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Massive Russian-U.S. Anti-Drug Raid Under Way in Afghanistan

Topic: Struggle against drug trafficking

Massive Russian-U.S. Anti-Drug Raid Under Way in Afghanistan
16:18 19/04/2012
MOSCOW, April 19 (RIA Novosti)
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Russian and U.S. special services are currently carrying out a large-scale anti-drug raid in Afghanistan, Russia’s chief drug control official said on Thursday.

“We are carrying out a large-scale operation to eliminate drug laboratories [in Afghanistan],” Viktor Ivanov, who heads the Russian Federal Drug Control Service, told journalists in Moscow.

He declined to reveal details about the operation, saying that its results were likely to be announced in May during a meeting between Russian and U.S. anti-drug officials to be hosted by Russia.

Flooded by Afghan heroin being smuggled through former Soviet Central Asian republics, Russia has cooperated with NATO in fighting the drug business in Afghanistan for years, carrying out raids on drug laboratories and training anti-drug officers.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday during the Russia-NATO Council meeting in Brussels that concern over the persisting threat of terrorism and drug trafficking from Afghanistan remained high.

“Unfortunately despite all the international efforts, the threat of terrorism and drug trafficking from Afghanistan persists,” he said, adding that Russia was concerned how things were going to develop after international combat troops leave Afghanistan in 2014.

According to Russia’s federal drug control watchdog, heroin production in Afghanistan rose 40-fold in the past decade, with opium poppy plantations currently covering 130,000 hectares in the southern Central Asian country. The drug business has been a major source of income for Taliban warlords, bringing them hundreds of millions of dollars every year.


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RIA NovostiMassive Russian-U.S. Anti-Drug Raid Under Way in Afghanistan         Massive Russian-U.S. Anti-Drug Raid Under Way in Afghanistan

16:18 19/04/2012 Russian and U.S. special services are currently carrying out a large-scale anti-drug raid in Afghanistan, Russia’s chief drug control official said on Thursday.>>

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  • arnoldvinette@yahoo.comEven in Ottawa this is a problem
    19:00, 19/04/2012
    Good timing for this article.

    Yesterday I stumbled on an old Ottawa Sun newspaper from Friday Dec 23, 2011.

    The cover story was "Police Take Back the Streets".


    The news story begins with the estimate that there are 30,000 drug dealers in Ottawa. Ottawa has a population of 900,000 meaning that for every 30 people there is a drug dealer in the group.

    Although this figure sounds a little high too, I am not on the Ottawa police force so I have no idea the kinds of problems they run into on a daily basis.

    Ottawa is the paradise of cities in North America with good employment, fresh air, beautiful scenery, and many places to exercise.

    So if Ottawa has 30,000 drug dealers where conditions are ideal for living then this really is a major problem around the world.

    To have 100,000 Russians die every year from drug related causes just seems to be a staggering number.

    As a person who has zero interest in drugs including alcohol consumption why is this so rampant in our modern society / civilization?

    Have we changed as a people or is this simply normal for people to enjoy taking drugs that change their state of reality?

    Has our civilization simply become more aware of people taking drugs that change their state of reality?

    More importantly though why are these people feel compelled to take these drugs?

    This is not just a Russian problem, but based on Ottawa figures it really is a global one.

    I admire the Russian and Americans trying to wipe out the drug labs in Afghanistan, but based on global demand this is a losing battle.

    In order in kill demand for drugs, if this is even possible, one has to understand why people are taking drugs in the first place.

    A new approach needs to be taken in this battle.

    A new perspective needs to be taken on the problem and it is going to require a leap of faith.

    This is your leap of faith.

    What is a human being?

    A human being consists of two principal parts.

    1) A biological human being adapted to Earth with a brain of sufficient capacity and complexity suitable to host a spiritual energy light being (consciousness). This host human body is born, reaches maturity, reproduces, grows old and then dies of old age. At the time of death the spiritual energy light being (consciousness) is released back to the Spirit Realm.

    2) A spiritual consciousness / soul that is an energy light being.

    Each spiritual consciousness is unique just as each human being is unique.

    A spiritual energy light being does not die once created, it is eternal.

    The home of all spiritual energy light beings is the Spirit Realm.

    3) The Spirit Realm is located at the centre of all dimensions.

    Our dimension / universe / Earth plane is located 4 dimensions out from the centre of the Spirit Realm.

    The first dimension is a dimension in development (the big bang so to speak). The second dimension is empty, set aside for future development. The third dimension is more advanced than this one and features both physical and mental dimensions.

    The fourth is our spacetime dimension. For those that are curious, time is created by a moving energy string. Compress the string and time slows. Stretch the string and time accelerates. Move back on the energy string and move back into the past. Move forward on the string and move forward in time.

