both Arsanlupin and Sirko you all have good points however Sirko puts it as it is, plain talk bad manners, Arsanlupin you are diplomatic and sometimes if not most times such way often leaves out the true in-depth reasons however I find you all interesting.
                    Arsanlupin this line here, ( this has been discussed before: EVERY country buys some military equipment from other countries. That doesn’t weaken that country in and of itself).
                    Maybe you can do some more research because it does to a point where the country has to either toe the line or walk away which will be hard because a grate part of their military depends on the West. I am not saying that you do not have a point but it goes deeper. Buying sensitive foreign military hardware can and will impede Russia’s foreign policy at some stage as least behind close doors we will not even know when they capitulate. Let us scale it here 1-10.
                    And this is where Sirko comes in here, it is not as simple as saying everyone buys some foreign equipment for there military.
                    If Russia team up with Ukraine and pool there knowledge together I am sure they can come up with what is needed for the military, what ever is needed foreign will not be able to cause any harm as such.
                    My point here is: Why Russia could not wait for the locals to produce the UAVs? Come on countries that reach where they are now, did so by hard work? Ok buying say 10 UAVs aboard fine but wanting to buy more without waiting on your own, what is the hurry that has the Russian military in such frenzy purchase? Talks of the local producers cannot deliver is not the way to go. (I stand to be corrected here) Russia UAVs producers need support not criticism from the military. If one were to read the comments from the military of the local UAV such comments should have been tailored, the down right criticisms was unfortunate.
                    Their was a claim that the Israel’s sold Russia the Georgian UAVs code, well not everything one reads is true but just as an example what can go wrong.
                    Russia should not be guided by the intentions but the possibilities of buying such equipments can do later. (Intentions and possibilities foreign)
                    One US politician once said that country (not Russia) is too rich and big to be one country today it is split into many parts.
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                    • mishkaApplause
                      19:11, 25/02/2013

                      Thanks Sirko.

                      Wonderful post.
                    • lmunable to understand why...
                      22:48, 21/05/2012
                      NATO knows that Russia talks a lot, knows that Russia is hesitant about deploying missiles as they have threatened.
                      The West will never give Russia legal guarantees on the missiles shield. They are only courting Russia about using it soil to help with Afghanistan in fact Russia is helping NATO stay in Afghanistan in which they will create a massive base with Russia in mind make no mistake about it.( that country is to rich and big to be called one country)
                      The Kremlin is too passive in its approach to NATO and the West knows this only too well.
                      The bottom line is simple Russia is been surrounded from all sides and Russia has two choices cave in or start taking actions immediately without anymore hesitation
                      It is plain to see if a war breaks out then NATO can attack from all sides and now with the shield Russia will be cornered or so NATO THINKS.
                      Just look at Syria Russia is yet to make any kind of definitive move instead relying on a VETO and diplomacy which only stalls but not end or problems in Syria.
                      What Russia must do is deploy its military in Syria with Syria permission of course, and seal the borders, but again the hesitant procrastination nature of its foreign policy is spelling doom for others who seek help. Russia will lose its base if this country goes under.
                      • Sirko"unable to understand why..."
                        00:33, 23/05/2012
                        Your above post 'lm' is dead on and then some, and some...

                        You post is dead on and then some, some...The answer to the above is, all of history is ablaze with conspiracies.

                        What do you think happened to the Soviet Union?
                        What do you think happened to Yugoslavia?

                        Shan't belabour the point any further.
                        Reply | Comments: 1Expand branch
                        • antfreRussia being surrounded.
                          00:24, 25/02/2013
                          Did ever dong to you that thanks to the way the FREE world has kept the Asian Bear surrounded by nukes is that we have not been destroyed by a nuclear holocaust?
                        • spooks(no title)
                          18:25, 24/02/2013
                          So who would pay to watch the leaders of all the countries ' duke it out' instead of the people having to go to war for them
                          • tec123Have a good day..
                            13:50, 25/02/2013
                            Dear Arsanlupin,

                             The Soviet Union collapsed from being so inefficient they couldn't even feed their own people without buying megatons of grain from The West.
                            Dear I do not fully agree with your words above I would ask you to be more specific when making such comments for it seems that your emotions got into the way here.
                            Now what do you mean by the words inefficient and they could not even feed their own people?
                            I am sure you would agree with me it is ambiguously written?
                            its your old friend lm hope they dont block me out, hey RIANOVSTI Happy New Year to all staff...

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