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U.S. Says Russia ‘Fuels Fire’ by Selling Arms to Syria

06:38 03/03/2012
WASHINGTON, March 3 (RIA Novosti)
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Russia is playing a ‘dangerous role’ by supplying arms to Syria amid the ongoing violent clashes in the country between the authorities and protesters, Victoria Nuland, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of State said.

“The U.S. has been pushing Russia to consider the wisdom of its own arms sales to Syria, for arguably a decade, and certainly most acutely since this crisis began, and particularly since the assault in Homs. So our message to them is very clear with regard to the dangerous role that they are playing in fueling the fire,” Nuland told a daily press briefing.

Last month the European Parliament adopted a resolution strongly urging Russia to immediately stop selling arms and military equipment to Damascus.

Syria, the largest importer of Russian weapons in the Middle East, recently signed contracts for the supply of 24 MiG-29M/M2 fighter jets and eight Buk-M2E air-defense systems. A contract for the supply of Bastion anti-ship missile systems armed with SS-N-26 Yakhont supersonic cruise missiles is currently being implemented.

Russia and China have twice vetoed U.N. Security Council resolutions on Syria that they believe could lead to a military operation against Syrian government forces as a repetition of “the Libyan scenario.”

Russia has also opposed calls to establish air corridors in Syria to provide humanitarian aid to civilian population suffering from the consequences of clashes between troops loyal to al-Assad and opposition forces.


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RIA NovostiU.S. Says Russia ‘Fuels Fire’ by Selling Arms to Syria

06:38 03/03/2012 Russia is playing a ‘dangerous role’ by supplying arms to Syria amid the ongoing violent clashes in the country between the authorities and protesters, Victoria Nuland, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of State said.>>

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  • bielecVictoria Nuland should look in the mirror
    07:52, 03/03/2012
    We have seen videos of the police attacking and arresting the peaceful "Occupy" protesters in the USA.

    Just imagine what would happen, if armed groups of rebels started to attack government agencies in the USA. They would not be called "revolutionaries". They would be called "terrorists" or "criminals" and would be promptly eliminated by FEMA.

    USA is playing a dangerous role by supplying arms to rebels in foreign states and by supporting terrorist and criminal states like Israel.

    So, Mrs. Nuland, stop your lecture and get a better briefing.
  • wulfranoWWIII
    10:05, 03/03/2012
    40 years ago I wrote a book in Spanish titled "La Tercera Guerra Mundial" (The Third World War). On page 212 I said that World War III would start with the israeli attack on Syria via Damascus and on Jordan via Amman.
  • rochefortfrancoisFuel fire?!
    11:17, 03/03/2012
    How can they beleive poeple are still buying their stories about peacefull protester? THEY fuel fire by attempting so many regime changes!
  • watsonArms
    14:37, 03/03/2012
    USA sells arms to israel, why can't russia sell arms to syria an iran?
  • kamaltabaA mattar of existance
    14:43, 03/03/2012
    A matter of existence

    All comments we hear, read or watch about the Russian role in the Syrian situation are not realistic. Everybody knows that Russia has strategic interests in our region, but this has nothing to do with what is going on. Russia has no hand in fueling up the killings that swamping all parts of Syria.
    The Syrian troops haven't used heavy arms yet and we don't expect such arms to be used against the Syrian people, but the West the Arab conspirators are pushing the Syrian army to use violent methods to stop the terrorists who killed, robbed and caused mass devastations all over Syria.
  • SzabolcsOutright US infamous lies
    13:13, 04/03/2012
    The spokeswoman in question is either a braindead idiot or an outright lier.Here a few facts to enlighten her:The criminal US regime has trained,armed and infiltrated terrorists into Syria from the Iskandrun airbase in Turkey at the Syrian border and continues to do so with the sole purpose of fomenting unrest and starting a civil war with the aim of toppling President Assad.The CIa and the British secret service help these terrorists with military intelligence and communications,US drones are overflying the territory of Syria to collect military intelligence etc.The US and its allies lead a war against Syria by proxy of infiltrated terrrorists.Having started the fire and feuling it relentlessly now the cynical zionist US regime turns around to blame Russia for supposedly "fueling the fire".I mean has the world ever since so much biggotry,lies, manipulation, coldblooded murder as that carried out by the US regime, headed by that "Nobel peace prize winner" Obama.Why not propose Nero and/or Caligula ex-post for that same price.The US is really the stinking scum of the earth: they are violating international law left and center, invade sovereign states for their raw materials and /or for their strategic positions,murder civilians by the 100.000-s ,loot, murder,rape and commit endless atrocities in many countries and then they turn around and lecture Governments of other states about "democracy and human rights" and not "fueling fires." The US regime and its zionist allies just make me vomit-They are like stinking heaps of excrements. b22nm

    It's not Russia who is fueling the fire its the US regime
    • archangel of justiceUSA monster
      19:22, 27/09/2012
      aslong as USA will exist it won't be peace in world. The USA philosoph is the war and they for that. War inside and war outside as a result of love's lack. of people being in charge in principal politics , economics and military institutions in USA. In the moment the power will belong totally to American people and not to Zionists, only then will be noticedchanges in USA.
    • ArmenianWashington is a source of evil
      20:54, 04/03/2012
      I wonder what the political establishment in America would do if, for instance, China, Mexico or Venezuela were funneling arms to an anti-government militia movement in America.

      We saw recently just how brutally peaceful protesters were treated from Wall Street to Oakland. We just need to be reminded of what happened in Waco Texas when a religious cult refused to pay its taxes. Washington has on its hands the blood of thousands of its innocent citizens; and the blood of millions of citizens around the world. Have do doubt, if an armed uprising ever took place in America, what Assad is doing to his violent Islamists would look like child's play.

      Washington has become a serious source of evil around the world. If Kremlin officials are not capable of stopping Washington and friends in the Middle East, sooner-or-later scenes like the ones we are seeing in Syria will be repeated throughout the Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia.

      In a strong sense, Russia is humanity's last hope.
    • nicoleThe Real USA
      02:47, 05/03/2012

    • archangel of justicewhat a a bitch!
      15:09, 09/03/2012
      she has lot of cheek, this individual! She accuse other people for what they do themselves.

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