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Missile shield remarks forced measure, not electoral rhetoric - Medvedev

Topic: U.S. missile shield in Europe

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev
16:28 01/12/2011
MOSCOW, December 1 (RIA Novosti)
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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday plans to put offensive weapon systems on Russia's borders to counter a planned European missile shield were not electoral rhetoric but a forced measure.

"The statement has no tactical or pre-election implications, as some opposition members put it," Medvedev said. "It was a thoroughly considered decision, and, to put it bluntly, I was in fact forced to make it."

Medvedev said last week that Russia would move "advanced offensive weapon systems" to its European borders in response to a planned missile shield if talks on Russia's participation in the project fail. Moscow is seeking written, legally binding guarantees that the shield will not be directed against it, Washington, however, has refused to put its verbal assurances in writing.

He said that he has raised the issue repeatedly, including at a meeting with NATO partners and U.S. President Barack Obama.

"All our military specialists are convinced that the proposed European missile shield configuration will impair the world's strategic parity and the relations that we recently had, including the [New] START Treaty," Medvedev said.

He said that Russia would take a set of measures within the next eight or ten years to reduce a threat to its security, and the first step has already been made, namely Tuesday's launch of a new anti-missile radar station in the Russian Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad.

"If we and our partners fail to come to an agreement on some issues within the next ten, or eight, or nine years, we will have to introduce a whole range of forced measures. And our response to the European missile shield will also be step-by-step measures," the Russian president said.

Medvedev said on Tuesday the radar in Kaliningrad, capable of monitoring missile launches from the North Atlantic, as well as the U.S.-backed future European missile shield, should be treated by the West as the "first signal" of Russia's readiness to counter "threats" posed by NATO's missile defense plans.

"Other measures have also been announced," he added. "If the events continue to unfold in this direction, we will have to respond. And we have both material and military bases for it."

Among other measures announced by Medvedev in his address to the nation on November 23, was the planned deployment of Iskander tactical missiles in the Kaliningrad Region in the near future and halting its disarmament and arms control efforts, including participation in the new strategic arms reduction treaty with the United States.

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RIA NovostiRussian President Dmitry MedvedevMissile shield remarks forced measure, not electoral rhetoric - Medvedev

16:28 01/12/2011 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday plans to put offensive weapon systems on Russia's borders to counter a planned European missile shield were not electoral rhetoric but a forced measure.>>

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  • lmLoose lips sink ships......
    16:01, 01/12/2011
    British company to supply Russian naval vessels
    18:27 30/11/2011
    Russian navy jump into bed with the Royal Navy, as Defense Ministry hires British
    Even in Russia, British ship furnishings are conceded to be among the best in the world says a navy source. “Russian seamen will at last serve in decent conditions and not like now, when the toilets are blocked, the doors on the cupboards are falling off, the bunks sag,” serving sea officer, Captain Konstantin Novokreshchenov, told Izvestiya.

    “How are we worse than Brits, at the end of the day? If our own defense manufacturers cannot make a cupboard properly why should we suffer? You should take only what is best, if there the opportunity to,” he said.

    Mr. President please get rid of the head of the defense ministry it’s about time he is shown the door, it’s not the first time he has opened his mouth like this.
    You should also check if he has some private financial dealings with this company or his family has.
    Because the next thing you will find is that he is an embarrassment to United Russia and your government you will soon lead.
    So much for supporting the local industries in Russia I just don’t buy it that such furniture’s cannot be made in Russia.
    As I have read the defense minister was a furniture sales man before now is this not a conflict of interest here in the making?

    One would never find such official in any other develop country making such statements and justifying it with Russian sailors need the best. Why can the best be made in Russia or what is broke be fix? It seems as a lack of proper management, lack of proper delegating authority, and lazy people the problems as stated above.
    Mr. Medvedev is right the government needs new people and new ideas but for this to happened some must go including the defense minster.
  • lmToo much talk more serious actions.
    16:10, 01/12/2011
    The Russian government should and must stop wasting time with the west too much talking because Russia knows it is useless to look for sympathy here.
    Russia has to do what it has to do and stop talking about it do as the West does let them wake up one morning and find something new, this is what they have always done to Russia.
    The world need s balance of power and only Russia can provide this, despite what the west and some bad mouthed so call expert in Russia has to say about the military and the country as a whole. These people if get into the corridors of power will sell off Russia chunk by chunk to the highest bidder and this is a fact pure facts
  • skipperRussia should not trust words alone
    23:09, 02/12/2011
    America is pursuing a nuclear compellence stategy against Russia with the construction of the European missile shield. Deterrence is a defensive strategy, but compellence is an offensive strategy, whereby America compels Russia to acquiesce to American wishes. The missile shield is designed to neutralize Russia's counter strike ability, so Russia's deterrence agaist an American FIRST strike would become ineffective. America sees Russia and China as obstructions to the US's desire for hegemony in world affairs, where the US exercises predominant influence on the world stage. The missile shield will allow America to bully Russia, comply or else. America can then say, Russia better not stand in our way because we can demand with force if need be.
    America is also being sneaky with reguards to Israel's nuclear arsenal, since in a nato attack on Russia, Israel will participate on America's side. Russia should ask why has Israel developed the Jericho III, an intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of over 10,000km. Israel's enemies are within 2,000km, but Russia can now be targeted from Israel with a nuclear strike. Israel is also acquiring Dolpin submarines capable of lauching nuclear missiles. Russia needs to ask why does Israel, a country with 7 million people, need such a huge nuclear arsenal. Israel has a huge nuclear capability that America and Nato will use in a conflict with Russia.
    Russia needs to start taking Israel into its nuclear strike deterrence calculations. Russia needs to start targeting Israel, and acknowledging the nuclear threat Israel poses. Many policy elites in America are jewish, these jewish policy advisors are the ones who see Russia and China as an obstacle. These jewish policy advisors care more about Israel than America itself, they care little for Europe.When Russia finally wakes up on the Israeli nuclear threat, targeting Israel, America will take notice. Russia will find that America is much more willing to cooperate with Russia, when Russia takes notice of the big picture.Once again, Russia needs to ask why does Israel need nuclear missiles with a range of over 10,000km, who does Israel have in mind to target. When Russia figures out the strategy of the global power elites, Russia will gain much more cooperation with reguards to the missile shield.

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