    Think of each dimension as a globe encircling the spirit realm. Each dimension is defined by its vibrational energy.

    The Spirit Realm is the centre of all knowledge, unconditional love and acceptance.
    Corny but true.

    Younger spirits incarnate on Earth to grow and develop. When spirits have advanced sufficiently after several thousand of incarnations, they advance to other specialities that are required in the Spirit Realm. Everyone has a special skill that is required.

    Spirit Realm = Centre of all knowledge = Nature

    Earth is a training planet for new souls to develop. From what I can gather Earth is a very difficult environment to train on and it takes lots of experience to get good at it.

    By lots of experience I mean a number of lives reincarnating as a human being to learn what does and does not work. Over time spiritual entities get better at handling their human body hosts.

    I suspect that many of the people getting hooked on drugs are younger spirits who are having a very hard time adjusting to the difficult and dense environment of Earth. Compare the Earth environment to one in which you are a Light Energy Being in the Spirit Realm. It is a huge change!

    My suggestion to governments worldwide is to begin an extensive program to take a wide selection of drug users and regressive them back to a Past Life and then into the Spirit Realm.

    The go to source for experts in this field is

    The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Research

    What do governments hope to accomplish by doing this?

    1) Find out the age of the spirit / soul that is co-host in the body.
    Spirits grow with wisdom after each Earth incarnation.

    So it makes sense that the younger the spirit the more difficulty it has adjusting to the more dense Earth environment. And unlike the Spirit Realm, which is unconditional love and acceptance, that type of environment does not exist on Earth. Which is why Earth is a training ground for spiritual development.

    2) Find out if this spirit is new to the Earth environment.
    Earth is one of many training worlds.
    Sometimes spirits are looking for a new challenge or their other world has died.

    3) Find out what was planned for this person's life and what challenges they had to face and conquer. This is all available in the Pre-Life Review.

    With this body of information that will grow for each drug user, a profile will be built up with regards to why these people are drawn to drugs.

    The answer could be as simple as they are simply new spirits getting overwhelmed in the Earth environment and drugs are their outlet. Another could be that they are from another planet and the human body and human experience is just to weird for them so drugs are a way of coping.

    The first step however is for governments worldwide to recognize that the human body is host to a spiritual entity that reincarnates over and over again on Earth to develop wisdom and experience.

    This is a new reality for our society and so it will take time to acknowledge and accept.

    However our civilization cannot combat the problem of drug use until we completely understand the underlying problems that are causing it.

    Understanding the problem is the first step in finding a possible solution.

    What proof if any do I have if any of spirit incarnation into the human body?

    1. I first became aware of the possibility that human existence is NOT all there is. In November 2011 I stumbled across this documentary called “Life After Life”.


    This documentary covers 16 cases where people had Near Death Experiences and as a spiritual energy being left their body and travelled back to the entry point of the Spirit Realm where they were then turned around and told to go back.

    Were 16 people hallucinating these similar details?

    2. In December 2011 a thoroughly documented case arose where by a young boy recalled the details of being a World War II US Pilot. His name is James III. Between the ages of 3 and 5 years he told his parents details about a life he remembered as a World War II US Pilot. The information was researched and verified with people who knew James II still living today.

    Past Life of James – Part 1 of 3

    Past Life of James – Part 2 of 3

    Past Life of James – Part 3 of 3

    3. Carol Bowman runs the web site called “Past Children's Lives”.


    Carol Bowman begin this work when her own children told her stories of a previous life on Earth. Carol Bowman was able to assist James parents try to understand what was happening and why James was recalling this past life information.

    Carol Bowman had already discovered through her two children that the human body has a spiritual entity that is reincarnated lifetime after lifetime.

    The verifiable proof that was happening was James III, the reincarnated US Pilot from World War II.

    Carol Bowman has a great site where parents can leave stories about the past lives their children are remembering. Children will usually recall these memories between the ages of 3 and 5 years if it is going to happen. After 5 years the children are more involved with their current life and these past memories fade.

    To be clear it is the spiritual consciousness of the child that is remembering.

    4. This information then lead me to the web site International Association of Near Death Experiences.


    Here is a compilation of Near Death Experience stories from people who have died, left their physical human body as a Spirit Energy Being, travelled to the entry point of the Spirit Realm and then been turned back for whatever or another. It was not their time to die yet.

    Each of these stories is different with a similar underlying story. Together they represent a fairly accurate description of what a person's spirit will feel after they die and leave their body.

    Many of these stories contain references to contemporary Christian religious figures like Jesus and Mary.

    Sadly to disappointment all organized religions, there is no organized religion in heaven.

