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Pro-Kremlin response rally draws 25,000 in Moscow - police

United Russia denied the rally was a response to Saturday's anti-government protests
16:47 12/12/2011
MOSCOW, December 12 (RIA Novosti)
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More than 25,000 supporters of President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gathered just outside the Kremlin on Monday in response to the biggest opposition demonstration in Moscow in years, police said. 

Members of the country’s pro-Kremlin youth movements chanted pro-government slogans and brandished banners including "We PUT IN our Votes!", "We have voted! We have won!"

Popular blogger Rustem Adagamov uploaded photos of the rally on Twitter, claiming there were fewer than 25,000 people there.

The pro-Kremlin demo comes two days after the biggest anti-government rally since the fall of communism.

Tens of thousands of people gathered in downtown Bolotnaya Square on Saturday to condemn alleged vote-rigging in favor of Putin’s ruling United Russia party in the December 4 parliamentary election and demand a re-run. Smaller rallies were also held in St. Petersburg and dozens of other cities.

United Russia managed to hang onto its parliamentary majority but opponents claim its real figures were much lower.

The party denied the rally was in response to Saturday's protest, saying it was to celebrate Russia’s Constitution Day.

“This meeting was planned long before the rally at Bolotnaya Square, as part of the Consitution Day celebrations,” senior party member Andrei Vorobyov said.

Opposition leaders said anti-government protests will continue on December 24.

In a Facebook post on Sunday night, President Medvedev promised to investigate reports of fraud but said he did not agree with “the slogans or statements heard at the rallies.” 

Medvedev’s update drew thousands of comments, with many users asking which slogan the president did not agree with.

“So are you against fair elections?” writers asked.  

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RIA NovostiUnited Russia denied the rally was a response to Saturday's anti-government protestsPro-Kremlin response rally draws 25,000 in Moscow - police

16:47 12/12/2011 More than 25,000 supporters of President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gathered just outside the Kremlin on Monday in response to the biggest opposition demonstration in Moscow in years, police said.>>

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  • Aiassa03Pro-Kremlin!
    18:34, 12/12/2011
    The Great Russian People, I'm working on an agenda to promote economic growth for all russian people unde it's true republic for the greater cause of humanity, repect and equal diversity. I have the greatest respect for dmitry and putin. As an american i would often write the administration in washington dc, trying to get the bush administration to adress the economic concerns and trade agreemnets, to prevent the opression that russia, the motherland, has faced since the end of the cold war era! It's harder in America than most people would ever want to know about, even everyday living. The agenda? If the russian federations were to adopt a "pernemate" amendment to it's constitution, and any laws should "only be ratified" with special conciderations. It is a democary of an elective bodied governments. It's a protection of the sytem and equally it's financial institution upholding the laws and integrity for the people. It should hense , not allow outside finace to effect it's conservitive approach to any election process. If this were alowed, it would otherwise give any insitution or big business the abilityto dictate your country's freedom, andthreat the constitutional integrity , by finacial or potential gain in overpowering the voice of the russian people. It happend in america- called capitalism, under the control of wall street elites! It ruined what was identified asa republic, not a corporate controlled dictatorship, not for people, like the clintons! They system must have structure, and positio in the world trade orgnization, as Dmitry Medvedev, has worked so hard for as the president of the "motherland" and influence trying to defend the rebirth of it's country, your country! It will start with the rebirth of the rules in creating peace in the world market, and shared wit south asia, and eastern eurppean trade markets! INDEPENDENCE OF THE FREE TRADE!! The New Eastern European Trade Center, in Moscow, and established relation in the globe giving each country thier reserves, and independence as equal trade partners under the same constitution,and it's declaration for a free market enteprize. Know this! Shall no country (USA) be allowed to dictate world economics by sanctions that impose upon the laws of "any" country in order to influence thier postion, by deception, or corrupting the market creating a third world class, left in poverty! That including where one finacial institution becomes so power fulr it threatedn the principals of it's own country, and enslavement of it's majority, it's constitution, and to taint the proces by elective dictatorship's based upon ones (or) pesranla pristage based upon thier (his or her) own wealth! That is what creates monarchys.... and Putin and Medvedev, saw what could cripple ' it's nations economy. It' a slow process, and it won't happen instantly. It take time to earn the respect of thier countries, like germany, and switzerland, whom also share the same repects for a true free system!! They too' demand thier independence!! NEW FINACE?!! The lenders of a government , it's tax reserve can issue small loans' education, business, car and home loans, and health care. How it works? The % rate charge, fixed, without varying rates, by laws, will repay it's indebtness, the % generates money for the country, to build and establish new programs, it's not emptied. YOU GET BACK ... by deductions of your investment for new business adventures, shared by switzerland, in creating public programs for a country to reganin thier prosperty! Demand Indpendecne for the wall street stock market... and regulations of US globilization!! To the great people of russia god bless you!! God luck. I'll see you soon, in the very near future!

    Zurich, Switzerland!

    Yes I am ~ Pro- Kremlin!

    end of report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa 11/12/2011

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