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President Putin Praises Elections Despite Protests

Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Churov
13:50 08/05/2012
NOVO-OGARYOVO, May 8 (RIA Novosti)
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Vladimir Putin who officially resumed office as president after his inauguration on Monday complimented the work of election commissions during the presidential polls in March.

The presidential elections and the preceding parliamentary vote in December gave rise to unprecedented protests across the nation, which resumed in the past three days but at a lesser scale. Putin accused the United States of backing opposition leaders.

“I know it was not an easy task… you worked in a complicated political environment,” he said addressing Vladimir Churov, head of the Central Election Commission. “Let’s do everything to guarantee the rights, freedoms of Russian people, including voting rights.”

The presidential elections saw Putin win a landslide victory with over 60% of the votes. Protesters have accused the authorities and election bodies of stealing their vote.


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RIA NovostiVladimir Putin and Vladimir ChurovPresident Putin Praises Elections Despite Protests

13:50 08/05/2012 Vladimir Putin who officially resumed office as president after his inauguration on Monday complimented the work of election commissions during the presidential polls in March.>>

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  • moist"Despite Protests"
    16:01, 08/05/2012
    "Despite Protests"
    Why are RIA repeating that? Do you actually think that a few thousand new rich, upper-middle class urban "Russians" and outright fascists in Moscow outdoes an overwhelming Russian majority, in ALL OF RUSSIA, FOR Putin?
    Or are you parroting western corporate media in certain areas in order not to be seen too Kremlin?
    For whatever reason, leave those Sorosian NED idiot behind already and concentrate on the plans ahead for the new president!! Traitors and foreign agents dont deserve attention...
    • antfreDespite protests
      16:21, 08/05/2012
      Traitors and foreign agents?????? Deja Vu all over again?
    • antfrePresident putin praises election.
      16:11, 08/05/2012
      Of course he praises the election.....he won didn't he?
    • SirkoRIAN Supporting Malcontents...???
      19:04, 08/05/2012
      "Traitors and foreign agents don't deserve attention..."

      Here! Here! I'll drink to the above.

      The American regime and its lackey dinosaur that wart upon the face of humanity NATO are attempting to do the same in Russia as they have in the former Warsaw Pact countries and ex-Soviet republics. They have also subverted and hijacked the Arab populist movement begun in Tunisia and molded it with propaganda, money, arms to suit the policies of NATO. Hence, it is not surprising that it should work in Russia also. Need to tighten up on those so-called demonstrations led by fifth columnists.

      Notice how long the protests against the RATS in Wall Street lasted, after they stole billions and trillions and then bailed out to the tune of billions and trillions only to be stolen again. That is exactly what those western moles and malcontents want a system in which they can emulate the thieving rats in the west while the rest of the people toil and suffer in quite obscurity and desperation. I hope Putin has the will to shut them up for the good, for they will grow like a cancer and destabilize and destroy the Russian state. The cancer is already there in ex-Kremlin officials, regional governors and the Yeltsin era blood suckers and 'shysters'...shipping their loyalties and lucre abroad...It is time to end twenty years of thievery, grinding Russia into the dirt..
    • bielecDaaaa?
      19:18, 08/05/2012
      Weren't there 670 international observers monitoring Russia's presidential election?

      To antfre:

      What do you call a minority that cannot accept a defeat in democratic elections and is ready to destabilize the country over this issue?

      They are either completely damn and stubborn, or they are trators and foreign agents.

      Don't forget, there is a lot of Soros' and NED money to be made, if the protests in Moskow are loud and clear.

      And there are some privilages to be lost, if national, socialist, and anti-corruption policies are enforced in the coutry.
    • SirkoMalcontents,Traitors and Provocateurs....
      09:22, 09/05/2012
      Beyond a shadow of a doubt they are traitors, and provocateurs guided and funded by foreign agents, as I mentioned not unlike what is going on in the Arab countries.

      Six-hundred and seventy international observers...!!! When you allow this does it not send a message that there is something definitely wrong with Russia? Does this not beg the question as to what is empowering these malcontents and evil doers? What is it with the Russian leadership that they need to justify anything and everything to the so called-west? Did Joseph Stalin attempt to justify anything to them or were they shitting their pants at a very sight of him? Just what is the moral high ground in the west? Is it the great scam of 2008 by the Wall Street Rats which has destabilized the entire world economies? Is it their political systems where they preach 'democracy' and practise Plutocracy? Name an election in the U.S. which was not fraught with corruption whether it was the Mafia putting JFK in the White House or G.W. 'Bushwacker' stealing the election from A. Gore by fixing voting machines and stuffing ballot boxes? In short unlike the Reds who had cojones the Kremlin today is run by mealy mouth dweebs who talk, talk, talk while the enemies of the Russian people and indeed the working people around the world including the poor Americans are getting richer and more powerful by the minute. During the Soviet era it was fear of the Big Red Machine which kept the western 'banksters' and their political cronies from creating total mayhem around the world as we see today.

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