    5. Which now brings me to Brian Weiss and Michael Newton.

    Both Brian Weiss and Michael Newton are psychologists whose job it is to help people with physical and mental problems that cannot be solved by regular medical care.

    To my knowledge both Brian Weiss and Michael Newton were practising their careers in the 1950's to the 1990's.

    Both psychologists accidentally discovered while treating their patients that many of their current day problems originated in a previous life. This knowledge both surprised and shocked them.

    Brian Weiss became an expert in Past Life Regression to help heal his patients by recognizing the Past Life trauma and working the patient through it. Once the source of the pain was revealed it went away. Brian Weiss did not take it any further than this.

    Brian Weiss discovered that the unique spiritual consciousness of his patients had lived before, incarnated in previous human lives. Why was not certain, just that this was now a new fact of human reality.

    Michael Newton also discovered by accident that his patients could identify an untreatable condition in this lifetime with a past life trauma. He to perfected Past Life Regression.

    Michael Newton like Brian Weiss discovered that the unique spiritual consciousness of his patients had lived before, incarnated in previous human lives. Why was not certain, just that this was now a new fact of human reality.

    Then one day one of Michael Newton patients who was feeling especially alone in the world took him not to a Past Life, but directly into the Spirit Realm in a Life Between Lives.

    Amazed that this was even possible, Michael Newton would spend the next 40 years working with new patients who were interested in their Life Between Lives.

    At the end of this 40 year period Michael Newton summarized his findings in two books.

    Journey of Souls – By Michael Newton – 1997

    Destiny of Souls – By Michael Newton – 2000

    These two well written books discuss what the Spirit Realm is. What a Spiritual Energy Being is. Why Spiritual Energy Being's incarnate on Earth. What Spiritual Energy Being's do in the Spirit Realm between incarnations on Earth.

    Read these two eBooks here.


    If you were ever curious as to what your consciousness is, what you are doing here on Earth, and what you will be doing after you die, these two books will explain it all.

    The information is absolutely fascinating.

    6. After reading Michael Newton's two books, you might want to enjoy an interview he has done about his 40 years of research into the Spirit Realm. This interview nicely sums up a lot of the information in the two books.

    Part 1 of 5

    Part 2 of 5

    Part 3 of 5

    Part 4 of 5

    Part 5 of 5

    Based on this evidence I have come to the firm conclusion that we are a combination of a physical human body and a spiritual energy light being = our consciousness.

    The younger and more immature the spiritual energy light being in our host body the more coping problems we seem to have in the Earth environment.

    In order to understand why there is so much drug use, governments need to begin to testing those people who feel the compulsion to take drugs.

    This will be accomplished with a “Life Between Lives Regression”. First the patient is taken back to a Past Life, if this is not their first incarnation on Earth, then they will be taken to their “Life Between Lives” in the Spirit Realm.

    In the Spirit Realm the information can be obtained with regards a spirits age, incarnation experience on Earth, previous incarnation experience on other planets or mental dimensions, and the goal of this person's life.

    This body of knowledge will over time help to explain why certain people feel a compulsion to take drugs, while other people do not.

    Begin by reading these two important books by Michael Newton.

    Journey of Souls – By Michael Newton – 1997

    Destiny of Souls – By Michael Newton – 2000

    These two well written books discuss what the Spirit Realm is. What a Spiritual Energy Being is. Why Spiritual Energy Being's incarnate on Earth. What Spiritual Energy Being's do in the Spirit Realm between incarnations on Earth.

    Free download eBook links.


    Any “Life Between Lives Regression” will require the approval of the person's Spirit Guide and the Council / Elders who are helping this particular spirit develop.

    There is also concern in the Spirit Realm that drugs are a very serious problem on Earth and that this knowledge of the Spirit Realm is now being made available to help solve the problem. The problem from the Spirit Realm perspective is that a Spirit cannot develop properly while on drugs.

    So this problem needs to be solved.

    Experts trained in “Life Between Lives” Regression techniques can be found at

    “The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Research”


    Governments and police organizations should work with “The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Research” to get the experts they need to begin compiling the information they need to understand why there is a worldwide drug problem.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada
  • RizaAfghanLoL
    00:14, 20/04/2012
    LoL, come on :)
    At least send some normal Russian troops to Afghanistan to complete the mission.

    The guy on the picture is way too huge for the operations, i mean check his stomach. hahaha

    He can barely move his stomach, how he will complete the mission ???

    No disrespect but really, send some real troops to get the job done or send a proper request for Afghan Security forces to get it done.

    That Russian with that stomach can't do anything, maybe just sleep and drink Vodka. Nothing else :P

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