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Putin Assassination Plot Details Uncovered

17:36 27/02/2012
MOSCOW, February 27 (RIA Novosti)
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The Russian Federal Protective Service (FSO) confirmed on Monday that it had received information about a “terrorist attack” plotted against “Russia’s leadership.”

State-run Channel One reported earlier on Monday that Ukrainian and Russian security services had gathered information about a plot to assassinate Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is poised to be elected president on Sunday.

“The Federal Security Service has taken all necessary measures to ensure security of the country’s authorities,” FSO spokesman Sergei Devyatov told RIA Novosti, adding that the information about the “potential threat” was received in January.

“Members of a criminal gang preparing the terrorist attack have been detained,” he said.

The Channel One report said the plotters were on the international wanted list and were detained in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa in early January, following an explosion in their rented apartment.

Two men were arrested, while a third man, who was also in the apartment, died in the explosion, the TV channel said. They had reportedly been trying to produce home-made explosives.

According to the TV channel, after weeks of interrogation, the gang members confessed they were planning to assassinate Putin in Moscow, soon after the March 4 presidential elections.

One of the surviving militants, Ilya Pyanzin, said that the Chechen militant leader Doku Umarov, who is believed to be behind the deadliest terrorist attacks in Russia, hired him and the late Ruslan Madayev to kill Putin.

Pyanzin and Madayev came from the United Arab Emirates via Turkey to Ukraine. In Odessa, they were met by a local fixer, Adam Osmayev, who was supposed to brief the militants about the plan and send them to Moscow.

The TV report, featuring Osmayev 's interrogation, says that the militant, who had been on the international wanted list since 2007, is cooperating with investigators, as he hopes not to be extradited to Russia.

“The final task was to go to Moscow and carry out an assassination attempt on premier Putin,” Osmayev said during questioning, adding that the late Madayev was ready to be a suicide bomber.

According to the assassination plan that was found in the militants’ laptop, they had to learn the structure of Putin’s security team and how his bodyguards worked, the report said.

“The deadline was set up for the period after the presidential elections,” Osmayev said.

Osmayev confessed that he scrutinized the routes of government motorcades and that the preparation for the attack was in its final stage.

Osmayev was quoted as saying in an interview with Channel One that had learned how to produce explosives during his time at the University of Buckingham in Britain. According to the report, he also met “militants who had fled Russia” there.

The TV channel said the militants were going to use mines hidden near Moscow’s Kutuzovsky Avenue, which Putin passes every day on his way to the government building in downtown city.

An unknown security official told the TV channel that the mines were powerful enough to “tear apart a truck.”

Osmayev reportedly told the TV channel that part of the mines were produced in Moscow from “components that can be bought in the shop.”

Ukrainian Security Services confirmed the information released about the assassination plot.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was not available for comment.

Putin, who served as president from 2000 to 2008, is expected to return to the Kremlin for a third, non-consecutive term in office in elections on March 4.

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RIA NovostiVladimir PutinPutin Assassination Plot Details Uncovered

17:36 27/02/2012 The Russian Federal Protective Service (FSO) confirmed on Monday that it had received information about a “terrorist attack” plotted against “Russia’s leadership.”>>

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  • bielecElementary advice
    14:41, 27/02/2012
    Mr. Putin should randomly change his daily route to and from work. He should also make sure that even his security team members do not know the details ahead of time.
  • mmorgan51@gmail.comHere we go again
    21:08, 27/02/2012
    I'm just glad that this time around, no apartment buildings exploded because of Chechyan terrorists. It would seem that they are still needed to justify the election of a "strong leader."
  • arsanlupinWas that the best he could do?
    22:39, 27/02/2012
    I found it very puzzling: his pro-Putin rallies are very professionally staged. State workers are bused in from all over European and Urals Russia to attend the pep rallies (and paid their normal wages by the state, of course). The buses are all very organized, down to the exact amount of bus parking and refreshments required for all. A picture-perfect performance of a political rally - staged as precisely as that of an Opera or a ballet.

    But then he hires these amateurish buffoons - like something out of a Borat movie - to act like assassins against him? This makes no sense! What was he thinking? It can't be the money; even if he felt the need to use his personal funds, the money he's made off with from various graft, corruption, extortion, absconding with public funds, and money-laundering, would be enough to hire a full cast of A-list performers. All I can think of is that his regular dirty-tricks manager was out sick, and the temporary replacement was chosen at random from factory workers bused into the rallies from Arsenyevo and Tula.

    Whoever the incompetent hack is he should be sacked and replaced with a talent scout good enough to supply some believable assassins. Vova's reputation is on the line!
  • mmorgan51@gmail.comPR BS
    00:15, 28/02/2012
    I suppose the PR job wasn't carried out professionally because 1) pro-Putin Russians will buy it in a heartbeat as evidence why a macho man is needed when "barbarians are at the gate" and 2) he can insult the intelligence of anti-Putin Russians (Western agents, he tells us with a straight face) once again.
    • arsanlupinI think I see ...
      01:43, 28/02/2012
      #2 makes sense. As all such autocrats ado, he thinks that anyone who doesn't agree with him 100% is an idiot and beneath contempt. But apparently he thinks those that DO agree with him 100% are also idiots, or he would spend a little more money to provide a plausible story for them.

      How much of that is Putin's opinion that everyone but him is an idiot, and how much of it is that anyone who does believe him 100% REALLY IS AN IDIOT?
    • shanksinhaClear & Present Danger
      02:06, 28/02/2012
      The scenario depicted above seems remote but plausible. There are forces at work who want to destabilize Russia and hitting the power center could be signal to begin the carefully managed ( and financed) so called "opposition rallies" as a precursor to a regime change.
      Supporters of this ongoing conspiracy are out in force to wash this as kind of stage managed stunt to garner votes. The dead giveaway is their insinuation that the tragic Moscow bombings were a kind of black bag operation. They sound like the fringe elements who portray 9/11 attacks as the handiwork of Bush govt. This is a dangerous stand to take and the only losers will be the Russian people. Such anti national elements should be dealt with severely. Living in a country at the receiving end of Islamic terrorism on a daily basis, I can only hope that Russian people will not take such threats lightly.
    • bielec@ mmorgan51 & arsanlupin
      04:12, 28/02/2012
      And how nicely staged and precisely organized was the political, logistical, tactical, communications, financial, PR (media) and military support for the so called "revolutionaries" - (in fact criminal, armed rebels) - in Libya?

      What world are you living in? Don't you see what is going on around the world?

      How do you know that Soros, Rotschilds and Rockefellers, together with CIA, MI6 and Mossad are not encouraging and "enabling" the anti-Putin protests? They would do everything to destabilize Russia and sabotage Putin's election because they know that he cannot be bought or frightened.

      It seems that your comments reflect the same intentions.
      • NaijaboyU are rite man
        21:14, 28/02/2012
        I belv u said it all@bielec, dos two pawns are lucky RIAN dosnt filta commnts.
      • living069they will try again
        05:45, 28/02/2012
        the west is upset at putin ruining their plans of hegemony, they will try and take him out, while at the same time they will use muslims to do their dirty work so all Russians hate them , it's a win win for zionist run america.

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