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Rights Activists Protest 'Gay Propaganda' Law

Topic: Gay Propaganda Ban in Russia

18:55 23/04/2012
MOSCOW, April 23 (RIA Novosti)
Tags: gay rights, Moscow City Duma, Russia, Moscow

Gay rights activists protested at the Moscow City Duma on Monday afternoon against a law banning "gay propaganda" among minors that could be imposed by the Moscow authorities.

Earlier on Monday, deputies of the Moscow State Duma met with parent groups to discuss the draft law that would ban propaganda of homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender practices among minors.

“We believe it is necessary to accept this law, to put barriers in the way of this propaganda. We are 10 years late with the adoption of the law that will ban propaganda of homosexuality, bisexuality or any other propaganda of sexual minorities,” a board member of the nonprofit partnership in the security of family, childhood, personality and health Parent Committee Larisa Pavlova said.

According to her, a number of educational programs have already had basic elements of homosexual and lesbian propaganda.  
At the same time, added Pavlova, there are cases when children take psychological tests where they have to answer questions about sexual orientation and a number of sexual acts.

The law penalizing “the propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors”came into force in St. Petersburg on March 17, to mixed reactions among Russians where anti-gay sentiment remains strong. The U.S. State Department expressed its concern about accepting the law that imposes fines of up to about $16,000 for individuals and up to $160,000 to organizations for the promotion of homosexuality.

“The idea itself is absurd and the wording of the law is vague,” gay rights activist Gleb Napreenko said.


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RIA NovostiMoscow City DumaRights Activists Protest 'Gay Propaganda' Law

18:55 23/04/2012 Gay rights activists protested at the Moscow City Duma on Monday afternoon against a law banning "gay propaganda" among minors that could be imposed by the Moscow authorities.>>

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  • PETEPETEPETENo compromise on this...
    16:45, 23/04/2012
    The "Gay Agenda" is a major part of their strategy of moral and cultural subversion. All you have to do is to think about why Western medias, entertainment industry, politics, judicial system, etc...are so obsessed with promoting homosexuality. No compromise on this whatsoever, if Russia accepts this their done for.
  • PETEPETEPETEOne more thing...
    16:46, 23/04/2012
    RT...it's "homosexual" not "gay". "Gay" means happy and it is nothing but a semantic-propagandist weapon. Please be accurate.
  • BabeoufaHomophobia
    20:12, 23/04/2012
    The policy of legislating against 'Homosexual propaganda ' was enacted by the British Conservative government decades ago when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. It was a piece of reactionary law from a party of right-wing reaction. The modern Conservative Party is about to legalise Homosexual marriages. In the British case nobody ever understood what 'Homosexual Propaganda ' actually was. Just as nobody would understand what 'Heterosexual propaganda' was. My ideas about the world come and go. My favourite colour does not.

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