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Clinton Hopes for Further ‘Democratization’ in Russia

Clinton Hopes for Further ‘Democratization’ in Russia
02:19 09/05/2012
WASHINGTON, May 9 (RIA Novosti)
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The United States hopes that the process of democratization will continue in Russia and that the rights of Russian citizens will be respected, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.


Protests against what they call stolen vote in the parliamentary and presidential elections of December and March resumed on Sunday in central Moscow.


“Certainly from the TV coverage I have seen the extent of the demonstrations. And I think it goes to the hope that all Russians have and that everyone who cares about Russia has that with the new term that President Putin is about to begin, Russia will be able to continue democratizing, protecting and respecting the rights of all Russian citizens, ensuring that there is a level playing field for political and economic participation,” the U.S. top diplomat said in an interview with CNN.


“I think that for those of us watching from afar on television who have such great respect for Russia, as I know you do, having lived there and studied and really become quite knowledgeable about Russia, we want Russia to fulfill its own potential. And that, of course, means giving people the chance to express themselves,” she went on.


State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner, in his turn, called on protestors and police to avoid violence and said the Russian authorities should respect the citizens’ rights for freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.


“We are troubled by reports of violence in Moscow during the protests on May 6th and by the arrests that have been carried out over the last three days. We are disturbed by images of police mistreatment of peaceful protestors both during the protests and after detentions,” he said.


He, however, said he did not think that the rallies in Moscow bode ill for the beginning of President Putin’s third term.


Over 400 people were arrested and scores injured as Sunday’s rally against Vladimir Putin’s rule turned violent when protesters briefly broke through police lines in a bid to take their protest to the Kremlin walls. Putin’s opponents accuse him of corruption and curtailing political freedoms.


Detentions continued on Tuesday with about 200 people held during an unsanctioned peaceful protest against Vladimir Putin’s return to presidency near the downtown Kitai-Gorod metro station, which anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny labeled an "ongoing day-and-night folk festivity."


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RIA NovostiClinton Hopes for Further ‘Democratization’ in Russia        Clinton Hopes for Further ‘Democratization’ in Russia

02:19 09/05/2012 The United States hopes that the process of democratization will continue in Russia and that the rights of Russian citizens will be respected, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.>>

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Leave a comment
    04:16, 09/05/2012
    If "democratization" means having your genitals frisked at the airport, your society turning into a Orwellian high-tech police state and having your armed forces going around the World raining death and chaos...you can keep your "democracy".
  • lmPutin do not trust her with a 10 foot pole.
    12:35, 09/05/2012
    This is just what the West and NATO wants in Russia to keep the demonstrators in the streets keeping Putin busy at home, in fact they hope to create enough trouble for Putin at home all the while saying Russia is a friend, Putin and Russians as a whole should know the West speaks with fork tongue.
    These demonstrators do not even have a common goal only to say lets go to the streets the very same middle class back in the 90’s were reeling now they can have everything, can go where they want they have become the so called people of democracy. If one were to check some of these people back ground their closet is full of skeletons
  • bielec10 Commandments for Clinton:
    13:00, 09/05/2012
    You should start the reforms at home:

    1. Put the one percent - (the thieves and war criminals, the bankers and Wall Street crooks) - in jail. Return to the people what was stolen from them;

    2. Step down (both Democrats and Republicans) and let the 99 percenters democratically rule the country;

    3. "...protect and respect the rights of all American citizens, ensuring that there is a level playing field for political and economic participation.";

    4. Nationalize banks and fiskal / monetary policies to protect the citizens from the greed of private fiancial institutions posing as "Federal". This will restore democracy;

    5. Outlaw lobbying and bribing of politicians by AIPAC, various think-tanks, and other groups representing narrow interests of the oligarchy at the expense of the majority of the citizens. This will restore democracy;

    6. Ensure objective and impartial mass media, so that people can make informed choices and patricipate meaningfully in the democratic process. This will restore democracy;

    7. Bring under national control the run away military - industrial complex and observe international law. This will restore peace and democracy around the world;

    8. Stop the criminal wars of conquest, stop the theft of other nations' resources. This will restore democracy;

    9. Stop meddling in other nations' affairs. This will protect democracy worldwide;

    10. Mind your own business.
    • lmPutin needs to change course on foreign policy.
      14:13, 09/05/2012
      She is nothing but a two face woman.
      Putin must stop the endless talking and show more actions.
    • gunshipdemocracy"democratization"?
      13:06, 09/05/2012
      that's why Russia is developing new nukes so no democratization takes place ;-)

      Better tell me Secretary Clinton what about concentration camps for Talibs in Iraq, Poland or Guantanamo - isn't it democracy your style?

      What about Bahrain? ha ha ha
    • SirkoFascist B-with-an-Itch....
      19:04, 09/05/2012
      "bielec10 Commandments for Clinton:"

      Could not have said it better myself. I take my hat of to you sir. The American people and indeed all decent folk around the world thank you for your just and accurate sentiments.

      She is the embodiment of the evil which has been endemic in recent successive American regimes and this very preaching on her part proves and condemns those administrations for what they are 'fascist imperialists'.

      On an aside what kind of woman would have tolerated the debauchery of her husband B. Clinton the Ozark Caligula, certainly not a decent one with morals, ethics and scruples.

      Hence, I reiterate the 10th commandment here.

      Mind your own damned business you fascist B-with-an-Itch, or more politely as the Christ said, "Why are you pointing out the mote in your neighbour's eye when there is log in yours?"
      21:49, 09/05/2012
    • free_mind50(no title)
      00:27, 10/05/2012
      since when do they care about the Russian Federation other tan to create some form of strife. Please no one is buying it except the protesters and they should know better

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